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List of further education colleges in Northern Ireland

List of further and higher education colleges in Northern Ireland is a list of further education and higher education colleges in Northern Ireland most of which provide both levels of qualification. Further education colleges offer courses for people over the age of 14, involving school-level qualifications such as Higher Grade exams, as well as work-based learning and apprenticeships. Higher education colleges offer undergraduate qualifications and post-graduate qualifications. Northern Irish colleges are funded the Department for the Economy. Belfast Metropolitan College College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise Northern Regional College North West Regional College South Eastern Regional College Southern Regional College South West College Education in Northern Ireland List of further education colleges in England List of further education colleges in Wales List of further education colleges in Scotland Department for Employment and Learning NI

Kacheguda–Narkhed Intercity Express

The 17641 / 42 Kacheguda - Narkhed Intercity Express is an Express train belonging to Indian Railways South Central Railway zone that runs between Kacheguda and Narkhed in India. It operates as train number 17641 from Kacheguda to Narkhed and as train number 17642 in the reverse direction serving the states of Telangana & Maharashtra; the 17641 / 42 Kacheguda - Narkhed Intercity Express has one AC Chair Car, four Non AC chair car, 12 general unreserved & two SLR coaches. It does not carry a pantry car coach; as is customary with most train services in India, coach composition may be amended at the discretion of Indian Railways depending on demand. The 17641 Kacheguda - Narkhed Intercity Express covers the distance of 732 km in 16 hours 00 mins & in 15 hours 45 mins as the 17642 Narkhed - Kacheguda Intercity Express; as the average speed of the train is less than 55 km/h, as per railway rules, its fare does not includes a Superfast surcharge. The 17641 / 42 Kacheguda - Narkhed Intercity Express runs from Kacheguda via Nizamabad Junction, Hazur Sahib Nanded, Akola Junction to Badnera Jn to Narkhed via New Amravati - Warud Orange City As the route is going to be electrified, a Kalyan Junction based WCAM-3 Electric locomotive pulls the train to its destination.

17641 Intercity Express at India Rail Info 17642 Intercity Express at India Rail Info

2014–15 Liga Femenina de Baloncesto

The 2014–15 Liga Femenina de Baloncesto is the 52nd edition of the Spanish premier women's basketball championship. Regular season finished on 28 March. Championship playoff will begin on 4 April; the 14 teams play each other on a round robin format. The three qualified teams after the first half of the season and the host one will play the Copa de la Reina. If the host team finishes in the top three, the fourth qualified will join the competition. After the Regular Season, the top four teams play the play-offs, featuring semi-finals and Finals on a best-of-3 series; the two bottom teams will be relegated to Liga Femenina 2 The League champion, Cup champion and first team after the Regular Season have a guaranteed spot in FIBA Europe competitions for the 2015-2016. The competition was expanded from 12 to 14 clubs. At the end of season 2013-2014, GDKO Bizkaia was relegated and CB Ciudad de Burgos disbanded. Gernika Bizkaia, as Liga Femenina 2 champion, together with CB Al-Qazeres Extremadora, Campus Promete and Universitario Ferrol were promoted.

The table lists the positions of teams after completion of each round. Last updated: 16 Mar 2015, after Round 22* Standings after Round 13 determine the qualified teams for the Copa de la Reina. On November 14, the Spanish Basketball Federation awarded the organization of the Cup to the city of Torrejón de Ardoz, qualifying Rivas Ecópolis as host team. Marks the Round when the team qualified mathematically for the playoffs. Liga Femenina website Spanish Basketball Federation website

Printed T-shirt

A Printed T-shirt is a T-shirt bearing a design, image or lettering on it. Printing is done with textile printing. Various types of printed T-shirts exist. A concert T-shirt is a T-shirt, associated with a concert or a concert tour rock or metal. Bands and musical groups promote themselves by creating and selling or giving away T-shirts at their shows and events. A concert T-shirt contains silk screened graphics of the name, logo, or image of a musical performer. A popular graphic on the rear of the T-shirts is a listing of information about the band's current tour, including tour cities and corresponding dates. One of the most popular colors for concert T-shirts is a flat black. Fans purchase or obtain these shirts to wear to future concerts with jeans, dark colored trousers or skirts. Fans may wear the shirt of one band to a concert of another to show their taste in a particular type of music or loyalty to another band. A tourist T-shirt is a shirt associated with a holiday. In recent years, T-shirts have become a popular souvenir.

Tourist T-shirt designs are screen printed with pictures and words directly associated with a particular city, country or culture. The T-shirts places a person has been. A course T-shirt is a printed T-shirt with a military unit's insignia on it, printed up as a souvenir of attending and/or graduating a course of instruction. Printed shirts bearing unit insignia date back to at least the Second World War. Several contemporary artists use a T-shirt as a canvas for their work. Art T-shirts can be mass-produced with screen printing. Famous artists to have released T-shirts are Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst and KAWS. A merchandise T-shirt is a shirt associated with a trademark, it is common to see famous bands, sports teams and TV characters being printed on T-shirts for the retail clothing trade in order to drive additional revenue. Proprietors of brands and trademarks can license them to distributors to distribute T-shirts that bear their brand or trademark for retail purposes as well.

- Heavy metal fashion Punk fashion James, John M."Pixies once again dust the music scene", Cincinnati CityBeat, 21 April 2004 Overman, Ogi, "So you wanna be a rock'n' roll star...", Yes Weekly, 2006 Cronin, Steven V. "Rolling Stones start ’em up at Boardwalk Hall in A. C.", Press of Atlantic City, 2006

Youth ice hockey coach

The role of a youth ice hockey coach is a combination of teacher, organizer and disciplinarian. In addition, there are many responsibilities; some responsibilities include: facilitator, evaluator and planner. In sport, the role of an expert coach entails more than teaching. Youth coaches influence the degree of enjoyment experienced by youth and their desire to continue participating in sport; this influence occurs through the coaches’ goals, values and behaviors. Prior to coaching on the ice in the United States, coaches must complete a certification course and age specific modules sanctioned by USA Hockey and register with USA Hockey. Coaching clinics for certification are offered at various locations across the country, broken down by districts. Registering with USA Hockey and for a coaching clinic can be completed online at USA Formal coaching education programs are not the only way. Other learning opportunities, such as playing experience and discussions with other coaches play a significant role.

A coach should focus his/her attention on individual skill development first. Individual skill development should be mastered prior to focusing on competition. For players to become successful in a team situation, they should develop their skating, stick handling and shooting skills. Individual skill development is the foundation for every player and of primary importance before advancing in competitive situations. Ultimate Guide to Coaching Youth Hockey Coaching For Success