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W├╝rttembergischer Yacht Club

The Württembergischer Yacht-Club is a yacht club in Friedrichshafen. It is located on the shores of Germany; this club was established in January 1911 as the "Königlich Württembergischer Yacht-Club". The WYC was inscribed in the local Tettnang registry as the "Königlich Württembergischer Yacht-Club", it began under King Wilhelm II of Württemberg's royal patronage. Soon after its establishment, a small clubhouse was built. Despite living in a landlocked kingdom, King William was a ship enthusiast, he had a vision of a German Fleet reaching deep into the country through its rivers. The king was instrumental in the establishment of the Württembergischer Yacht Club; this move followed the establishment of Yacht clubs in the neighboring kingdoms of Bavaria and Baden at the time. In 1918, King William was deposed from the throne along with the other German rulers by the German Revolution. In 1920, despite the ravages of World War I, the club had 358 members. Old King William II, the founder of the club, died on October 2d 1921.

In 1937, during Nazi rule in Germany, the Sports Office of the Reich took away the power and freedom of all German sport associations. As a result, the Württembergischer Yacht Club was forcefully merged with other German yacht clubs, foremost of which were the Kaiserlicher Yacht Club of Kiel and the Yacht Club of Bavaria of Munich to form a massive entity, the Yacht-Club von Deutschland; the members of the House of Württemberg, the former ruling family of Württemberg, are still involved with the Württembergischer Yacht Club. The title of honorary commodore of the WYC was first held by King William II and it was passed on through Duke Albrecht, Duke Philipp to the present day's commodore Duke Carl of Württemberg. In the 1976 Summer Olympics the brothers Jörg and Eckart Diesch won the gold medal in the Flying Dutchman class off Kingston, Canada; this was the fourth time Germans had won Olympic gold in sailing since 1900. In 1978 Albert and Rudolf Batzill won the Flying Dutchman World Championship off Hayling Island.

William II of Württemberg Yacht-Club von Deutschland Club's site

Human rights in Vanuatu

The Republic of Vanuatu is a parliamentary democracy with a population of 260 000. The Constitution of Vanuatu is supreme law and sets out the legal framework which deals with the respect of human rights; the Government respects the human rights of its citizens however a number of issues have arisen relating to the rights of women, conditions in prisons, government corruption and access to education. In 2009 the UN Human Rights Council carried out Vanuatu's Universal Periodic Review; the review identified a number of the above concerns and made recommendations to Vanuatu as to how to address its human rights issues. In 1980 Vanuatu became a member of the same year that independence was gained. Vanuatu has ratified five of the nine core human rights treaties, including the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Convention on the Rights of the Child, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention Against Torture.

Vanuatu has ratified a number of International Labour Organization conventions that aim to protect and uphold the rights of its workers. Vanuatu has ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict, the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography, the Optional Protocol to CEDAW. There are a number of human rights issues relating to women. Domestic violence is a concern; the NGO coalition reported that assault ranked as the main form of physical violence between 1988 and 2002 and according to the Office of the Public Prosecutor, in 2002, men were responsible for 62% of unlawful assaults on women. The Vanuatu Women's Centre since its establishment in 1992 in Port Vila has dealt with 2,954 cases of domestic violence. Domestic violence is not well reported to police in rural areas due to cultural norms, stereotyping and lack of access to town centres and health facilities.

At law women have equal rights, however Vanuatu's traditional culture can at times conflict with this. The concept of the bride price in which a groom or his family gives money to the bride's family in exchange for her hand in marriage is an example of this conflict. Despite the revocation of the 800 000 minimum vatu bride price, the practice is still widespread and puts a commercial value on the women and has been seen as a justification for violence against women. Women face discrimination in relation to land ownership. Although land ownership is not barred by law, tradition has been a preventative of this. In 2009, it was reported. In 2009 Vanuatu accepted the recommendations set out in its Universal Periodic Review in relation to human rights issues regarding women; the recommendations advocated for Vanuatu to continue to incorporate principles of CEDAW as well as the other human rights conventions that it is party to into its domestic legislation and to undertake further actions to combat discrimination, to ensure equality for women.

