Orectolobus is a genus of carpet sharks in the family Orectolobidae. They are known as wobbegongs, although this name applies to the other members of the family, they are found in shallow temperate and tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean and eastern Indian Ocean, chiefly around Australia and Indonesia, although one species occurs as far north as Japan. They have a mottled or spotted cryptic pattern, have elongated dermal lobes in the region near the mouth. Most have a maximum length of 1.25 m or less, but two species, O. halei and O. maculatus, reach about 3 m. These sluggish ambush predators are seen resting on the seafloor, at least some species are nocturnal. While harmless to humans, they have been known to bite, but only if stepped on, approached too or provoked; the species-level taxonomy in this genus has changed in recent years, with one species described in 2006, three species described in 2008, one in 2010, while O. halei was considered a junior synonym of O. ornatus until 2006.

The tasselled and cobbler wobbegongs have been included in this genus, but today they are placed in Eucrossorhinus and Sutorectus, respectively. Orectolobus floridus Last & Chidlow, 2008 Orectolobus halei Whitley, 1940 Orectolobus hutchinsi Last, Chidlow & Compagno, 2006 Orectolobus japonicus Regan, 1906 Orectolobus leptolineatus Last, Pogonoski & W. T. White, 2010 Orectolobus maculatus Orectolobus ornatus Orectolobus parvimaculatus Last & Chidlow, 2008 Orectolobus reticulatus Last, Pogonoski & W. T. White, 2008 Orectolobus wardi Whitley, 1939

The Sea Knows

The Sea Knows is a 1961 South Korean film directed by Kim Ki-young. The film conscripted into the army, he endures cruel treatment at the hands of the Japanese soldiers, objections from the mother of his Japanese girlfriend. The film concludes with a U. S. bombing which leaves Aroun alive. Kim Wun-ha as Aroun Gong Midori as Hideko Lee Ye-chun as Mori Lee Sang-sa as Inoue Kim Jin-kyu as Nakamura Kim Seok-hun Ju Jeung-ryu as Hideko's mother Kim Seung-ho Park Am Park Nou-sik Hyeon Hae-taneun algo itda on IMDb Kim, Sung-Eun. "Hyonhaetan Knows Everything". The House of Kim Ki-young. Archived from the original on 2004-05-10. Retrieved 2008-01-24. "The Sea Knows (Hyeonhaetaneun Algo Itda". Korean Movie Database. Retrieved 2008-01-22