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Frank Borman

Frank Frederick Borman II is a retired United States Air Force colonel, aeronautical engineer, test pilot, rancher, NASA astronaut. He was the commander of Apollo 8, the first mission to fly around the Moon, together with crewmates Jim Lovell and Bill Anders, became the first of 24 humans to do so, for which he was awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor; as of 2020, he is the oldest living former American astronaut, eleven days older than Lovell. Four days before he graduated with the West Point class of 1950, in which he was ranked eighth out of 670, Borman was commissioned in the USAF, he served in the Philippines. He earned a Master of Science degree at the California Institute of Technology in 1957, became an assistant professor of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics at West Point. In 1960, he was selected for Class 60-C at the USAF Experimental Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base in California and qualified as a test pilot. On graduation, he was accepted as one of five students in the first class at the Aerospace Research Pilot School.

Borman was selected as a NASA astronaut with the second group, known as the Next Nine, in 1962. In 1966, he set a fourteen-day spaceflight endurance record as commander of Gemini 7, he served on the NASA review board which investigated the Apollo 1 fire, flew to the Moon with Apollo 8 in December 1968. The mission is known for the Earthrise photograph taken by Anders of the Earth rising above the lunar horizon as the Command/Service Module orbited the Moon, for the reading from Genesis, televised to Earth from lunar orbit on Christmas Eve. During the Apollo 11 Moon landing mission, he was the NASA liaison at the White House, where he viewed the launch on television with President Richard Nixon. After retiring from NASA and the USAF in 1970, he became senior vice president for operations at Eastern Air Lines, he became chief executive officer of Eastern in 1975, chairman of the board in 1976. Under his leadership, Eastern went through the four most profitable years in its history, but airline deregulation and additional debt that he took on to purchase new aircraft led to pay cuts and layoffs, to conflict with unions, resulting in his resignation in 1986.

He moved to New Mexico, where he ran a Ford dealership with his son, Fred. In 1998, they bought a cattle ranch in Montana. Frank Frederick Borman II was born on March 14, 1928, at 2162 West 11th Avenue in Gary, the only child of Edwin Otto Borman and his wife Marjorie Ann née Pearce, who named him after his paternal grandfather, he is of German descent. Because he suffered from numerous sinus and mastoid problems in the cold and damp weather, his family moved to the better climate of Tucson, which Borman considers his hometown, his father bought a lease on a Mobil service station. Borman attended Sam Hughes Elementary School in Tucson, where he played baseball, he went to Mansfield Junior High School, where he tried out for the football team. He was not good enough, so he formed his own team with some local boys, sponsored by a local jewelry store, he earned some money with a newspaper route. After Mansfield, Borman went on to Tucson High School, he played quarterback on the junior varsity team, became the second-string quarterback on the varsity team.

The first-string quarterback broke his arm during the first game, was out for most of the season. Although every one of the four forward passes he attempted that year was incomplete, the team went on to win the state championship, he started dating Susan Bugbee, a sophomore at his school. After the United States entered World War II in 1941, his parents found work at a new Consolidated Vultee aircraft factory in Tucson, his first ride in an airplane had been. He learned to fly at the age of 15, taking lessons with a female instructor, Bobbie Kroll, at Gilpin Field; when he obtained his student pilot's license, he joined a local flying club. He built model airplanes out of balsa wood. Borman was helping a friend build model planes, when his friend's father asked him about his plans for the future. Borman told him that he wanted to go to college and study aeronautical engineering, but his parents did not have the money to send him to an out-of-state university, neither the University of Arizona nor Arizona State University offered top-notch courses in aeronautical engineering at that time.

His football skills were insufficient to secure an athletic scholarship, he lacked the political connections to secure an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. He therefore planned to join the Army, which would allow him to qualify for free college tuition under the G. I. Bill, his friend's father told him that he knew Richard F. Harless, the congressman who represented Arizona. Harless had a principal nominee for West Point, but Borman's friend's father convinced Harless to list Borman as a third alternative. Borman took the West Point entrance examination, but since his chances of a West Point appointment were slim, he took the Army physical, passed both, but the end of the war had changed attitudes towards joining the military, the three nominees ahead of him all dropped out. Instead of reporting to Fort MacArthur on graduation from high school, he went to West Point. Borman entered West Point on July 1, 1946, with the class of 1950, it was a difficult year to enter.