Vanuatu has progressed in the protection of women's rights by passing the 2008 Family Protection Act. The purpose of the act is to "provide for an offence of domestic violence and family protection orders in cases of domestic violence." Under the act, violators face. The Government established a ‘Family Protection Unit’ to deal with issues related to the FPA. A protection order allows police to issue an order where a threat of violence has occurred, proof of injury is not a requirement. Police are undergoing specialized training to deal with cases of domestic and sexual violence and have implemented a no drop policy in which they do not drop cases of domestic violence, if the victim wishes for the complaint to be withdrawn they must go to court and formally make a request. Women's groups such as the Vanuatu Women's Centre and NGOs are heavily involved in promoting and protecting the rights of women in Vanuatu. There have been ongoing issues relating to the prison and detention center conditions in Vanuatu at the two prisons that are in operation in Port Vila and Luganville.

There have been increases in prison numbers resulting in overcrowding and poor security led to a number of escapes. In 2006 the Government released 52 prisoners citing poor sanitation and overcrowding as the reason for release. In December 2008, detainees published a detailed report on the abuse of human rights by Correctional Services Officers and the Police; the report covers a wide range of issues such as "unlawful arrest and unlawful custody, right to life, security of the person, freedom from inhumane treatment, freedom from expression being denied, poor living conditions, poor hygiene, denial of medical care, unlawful use of restraint, denial of visits of relatives and legal counsels and adult and juvenile prisoners sharing the same facilities." Following the report the Ministry of Justice and Social Welfare appointed a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the allegations in the report. In 2009 Vanuatu accepted the recommendation under its UPR to take appropriate measures and continue working towards improving conditions in prisons and detention centers.

Vanuatu accepted the recommendation to support further human rights training for police and corrections and to promote regular, independent monitoring of detention facilities and ensure that detainees have immediate and effective means of redress and protection when their rights are violated. Vanuatu accepted the r

Nigel Jones, Baron Jones of Cheltenham

Nigel David Jones, Baron Jones of Cheltenham is a Liberal Democrat politician in the United Kingdom. Nigel Jones attended Prince Henry's Grammar School on Victoria Avenue in Evesham. After leaving school, Jones worked as a computer operator for Westminster Bank from 1965 to 1967, as a computer programmer at International Computers Limited from 1967 to 1970. From 1970 to 1971, he worked as a systems analyst at Vehicle and General Insurance and as a systems programmer at Atkins Computing, before rejoined ICL as a project manager in 1971. From 1989, Jones was a councillor at Gloucestershire County Council, he resigned from both ICL and Gloucestershire County Council in 1992, when he was elected to Parliament. Jones was elected as the Member of Parliament for Cheltenham in the 1992 general election, winning the seat from the Conservative Party, he had contested the seat unsuccessfully at the 1979 general election. Jones was a member of the public accounts committee from 2002 to 2005, he was the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for a number of topics, including local government, sport science and technology, consumer affairs and culture, trade and industry and international development.

Jones retained the seat until standing down at the 2005 general election. On 28 January 2000, Robert Ashman entered Jones's constituency office and attacked him and his assistant, local councillor Andrew Pennington, with a katana; as a result of the attack, Pennington was killed and Jones was injured. Jones required 57 stitches to close wounds to his hand from the assault. Jones had written a character reference for Ashman when Ashman was nearly jailed after breaking the ribs of a tax collector in 1992. After the attack at Jones's office, Ashman was charged with manslaughter and attempted murder, but the jury at his trial found him to be mentally unfit to stand trial. Subsequently, detained in Broadmoor for observation, the Home Office authorised a further trial in September 2002. Ashman was subsequently found guilty of attempted murder and admitted to Pennington's manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility in 2003. Pennington was posthumously awarded the George Medal for his attempts to protect Jones.

