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Plan of the mountain of Gergovia and its environs
Plan of the mountain of Gergovia and its environs
Etymology: Gaulish

Gergovia was a Gaulish town in modern Auvergne in the upper part of the basin of the Allier,[1] near present-day Clermont-Ferrand and Gergovie. The site is uncertain.[2] It was the capital of the Averni.[3] It was the town of the Boii.[4]

It was the chief town of the Arverni and the site of the Battle of Gergovia in 52 BC.[5] The battle was fought between a Roman Republic army, led by proconsul Julius Caesar and Gallic forces led by Vercingetorix.[6] Caesar marched south with six legions with the intention of taking the hill town of Gergovia.[1]The Gauls won the battle, which led to increased cavalry support for Vercingetorix's campaign for future battles.[7] This was a significant failure in Gallia for Caesar and the Roman army.[1]


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