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Collegio Ghislieri
MottoSapientia, cum probitate morum conjuncta, humanae mentis perfectio.
Motto in English
Knowledge and morals are the perfection of the human mind.
PresidentGian Arturo Ferrari
RectorProf. Andrea Belvedere
Ghislieri College in Pavia

The Ghislieri College (Italian: Collegio Ghislieri), founded in 1567 by Pope Pius V, is the second most ancient college in Pavia and co-founder of the IUSS, located in Pavia as well.

Collegio Ghislieri is a 450-year-old Italian institution committed to promote University studies on the basis of merit, hosting around 200 pupils (males and females) who attend all faculties in the University of Pavia, offering them logistic and cultural opportunities such as scholarships, lectures, conferences, a 100.000 volumes library (the third one among private libraries in Northern Italy), foreign languages courses. Each year about 40 new students coming from all over the country are selected by public contest. Founded by Pope Pius V (Antonio Ghislieri) in 1567, since 18th century laically managed, nowadays under the High Patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Republic, it is ranked among high qualifying institutions by the Italian Ministry for Education and University. Student upkeep is greatly subsidized by the College as the required fees are proportional to parental income; many places are granted for free.[1] Among its distinguished alumni are Carlo Goldoni and several Italian statesmen, scientists, scholars of the last two centuries.[2]


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