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The Government of the Slovak Republic (Slovak: Vláda Slovenskej republiky) is the head of the executive branch of state in Slovakia.

It is led by the Prime Minister of Slovakia, who is nominated by the President of Slovakia, and is usually the leader of majority party or of majority coalition after an election to the National Council of the Slovak Republic; the Cabinet appointed by the president on recommendation of the prime minister must gain a vote of confidence in the National Council.

Role and powers of the Government[edit]

The Summer Archbishop's Palace is the seat of the Government

As the chief formulator of the nation's public policy under the Slovak Constitution, the Government has the authority to make major policy on the matters of national economy and social security.[1] Acting in the best interests of the nation, it is responsible for meeting the Government programme objectives within the scope of the adopted national budget; the main functions of the Government also include making proposals on the state budget, preparing the annual closing balance sheet, and issue government regulations and decrees under power given to it by law. One of the Government's duties is the formulation and management of the nation's foreign policy,[1] it submits draft Bills to the National Council (the Slovak parliament), which are frequently preceded by nationwide discussions and consultations with the relevant organizations. As established by law, the Government can discuss in its proceedings a confidence vote motion, cases of pardoning criminal offenders, and appointment or removal from office of senior civil servants.[1]


The Cabinet is made up of the Prime Minister, presiding over it, his or her Deputies and Government Ministers; the Cabinet is appointed by the President of the Slovak Republic on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. For its policy and administration the members of the Cabinet are responsible to the National Council (the Slovak parliament).

Current Cabinet[edit]

Following the Resignation of Robert Fico, the current prime minister, Peter Pellegrini, has been serving with his government, the Pellegrini Cabinet, since 23 March 2016.[2]

 Coat of arms of Slovakia
Cabinet of Slovakia[3]
Office Name Political party Assumed office Left office
Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini Smer–SD 22 March 2018
Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Informatization Richard Raši Smer–SD 22 March 2018
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Finance
Peter Kažimír Smer–SD 22 March 2018 11 April 2019
Minister of Finance Peter Pellegrini (acting) Smer–SD 11 April 2019 7 May 2019
Ladislav Kamenický [sk] Smer–SD 7 May 2019
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
Gabriela Matečná [sk] SNS 22 March 2018
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of the Environment
László Sólymos [sk] Most–Híd 22 March 2018
Minister of Interior Tomáš Drucker [sk] Independent(SD) 22 March 2018 17 April 2018
Denisa Saková [sk] Smer–SD 26 April 2018
Minister of Justice Gábor Gál [sk] Most–Híd 22 March 2018
Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajčák Independent(SD) 22 March 2018
Minister of Economy Peter Žiga Smer–SD 22 March 2018
Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development Árpád Érsek [sk] Most–Híd 22 March 2018
Minister of Defence Peter Gajdoš [sk] SNS 22 March 2018
Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family Ján Richter [sk] Smer–SD 22 March 2018
Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport Martina Lubyová [sk] Independent(SNS) 22 March 2018
Minister of Culture Ľubica Laššáková [pl] SD 22 March 2018
Minister of Health Andrea Kalavská [pl] Independent(SD) 22 March 2018
(SD) Smer–SD nominee
(SNS) Slovak National Party nominee


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