Many members of the class were older than him, had seen active service in World War II. Hazing by the upperclassmen was common. Another challenge was learning, he tried out for the plebe football team


Gorgopis is a genus of moths of the family Hepialidae. There are 28 described species found in southern and eastern Africa. Gorgopis alticola - Tanzania Gorgopis angustiptera Gorgopis annulosa - South Africa Gorgopis armillata - South Africa Gorgopis auratilis - South Africa Gorgopis aurifuscata Gorgopis butlerii - South Africa Gorgopis caffra - South Africa Gorgopis centaurica - South Africa Gorgopis cochlias - South Africa Gorgopis crudeni - South Africa Gorgopis furcata - South Africa Gorgopis fuscalis - South Africa Gorgopis grisescens - South Africa Gorgopis hunti - South Africa Gorgopis inornata - South Africa Gorgopis intervallata - South Africa Gorgopis leucopetala - South Africa Gorgopis libania - South Africa/AngolaLarva feeds on grassesGorgopis limbopunctata Gorgopis lobata - South Africa Gorgopis olivaceonotata - South Africa Gorgopis pallidiflava - South Africa Gorgopis pholidota - South Africa Gorgopis ptiloscelis - South Africa Gorgopis salti - Tanzania Gorgopis serangota - South Africa Gorgopis subrimosa - South Africa Gorgopis tanganyikaensis - Tanzania Gorgopis zellerii - South Africa Hepialidae genera

Susan Boyle discography

The discography of Susan Boyle, a Scottish singer, contains seven studio albums and thirteen singles. Boyle achieved global attention after auditioning for Series 3 of Britain's Got Talent in 2009. After much attention, Boyle signed a record deal with British record producer Simon Cowell, releasing her worldwide multi-platinum selling début album I Dreamed a Dream; the album's first two singles, "Wild Horses" and "I Dreamed a Dream" were successful, both reaching the top forty of the UK Singles Chart. In the United States, Boyle's album charted at number one on the Billboard 200 album charts; the singles were a success in the United States, with "Wild Horses" making ninety-eight and "I Dreamed a Dream" making sixty-two. In 2010, Boyle was one of few artists who featured on Simon Cowell's 2010 Haiti earthquake appeal single, "Everybody Hurts", a cover of the R. E. M. Song. On 9 July 2010, Boyle announced; as part of the lead-up to the album, she held a competition called Susan's Search, the winner of which sang a duet with her on her new CD.

The album was released on 8 November 2010. Emeli Sandé was reported to have helped Boyle to write songs for her third studio album, Someone to Watch Over Me, released on 31 October 2011. Boyle performed on the second semi-final results show of the sixth season of America's Got Talent, which aired on 31 August 2011. Boyle made her first appearance in Australia, on The X Factor, on 8 November 2011 and sang "Autumn Leaves". In November 2012 she released her fourth studio album, Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs from the Stage. In two of the songs, she collaborates with Donny Osmond; as of 2013, Boyle had sold over 25 million records worldwide


Thalaivasal is a developed village small town, block headquarters and state assembly seat in Kallakurichi district, Tamil Nadu - India. In Tamil the word Thalai means "head" and vasal means "entrance". Thalaivasal got its name because it was the entrance to Kingdom of Mysore and/or Hoysalas into the Attur pass. Hoysalas had invaded the Magadai country headquartered at Aragalur in 12th century CE. Tippu Sultan & Hyder Ali seems to have visited places around Thalaivasal in 18th century CE. Government entities include Panchayat Union, Sub-Registrar office, Police Station & Primary Health Care unit. Thalaivasal is the state assembly seat. Thalaivasal assembly constituency is part of Kallakurichi. Vasishta Nadi that originates from Salem district, flows through Attur and Cuddalore district; this river joins Sweta Nadi before flowing into the Bay of Bengal. Vasishta Nadi flows on the southern part of the village. Mummudi, union office, M. G. R. Nagar, Ponnoli nagar, Varagoor, Siva sankarapuram, siruvachoor, நாவக்குறிச்சி ஊராட்சி, Pattu thurai, Deviya kurichi, Kaamakka apaliyam, Nathakkarai, Rayappanoor, Aaragalur, Navakkurichi, Vedhanayakapuram Tuesday farmers market and daily morning agriculture market to collect the daily farmers produce by wholesale dealers.

