Haeundae LCT The Sharp

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Haeundae LCT The Sharp
LCT from Haeundae Beach 2018.07.23(Main) (2).jpg
General information
Type1 landmark tower and 2 residential towers
LocationHaeundae, Busan, South Korea
Coordinates35°09′35.59″N 129°09′23.24″E / 35.1598861°N 129.1564556°E / 35.1598861; 129.1564556Coordinates: 35°09′35.59″N 129°09′23.24″E / 35.1598861°N 129.1564556°E / 35.1598861; 129.1564556
Construction startedOctober 2013
  • Landmark Tower: 411.6 m (1,350 ft)[1]
  • Residential Tower A: 339.1 m (1,113 ft)[2]
  • Residential Tower B: 333.1 m (1,093 ft)[3]
Technical details
Floor count
  • Landmark Tower: 101[1]
  • Residential Tower A: 85[2]
  • Residential Tower B: 85[3]
Floor area660,077 m2 (7,105,010 sq ft) (Development)
Lifts/elevatorsLandmark Tower 45,Residential Tower A and Residential Tower B 16
Design and construction
ArchitectSkidmore Owings & Merrill; Samoo Architects & Engineers

Haeundae LCT The Sharp is a major urban development project under construction in Busan, South Korea. Located in Haeundae's popular beach, it consists of a 411.6 m, 101-floor supertall landmark tower and two 85-floor tall residential skyscrapers. It has an urban entertainment complex at the base housing a shopping mall, a hot spring spa and a water park. The landmark tower will house luxury and residential hotels with a convention center and an observatory. As of July 8,2018,101-storey Land mark tower 90s floor level and twin 85-storey residential towers at 80s level structures completion. Busan's 2nd-4th mega tall sky scraper after first 303M Doosan we've the Zennith. LCT tower is the tallest tower in South Korea after 555M Lotte world tower in Seoul

Groundbreaking was held in October 2013 and completion is scheduled for 2019.[4]



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