Eddystone Rocks

The Eddystone, or the Eddystone Rocks, are a seaswept and eroded group of rocks some 9 statute miles southwest of Rame Head in Cornwall, United Kingdom. A treacherous hazard for ships in the approaches to the English Channel and the port city of Plymouth, the rocks have played host to four iterations of the Eddystone Lighthouse, are still home to the current lighthouse and the stub of its immediate predecessor. Although the nearest point on the mainland to the Eddystone is in Cornwall, the rocks fall within the city limits of Plymouth, hence within the county of Devon. There have been four lighthouses on the Eddystone Rocks. Winstanley, Rudyard and the Douglass Lighthouse, the present one; when the Douglass Lighthouse was completed, the people of Plymouth, grateful for the countless lives, saved since the introduction of the lighthouses, paid for the dismantling of the Smeaton Lighthouse from the red rocks of Eddystone and its reassembly at Plymouth Hoe, where it is a popular tourist attraction today.

A traditional sea-shanty, "The Eddystone Light", chronicles a fictional encounter between the lighthouse keeper and a mermaid. The Seekers, the Weavers, Peter and Mary have recorded the shanty. Eddystone rock is something of an anomaly in the geology of the South West region. Isotopic ages suggest that the last period of deformation was during the end of the Devonian, but their metamorphosed state indicates they have an older ancestry, a relic of earlier tectonic activity of Precambrian age. "Eddystone Rocks". The American Cyclopædia. 1879

Pakka (film)

Pakka is a 2018 Tamil language romantic comedy film directed by debutant S. S. Surya. Produced by Benn Consortium Studios Ltd, starring Vikram Prabhu in dual role alongside Nikki Galrani and Bindu Madhavi. Production for the film began in February 2017; the movie was released on April 27 2018. It received negative reviews from audience as well as critics; the movie bombed at box office. A heartbroken girl Nadhiya, who decides to commit suicide, is saved by Dhoni Kumar; the Soundtrack was composed by C. Sathya and Released by Lahari Music. In November 2016, it was reported that Vikram Prabhu had agreed terms to work on a film titled Pakka directed by newcomer Surya. Nikki Galrani signed on to play the leading female role in January 2017, worked on the film alongside her commitments in Neruppu Da, which featured her alongside Vikram Prabhu; the project became Nikki Galrani's 25th film, the director revealed that she would portray a Rajinikanth fan. Director Surya revealed Pakka would be a "complete commercial entertainer, set against a rural backdrop", confirmed that the team had signed on actors Soori and Anandaraj for supporting roles.

The team began the shoot on 1 February 2017 in Courtallam, undertaking a schedule for twenty days. Other than this film is produced by T. Sivakumar and Coproduced by P. B. Saravanan The movie flopped at the box office. Pakka on IMDb

Libby Titus

Elizabeth "Libby" Titus is an American singer, songwriter and concert producer. Titus was born in New York, her studies at Bard College in upstate New York were cut short by pregnancy and marriage at the age of 19. In 1968, Titus released an album of folk-rock and pop covers, on Hot Biscuit, she continued her career, providing backing vocals for Martin Mull's debut album Martin Mull, among others. At the same time she was developing her songwriting skills, her second album confusingly called Libby Titus, had four high-profile producers, Phil Ramone, Robbie Robertson, Paul Simon, Carly Simon. The album was released by Columbia in 1977, it contained four songs co-written by Titus, including the one for which she is best known, "Love Has No Pride", which she wrote with Eric Kaz. It had been recorded several times – most notably by Bonnie Raitt on Give It Up and Linda Ronstadt on Don't Cry Now, as well as by Daryl Braithwaite whose version was a top 5 hit in Australia in early 1977. Reviewing Titus's 1977 LP in Christgau's Record Guide: Rock Albums of the Seventies, Robert Christgau wrote: "I don't like this woman, who strikes me as a cutesy-pie snob with starfucker tendencies.

But there's something smart in her voice that turns me on. And although there are too many Carly Simon compositions on side two, I suspect I'll be playing side one again some time, no doubt when I'm in the mood for a sharp cutie-pie who might conceivably mistake me for a star."In the late 1970s, Titus collaborated with Burt Bacharach. They wrote at least five songs together, two of them appearing on Bacharach's album Woman, one on his soundtrack for the film Together?, both released in 1979. Titus sang "Riverboat" and "In Tune" on these recordings. Carly Simon's 1979 album Spy included "Love You By Heart", a song she wrote with Titus and Jacob Brackman. Titus wrote "The Sailor and the Mermaid" with Brackman and sang it with Dr. John on the Sesame Street album In Harmony. Titus and Dr. John wrote the music for Robert Frank's short film Energy and How to Get It, performed some of it on screen; as an actor, Titus had small parts in Mike Nichols's Heartburn and Penny Marshall's Awakenings, in which she appeared as a club singer.

Titus still performed at venues around New York in the mid-1980s. Never a powerful singer, she was admired at this stage of her career for her "feeling for style in jazzier numbers" and her "appealingly sultry insouciance". In the second half of the 1980s, Titus began producing "rock-and-roll musicales featuring well-known musicians... in New York restaurants and clubs". She recalled that her "horrid little evenings" started "at this little Italian restaurant on Thirty-ninth Street that had room for thirty people. One night it would be, say, Dr. John plus Carly Simon, it was by invitation only."These sessions led to the "informal concert" at the Lone Star Roadhouse on 20 September 1989 featuring Dr. John, Donald Fagen, Phoebe Snow, Jevetta Steele, Bonnie Raitt that gave birth to the New York Rock and Soul Revue, which Titus produced with Fagen until the beginning of 1992. Fagen credits Titus with rekindling his interest in live performance, on which he had turned his back in 1974; the Rock and Soul Revue brought Walter Becker to New York, so played a part in the 1993 reformation of Steely Dan, which Fagen and Becker had put on hold while Walter recovered from heroin addiction in 1981.

Titus went on to write songs with Fagen, including "Florida Room" on Kamakiriad. In 1996, Pony Canyon Records anthologised three unissued songs that Titus recorded for Bearsville in 1971, two by Eric Kaz and one by Kaz and Titus. Other recordings from this period remain unissued. Titus has been described as "glamorous and compelling" and a "formidable singer-scenester", her large personality has prompted several musical tributes. She is the subject of Carly Simon's song "Libby" from the album Another Passenger, to which Titus contributed vocals, she inspired Dr. John's piano composition "Pretty Libby" from the 1983 album The Brightest Smile in Town. Singer-songwriter Wendy Waldman wrote about their friendship in "Long Hot Summer Nights" on the album Strange Company. "The Great Pagoda of Funn", from Donald Fagen's 2006 Morph the Cat album, "rhapsodizes on Fagen’s marriage to songwriter Libby Titus". Titus's mother, Julia Irene Jurist née Mooney, was an Earl Carroll dancer. In 1966, Titus married grandson of Helena Rubinstein.

The couple had the writer Ezra Titus. From 1969 and through much of the 1970s, Titus's partner was musician Levon Helm, they had the singer Amy Helm. In 1987, Titus met musician Donald Fagen, a contemporary at Bard College, who still remembered his one sighting of her "from a distance" on campus two decades earlier, they married in 1993. On January 4, 2016, Titus sustained injuries after Fagen shoved her against a marble window frame at their Upper East Side apartment. Titus informed the New York Post; the two have since reconciled. Libby Titus on IMDb