On 13 May 2005, it was announced that Jones would be created a life peer, he was subsequently elevated to the peerage on 20 June 2005 as Baron Jones of Cheltenham, of Cheltenham in the County of Gloucestershire. As well as many outside interests, he acts as a non-executive consultant for BFC Marcomms Ltd, a Wiltshire-based public relations consultancy. Jones married Katherine Grinnell in 1981 at Abu Dhabi, they have a son and twin daughters and Lucy. Hansard 1803–2005: contributions in Parliament by Nigel Jones Lord Jones of Cheltenham profile at the site of Liberal Democrats Cheltenham Liberal Democrats Guardian Politics Ask Aristotle – Nigel Jones – Nigel Jones The Public Whip – Nigel Jones voting record BBC News – Nigel Jones profile 10 February 2005 PR consultancy

Warts and All: Volume 6

Warts and All: Volume 6 is a live album recorded on January 28, 2007 at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas. It is the sixth set in a collection of commercially released full-concert live albums by the American jam band moe; the cover art is an homage to The Best of Kansas. This set features the first released versions of "Bring It Back Home" and "Jazz Wank". All tracks recorded live on January 2007 at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas. "intro" "Captain America" "It" "Bring It Back Home>" "Lost Along the Way" "Jazz Wank ->" "Rebubula" "Spine of a Dog" "Dr. Graffenburg" "Four" "Head ->" "Brent Black" "Gone"* "The Ghost of Ralph's Mom"*"Gone" and "TGORM" were the evening's encore songs

Stoneham High School

Stoneham High School is a comprehensive, four-year public school located in Stoneham, United States, that offers a range of Comprehensive to Advanced Placement Program courses. Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, its 71-member faculty has earned 55 Master's degrees and has an average of 15 years of experience; as members of the Middlesex League, Stoneham High School student-athletes compete in 20 varsity sports. Seven classes are scheduled with six blocks meeting each day; the Superintendent of Stoneham Schools is John Macero. The assistant principal is Craig Murray; the Program Supervisor of Guidance is Nicole Dillon and the five guidance counselors are Celeste Vaughan, Kristin Ronayne, Kristen Polizzoto. SHS offers Advanced Placement Program courses in French, Italian, History, Studio Art, Physics and Psychology, English. Stoneham is a member of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association and the Middlesex League. Sports: The Drama Club, puts on three productions each year.

The drama club is student run, only having faculty/adult supervision and direction courtesy of Mr. Sean Perry, they went to the state finals in March–April 2014 for their adaptation of the stage version of Spring Awakening, starring Alyssa Bené as Wendla and Liam Rondeau as Moritz. Many members of the cast and crew won awards for their work in this production, such as Troy Degnan, Edward Ye, they attended state finals again in March–April 2017 for their adaptation of "Kindertransport". Dalilah Degen-Portnoy, Daria Contino, Casey Moriarty all won awards for their acting performance, as well as other awards in crew, a stage manager award to Peter Canova; the Drama Club made it to the semi finals round in 2019 with their performance of The Yellow Boat staring John Pagliarulo as Benjamin, Grace Gil as Mother, Ross Blauvelt as Father, Stephen Landers as Eddie. During the shows run Grace Gil, John Pagliarulo, Stephen Landers won acting awards and Molly McNulty and Stephen Landers won awards for props design.

The racial makeup of Stoneham High School is: 95% White, 3% Black, 1% Hispanic and 1% Asian/American Indian. Quincy Brisco: comedian and media personality Mario Cantone: comedian and actor Sandro Corsaro: American animator and author Charles Gibbons: Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and 1958 candidate for governor Josh Gondelman: actor, comedy writer, stand-up comedian George J. Hall: U. S. Army soldier and Medal of Honor recipient in World War II Chris J. Johnson: actor Nancy Kerrigan: two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Killer Kowalski: professional wrestler Joe McLaughlin: linebacker for the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants Bill Peirce: Libertarian candidate for Governor of Ohio in 2006. Joe Vitiello: Major League Baseball player from 1995–2003 Steve Yarbrough: novelist