Gustavus Conyngham

Gustavus Conyngham was an Irish-born American merchant sea captain, an officer in the Continental Navy and a privateer. As a commissioned captain fighting the British in the American Revolutionary War, he captured 24 ships in the eastern Atlantic between May 1777 and May 1778, bringing the expenses associated with British shipping to a all-time high, he has been called "the most successful of all Continental Navy captains". Conyngham's story begins in a typical fashion for the era. Born in County Donegal, Ireland, in 1747, he came to British America in 1763 seeking a better life. Conyngham immigrated to Philadelphia in order to work for his cousin Redmond Conyngham in the shipping industry, he abandoned school at a young age, sensing that his destiny lay not in the academic world, but on the oceans. Here he learned and perfected his seamanship skills, becoming an apprentice to Captain Henderson, who became a surrogate father to the young Gustavus. Conyngham progressed enough to be given charge over his own craft, the Charming Peggy.

When the Revolutionary War began in 1775, he sailed to Europe to try to procure supplies needed for the war effort. Because Great Britain was patrolling for any arms deals, he had arranged a transaction with Dutch traders in order to safely transfer the goods. However, he was caught in becalmed winds for too long – the British were able to find him based on a tip from a mutinous sailor. Andrew Frazer, the English official in charge of Conyngham's arrest, placed a guard on board the Charming Peggy and ordered her to set sail for England as soon as the winds prevailed. However, once the weather turned and his crew overpowered the guard and made a daring escape. Despite their best efforts though, the wind died shortly after; this time, instead of waiting to be captured, Conyngham sold the Charming Peggy to the Dutch government in order to be able to purchase a new ship when under less suspicion. However, due to corruption and embezzlement within the government itself, he was never given any profits from the sale of his ship, was forced to find another way to accomplish his mission.

After the loss of his ship, Conyngham headed to France, hoping to connect with an ally to the United States. It was there he met Benjamin Franklin, a man who would help him in his adventures many times in the future, they formed a lasting relationship, Conyngham awarded Franklin the nickname "the Philosopher" for his intellectual fortitude and resourcefulness. Franklin had been entrusted with several commissions of the Continental Navy, on March 1, 1777, Conyngham was appointed as captain of the lugger Surprise, he went to work, heading towards the narrow English Channel and capturing the Prince of Orange and the Joseph within a week. The Prince of Orange was holding mail, so he sent it to Dunkirk to be unloaded, but the Joseph was holding more valuable cargo such as wine and oranges, was sent to France as a prize. For Conyngham, France had a treaty with England that forbade the selling of commandeered good in French ports, when Lord Stormont, an English official, heard of Conyngham's actions he demanded that France return the Joseph and arrest him.

Not ready to commit to a war with England, French officials bowed to Lord Stormont's demands, turning over the Joseph and calling for Conyngham's arrest. He was sent to a French prison under charges of piracy. Again, it was Conyngham's friend "The Philosopher". Recognizing that Conyngham was a talented sailor from his clever avoidance of the British within their own channel, Franklin set about obtaining a new ship for him. However, this was no easy task in Europe at the time – England was watching the construction of new ships and was prepared to burn any vessel they felt was being built to aid the American cause. Therefore, the ship was built as the Greyhound, Franklin had installed false buyers in order to further confound the English. One of the buyers, Richard Hodge sailed the ship into the ocean, where Conyngham boarded it and took command, renaming the vessel Revenge. Having more tonnage and firepower than the Surprise, Conyngham set to work terrorizing British shipping with twice the ferocity of before.

It was here that he earned his nickname "the Dunkirk Pirate", ignoring his written orders to proceed directly to the American coastline for logistical support and resupply and instead heading directly to Dunkirk to begin his cruise against the British. In his first cruise, he averaged one ship every three days, sinking or capturing over twenty ships during his two-month stay in the Baltic and North Sea, he sailed to Cap Ferrol in order to resupply and replace his crew. He headed to the West Indies, continuing to use Spain as his primary base of operations. Over the next eighteen months he captured or sunk sixty ships, causing a 10% rise in British shipping insurance rates between Dover and Calais; this brought the expenses associated with shipping to their all-time highest level, outpacing their rates during England's wars with France and Spain. Dozens of merchants resorted to paying French and Dutch ships to carry their goods for fear of the Dunkirk Pirate's vengeance, it was reported that the King of England himself said that it would give him great pleasure to be present at the hanging of Conyngham, if he could only catch him.

The weather could not contain him. When his ship was badly damaged by a storm in English waters, he disguised the Revenge and sailed into an English port to be repaired, reverting to his native Irish tongue to maintain anonymity; when Conyngham was offered a seventy-four gun Spanish vessel for protection against two small British ships that planned to ambush

Arena Naucalpan 41st Anniversary Show

The Arena Naucalpan 41st Anniversary Show billed as Guerra de Familias was a professional wrestling supercard event scripted and produced by Mexican professional wrestling promotion International Wrestling Revolution Group. The show took place on December 21, 2018 in Arena Naucalpan, State of Mexico, Mexico; the show celebrated the 41st Anniversary of the construction of Arena Naucalpan, IWRG's main venue where they hold the majority of their shows. The main event was scheduled to be L. A. Park against Penta 0M as result of IWRG's Triangular en Jaula, but instead if featured the Guerra de Familiars, or "Family War" between the father/son teams of L. A. Park/El Hijo de L. A. Park and Dr. Wagner Jr./El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. with the Parks winning the match. In the semi-main event Máscara Año 2000 Jr. defeated Mr. Electro to win the IWRG Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship; as part of the show Dragón Bane defended the WRG Rey del Aire Championship and Imposible defended the IWRG Intercontinental Middleweight Championship.

The show featured three additional matches. Promoter Adolfo Moreno had promoted Lucha Libre, or professional wrestling in Naucalpan, State of Mexico, Mexico prior to financing the building of Arena Naucalpan that opened in late 1976. Moreno worked together with the Universal Wrestling Association and later Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre as a local promoter. On January 1, 1996 Moreno created International Wrestling Revolution Group as an independent promotion. IWRG celebrates the anniversary of Arena Naucalpan each year in December with a major show, making it the second oldest, still promoted show series in the world. Pre-dating WrestleMania by eight years. Only the CMLL Anniversary Show series has a longer history; the 2017 Arena Naucalpan anniversary show marked the 40th Anniversary of Arena Naucalpan. The Anniversary shows, as well as the majority of the IWRG shows in general are held in Arena Naucalpan; the Arena Naucalpan 41st Anniversary Show featured a total of seven professional wrestling matches with different wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripted feuds and storylines.

Wrestlers portrayed themselves as either heels or faces as they followed a series of tension-building events, which culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches. The original main event of the 41st Anniversary Show was determined at IWRG's Triangular en Jaula show long-time rivals Rush, Penta 0M and L. A. Park wrestled each other in a steel cage match; the stipulation of the cage was that, the first to escape the cage would not have to return a month to compete in the main event of the Arena Naucalpan 41st Anniversary Show. RUsh left the cage first, which meant the main event was set as L. A. Park facing Penta 0M; when the full card for the 41st anniversary show Penta Om was not listed instead LA.. Park and his son, El Hijo de L. A. Park, would face his long time rival Rey Wagner and Wagner's son El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. After the Parks defeated the Wagners in the main event, El Galeno del Mal appeared and helped the Wagners beat up L. A. Park and his son. Afterwards El Galeno del Mal was introduced to the audience as the half brother of El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. son of Rey Wagner's ex-wife Rossy Moreno.

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