Gillian Anderson

Gillian Leigh Anderson, is an American–British actress. Her credits include the roles of FBI Special Agent Dana Scully in the long-running series The X-Files, ill-fated socialite Lily Bart in Terence Davies' film The House of Mirth, DSU Stella Gibson on the BBC crime drama television series The Fall. Among other honours, Anderson has won a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award and two Screen Actors Guild Awards, she has resided in London since 2002, after earlier years divided between the United Kingdom and the United States. After beginning her career on stage, Anderson achieved international recognition for her role as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully on the American sci-fi drama series The X-Files, her film work includes the dramas The Mighty Celt, The Last King of Scotland, Shadow Dancer, Viceroy's House and two X-Files films: The X-Files: Fight the Future and The X-Files: I Want to Believe. Other notable television credits include: Lady Dedlock in Bleak House, Wallis Simpson in Any Human Heart, Miss Havisham in Great Expectations, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier on Hannibal, Media on American Gods.

In 2019, Anderson began playing Jean Milburn in the Netflix comedy-drama Sex Education. Aside from film and television, Anderson has taken to the stage and received both awards and critical acclaim, her stage work includes Absent Friends. In 2019, she portrayed Margo Channing in the stage production of All About Eve for which she received her third Laurence Olivier Award nomination. Anderson is the co-writer of The Earthend Saga novel trilogy and the self-help guide book WE: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere. Anderson has been active in supporting humanitarian organizations, she is an honorary spokesperson for the Neurofibromatosis Network and a co-founder of South African Youth Education for Sustainability. Anderson was appointed an honorary Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2016 for her services to drama. Anderson was born in Chicago, the daughter of Rosemary "Posie" Alyce, a computer analyst, Homer Edward "Ed" Anderson III, who owned a film post-production company.

She is of English and Irish ancestry. Soon after her birth, her parents moved to Puerto Rico for 15 months to London; the family relocated. During her childhood, she lived in north London's Crouch Harringay, she was a pupil of Coleridge Primary School. When Anderson was 11 years old, her family returned to the United States, settling in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they continued to keep a flat in London, spent their summers there. Anderson said that she has always intended to return to England. In Grand Rapids, she attended Fountain Elementary and City High-Middle School, a program for gifted students with a strong emphasis on the humanities. Following the move to Grand Rapids, Anderson went through a rebellious stage as a teenager, she was put in therapy at the age of 14. Anderson listened to bands such as Skinny Puppy, she was voted by her classmates as "class clown", "most bizarre girl" and "most to be arrested". She was arrested on graduation night for breaking and entering into her high school in an attempt to glue the locks of the doors.

She managed to reduce the charges to trespassing. At an early age Anderson was interested in marine biology, but after becoming interested in theatre during her teenage years, she began acting in high school productions during her first year and in community theatre, she served as a student intern at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre & School of Theatre Arts. After graduating from high school in 1986, she attended The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1990. Anderson participated in the National Theatre of Great Britain's summer program at Cornell University. To support herself financially during her student years, she worked at the Goose Island Brewpub in Chicago. After Anderson became famous, the brewery named one of their beers after her – a Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale called "Gillian". Anderson is the eldest of three siblings, her brother Aaron –, diagnosed with neurofibromatosis – died in 2011 of a brain tumor, at the age of 30. Aaron was a DJ, a mentor, a practicing Buddhist.

He was in his second year of a PhD program in Developmental Psychology at Stanford University when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2008. Her sister Zoe is a ceramicist, whom Anderson calls "an exceptional artist". Zoe is gay and is married to her partner. Anderson is bidialectal. With her English accent and background, she was mocked and felt out of place as a teenager in the American Midwest and soon adopted a Midwestern accent. To this day, she shifts between her American and English accents. In May 2013, during an interview with BlogTalkRadio, Anderson addressed the matter of her national identity: "I've been asked whether I feel more like a Brit than an American and I don't know what the answer to that question is. I know that I feel that London is home and I'm happy with that as my home. I love London as a city and I feel comfortable th

Eleutherodactylus emiliae

Eleutherodactylus emiliae is a species of frog in the family Eleutherodactylidae. It is endemic to central Cuba and known from the Banao Mountains; the species is named for "Emilia". Common name Emilia's robber frog has been coined for it; the holotype, a female, measures 27 mm in snout–vent length, this is given as the maximum size for the species. The body has a compact appearance; the head is wider. The snout is short; the tympanum is visible. Digital discs are weakly developed. Skin is dorsally smooth or granular and ventrally smooth. Dorsal coloration is grayish, dark brown, or yellowish brown; the sides of the head are mask-like. The inner sides of the thighs can be red, as in the holotype. Eleutherodactylus emiliae occurs in closed-canopy, humid forests at elevations of 350–850 m above sea level, it is a terrestrial species that can be found under rocks and among the rhizomes of tree ferns. Eggs are deposited on the ground. Development is direct, without free-living larval stage, it is an uncommon species.

It is threatened by habitat disturbance caused by agriculture and tourism. It is known from a few protected areas, but these are not providing adequate protection

Ontario Federation of Labour

The Ontario Federation of Labour is a federation of labour unions in the Canadian province of Ontario. The original OFL was established by the Canadian Congress of Labour in 1944, it was merged with the rival Ontario Provincial Federation of Labour in 1957, one year after the merger of the CCL and the Trades and Labour Congress. It is now the provincial federation of the Canadian Labour Congress. Elroy Robson was the original OFL's first president and William Sefton was its first secretary-treasurer. Policy conventions are held every two years. Today, the federation represents 700,000 workers. Cleve Kidd David Archer Cliff Pilkey Gord Wilson Wayne Samuelson Sid Ryan Chris Buckley Patty Coates Douglas Hamilton Terry Meagher Wally Majesky Sean O'Flynn Julie Davis Ethel Birkett-LaValley Irene Harris Marie Kelly Nancy Hutchison Patty Coates Ahmad Gaied Julie Davis Ken Signoretti Irene Harris Terry Downey Irwin Nanda Ahmad Gaied Janice Folk-Dawson OFL home page