Future Film

Future Film Ltd is a Finnish-based home-video distribution company headquartered in Vaasa. From early to late 1990s they were best known as the distributors of children's animation. Future Film's releases were dubbed by Golden Voice OY but most they utilized the services of the infamous Agapio Racing Team. In recent years they have become prolific distributors of anime, their releases include titles such as Love Hina and School Rumble, Fruits Basket, Ginga Densetsu Weed and so on. This move was motivated by the popularity of the uncut DVD version of Nagareboshi Gin. Due to this move, their current anime releases feature subtitles rather than dubbing, the preferred standard for most television programs and theatrical films in Finland. Additionally Future Film has been doing motion-picture home video releases since the early 1990s. 2015: A Perfect Man of Yann Gozlan The corporate headquarters and warehouse of Future Film are located in Vaasa. The firm has a premiere movies warehouse in Vantaa. Future Film website English pages: Company information Contact information TV Rights Press Future Film on IMDb

Łaźnia Nowa Theatre

Łaźnia Nowa Theatre is the newest dramatic theatre in Kraków, founded in 2005. It is located in the district of Nowa Huta, built from the ground up during the 1950s' Communist policy of Socialist realism. Appropriately, the theatre is residing in the post-industrial halls of a former technical school.Łaźnia Nowa Theatre was preceded by Łaźnia Theatre, located in Kazimierz. The theatre was located in a cellar which used to serve as a Jewish mikvah, hence the name łaźnia. After the theatre was moved to the district of Nowa Huta, the word Nowa was added to its name; the creators of the theatre assert that all art conveys a positive message, resulting from the act of creation. In their productions they spread the same message about their district; the theatre is surrounded by blocks of flats, green spaces and supermarkets. Its objective is to reflect that neighborhood including people who work there. District of Nowa Huta, built as a satellite industrial town by the communist government, always used to evoke strong emotions.

Planned as a huge centre of heavy industry, Nowa Huta was to become an ideal town for the communist propaganda. It was the litmus paper of social climate in Poland; the inhabitants of Nowa Huta were affected by its history up to the end of communism. Once one of Pope John Paul II's favorite places and the heart of the Solidarity resistance movement, Nowa Huta witnessed the downfall of its industrial prominence and became stereotyped by mass media in a negative fashion. Łaźnia Nowa Theatre aims to challenge such stereotypes. Cukier w normie, premiered in April 2005 Mieszkam tu, May 2005 Oedipus - drama from Nowa Huta, November 2005 From Poland with love, March 2006 About Łaźnia Nowa Theatre – Homepage