Daily farmers market in Tamil Nadu. A variety of vegetables are available. Road: Thalaivasal is on National Highway 68. Trichy is connected through Veeraganur. 24 × 7 Transportation is available as it is there in NH-68. Chinnasalem to tirupathi bus available at The Chinnasalem town's railway station serves trains on the route to Mettur, Nagore, Salem, Mangalore, Bangalore and Mumbai. Salem to Vriddhachalam passenger Bangalore to Karaikkal Fast passenger Salem to chennai egmore to dadar express Puducherry to Mangalore weekly express Yeshwantpur to Puducherry garib rath Erode to chennai egmore special daytime intercity expressTrain: Salem - Virudhachalam passenger, Salem - Chennai express. Railways: Thalaivasal Railway station is located about 1 km from the village. Train routes are 1. Salem-valapaddy-pethanaickenpalayam-attur-thalaivasal-chinnasalem-virudhachalam-Villupuram-Chennai Egmore. 2.salem-valapaddy-pethanaickenpalayam-attur-thalaivasal-virudhachalam. Hindu Temples such as Thalaivasal Thirukarugavur Temple & Narasimha Swami temple Mosque St. Joseph's Church bharaman temple The Narasimha Swami temple located here is quite famous and draws a significant number of tourists.

The Hoysala kings Narasimha I and his decedents have invaded Magadai mandalam in the 12th century. The travelers Bungalow at Thalaivasal was built prior to 1883 by Krishnama Naidu. Post office, Std code

Robert Harley (died 1673)

Sir Robert Harley FRS was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1647 to 1648 and in 1660. Harley was the son of Sir Robert Harley and his third wife Brilliana, the daughter of Edward Conway, 1st Viscount Conway, he was educated under Mr Simons. During the English Civil War, he served in the Parliamentary Army from 1643 to 1647, he was appointed Steward of the King's Manor or lordship of Cantref Moelynaidd, of the boroughs of Knighton and Presteign, Radnorshire. Harley married Edith Hinton, widow of Thomas Hinton of Hayton and daughter of Thomas Pembrugge of Wellington, he was the brother of Sir Edward Harley. In 1647, Harley was elected Member of Parliament for Radnor in the Long Parliament, he was excluded under Pride's Purge in 1648 and imprisoned by the Army as Major Robert Harley on 6 December 1648. In 1660, Harley was elected MP for |Radnor in the Convention Parliament, he was re-appointed to his stewardship of the Kings Manors in 1660, remaining in post until his death.

In December 1661, he raised a regiment at Dunkirk, sent to Tangier and incorporated into the Tangier Regiment. Harley was knighted in the 1660s, he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in August 1661. From 1663 to 1664 he was Keeper of the Seals of Barbados and from 1670 to 1671 he was receiver of fee-farm rents for Herefordshire and Staffordshire. Harley died at the age of 47 and was buried at Brampton Bryan

Hempstead Lake State Park

Hempstead Lake State Park is a 737-acre state park located in Nassau County, New York in the United States. The park is one of three state parks within the Town of Hempstead. There is a quick-access entrance at exit 18 from the Southern State Parkway; the park contains the largest freshwater lake in Nassau County. The park offers picnic tables with pavilions, tennis courts, a playground, playing fields, recreation programs, biking, a bridle path, ice fishing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, a boat launch; the park contains three ponds for fishing. Wooded picnic areas provide shade; the central feature of this park is Hempstead Lake, first proposed in 1870 to supply water to Brooklyn, New York. The Mill River known as Hempstead Creek was dammed to form the 167-acre reservoir. Following the annexation of Brooklyn by New York City in 1898, the reservoir's use as a source of water declined. In 1925, the route of Southern State Parkway was laid through the reservoir's grounds, the property was designated as a state park.

The highway looped around Hempstead Lake's southern shore between exits 18 and 19. In 1947, an earthen dam was laid across the northern third of Lake Hempstead, straightening the route of the parkway across the lake. A decade Peninsula Boulevard was extended along the eastern side of the park reusing the parkway's old route; the reconfiguration of Southern State Parkway created two lakes from the reservoir's northern third: Northeast Pond and Northwest Pond. Excess water exiting Hempstead Lake continues into McDonald Pond and South Pond before leaving the park. List of New York state parks Media related to Hempstead Lake State Park at Wikimedia Commons New York State Parks: Hempstead Lake State Park