Saint-Mathieu-d'Harricana is a municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec, located in the Abitibi Regional County Municipality. It is part of the census agglomeration of Amos; the municipality had a population of 696 as of the 2011 Canadian Census. As of the 2006 census, mother tongues spoken are: English as first language: 0% French as first language: 100% English and French as first language: 0% Other as first language: 0%Population trend: Population in 2011: 696 Population in 2006: 716 Population in 2001: 700 Population in 1996: 717 Population in 1991: 655 Mayor: Martin Roch Councillors: Lucie Crépeault-Offroy, Gabriel Lemay, Félix Offroy, Érix Pomerleau, Simon Roy, Simon Simard

Teresa Toda

Teresa Toda is a Basque journalist. Her father was a Spanish diplomat. During her childhood and youth, she lived in Chile, in Brazil, in the United States, in London. In 1968, she began studying journalism in Spain, at the University of Navarre, run by the Catholic Opus Dei, she became involved in left-wing and anti-Franco politics, for which she was expelled together with around 40 students more. She returned to London where she worked for The Law Society Gazette and at Visnews. In 1971, she returned to Madrid to finish her career and worked at the daily paper ABC, thus getting to know the difficulties of journalism under Franco. On, she moved to Barcelona, where she worked at the Press Office of CCOO, a left wing trade union, during the first years of the Spanish "transition", she collaborated in a Catalan weekly as well. She began working as a correspondent for Egin, the Basque independentist newspaper, in Madrid in 1984. In 1989, after the shooting of two Basque MP's in Madrid as they were having supper, she had to move to the Basque Country.

She worked first as Editor of the Basque political section and, from 1992 to 1998, as Assistant Editor in Chief. Egin was shut down by the Spanish Government in July 1998; the shutting down of the paper entailed judicial proceedings against the Editor in Chief, 8 members of the Board and Teresa Toda. While awaiting trial, she worked at the magazine of an independentist Basque trade union. During those years, she became a member of the Board of Basque PEN, became involved in activities in defence of freedom of speech and expression at diverse levels; the trial began in 2005 at the Special Anti-Terrorist Court in Madrid. They received harsh sentences, which the Supreme Court on cut down, she served six full years, all of them in prisons far from her home. During that time, she kept up her relationship with Basque PEN and, through them, with PEN International, she was released in 2013, since she has resumed her activities at the Board of Basque PEN and in favour of freedom of speech. She has translated several books on conflict resolution, from English to Spanish