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Herbert Kalmus

Herbert Thomas Kalmus was an American scientist and engineer who played a key role in developing color motion picture film. Kalmus was the president of the Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation. Kalmus received a bachelor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1904, he earned his doctorate at the University of Zurich taught physics and metallurgy at MIT and at Queen's University, Ontario, Canada. On July 23, 1902, Kalmus married Natalie Kalmus, who became the color coordinator for nearly every live-action Technicolor feature released from 1934 to 1949. Although they divorced in 1922 after twenty years of marriage, they continued to live together, appearing as husband and wife, until 1944, he married Eleanore King in 1949. In 1912, Kalmus and fellow MIT graduate Daniel Comstock formed Kalmus and Wescott, an industrial research and development firm, with mechanic W. Burton Wescott, who left the company in 1921; when the firm was hired to analyze an inventor's flicker-free motion picture system, they became intrigued with the art and science of filmmaking color motion picture processes, leading to the incorporation of Technicolor in 1915.

Most of Technicolor's early patents were taken out by Comstock and Wescott, while Kalmus served as the company's president and chief executive officer. Kalmus' god-daughter, Cammie King, played the part of Bonnie Blue Butler in the film Gone With the Wind; the autobiography of Herbert Kalmus, Mr. Technicolor, was published in 1993. Kalmus has a star on the Walk of Fame in California. Kalmus Beach in Hyannis, Massachusetts, is named after him. Brief biography of Herbert Kalmus Kalmus v. Kalmus, 1950. Kalmus v. Kalmus, 1951. Herbert Kalmus at Find a Grave Works by or about Herbert Kalmus at Internet Archive

Political positions of Benigno Aquino III

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III has made political position on many national issues. Aquino is not keen on utilizing nuclear energy as a remedy to a power shortage Mindanao experienced in the second quarter of 2012. Aquino said that while he is open to adopt nuclear energy he is more inclined to tap “other sources of energy that have less impact – or potential negative impact – that are available to us. While Aquino remained open to nuclear energy he has publicly expressed his opposition to plans to revive the moth-balled Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. During an interview in CNN in November 2013, Aquino said that countries “contributing immensely to the global warning” have a moral responsibility to contribute to end climate change. Following the Priority Development Assistance Fund scam, Aquino insisted that the abolition of the Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF is unnecessary. Aquino detracted from his earlier statement and vowed to abolish the fund and replace it with a new system.

Despite his support for the Reproductive Health Bill, perceived by critics as a precedent to a law on legalizing abortion, Aquino insists that he is against the legalization of abortion. Aquino supported the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill, he believes on the responsibility of the state to inform couples on their right to plan their family. Aquino is against revising the constitution to allow full land ownership by foreigners. Aquino remains firm in keeping the 60/40 foreign ownership law which guarantees Filipinos majority share on land ownership. Aquino has yet to make a firm stance on gay marriage. During a forum at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza in December 2013, Aquino was inquired on his view on gay marriage and if he was in favor of its legalization. Aquino refused to answer the question but clarified his views on the issue, he said that while he believes on universal human rights he is undecided on the legalization of gay marriage. Aquino expressed some concerns that legalization of gay marriage may follow legalization of abortion.

He said that the issue must first be viewed on a "child's perspective". He expressed concerns. Aquino, a gun enthusiast himself, is against the imposition of a total gun ban in the country, he believes in the right to bear arms. In May 29, 2013, Aquino signed the Republic Act No. 10591, an “Act Providing for a Comprehensive Law on Firearms and Ammunition and Providing Penalties for Violations thereof", providing a new set of standards on obtaining a license to bear firearms. Aquino vetoed a bill that would have remove height restrictions on police and jail personnel. Aquino found the bill unnecessary. Aquino insists that jail personnel in particular "must possess the necessary physical attributes to perform their functions effectively". Aquino has made statements critical to China directly. At the 2013 ASEAN summit in Brunei, He accused China of being uncooperative after it rejected to participate in a case filed by the Philippines to the United Nations tribunal. Aqunio said that he is open of an idea of a joint development in the South China Sea but remained cautious and insisted that a joint development would be under Philippine law.

Aquino supports a diplomatic solution to the South China Sea dispute. He reiterated that ASEAN members should draft the Code of Conduct of Parties in the West Philippine Sea before commencing ASEAN-China talks. Aquino supported a proposal to allow Japanese troops access to Philippine military bases along with another proposal to give American troops greater access to Philippine military installation. Aquino views these proposals as an avenue to build a credible alliance with Japan and the United States

Pineville Courthouse Square Historic District

The Pineville Courthouse Square Historic District is a 7-acre historic district in Pineville, Kentucky, listed on the U. S. National Register of Historic Places, it includes the Bell County Courthouse and related government buildings and the central business core of the town. The original courthouse square was laid out in 1888; the original courthouse of Bell County, Kentucky was built in 1894. The current courthouse, with a pedimented Ionic portico, was designed by architect John W. Gaddis of Vincennes, Indiana in 1919; the courthouse was renovated extensively in 1978. The district included what was the only 4-story building in Pinedale as of 1988, the 1921-built Pineville Furniture Store building. Next door to, a George Mesker-designed commercial building with "corbelled cream-colored brickwork."It includes an "impressive" Masonic Temple building built in 1921 that has a three-story brick facade "ornamented with what resembles a proscenium arch of stone supported by a pair of engaged Egyptian pilasters."

A brick parapet "is raised in the center to form a shallow pediment above an inscription identifying the building, a central stone panel contains an emblem of the winged sun disk."It was listed on the NRHP in 1990. The district includes 35 properties, including 26 contributing and four non-contributing buildings

Transatlantic Records

Transatlantic Records was a British independent record label. The company was established in 1961 as an importer of American folk and jazz records by many of the artists who influenced the burgeoning British folk and blues boom. Within a few years, the company had started recording British artists; the company's philosophy was intentionally eclectic. The label was founded by Englishman Nat Joseph who started the company at the age of 21 after visiting the US and realizing that there was a wealth of music, not being made available in the UK to British music fans. Transatlantic imported labels from the US such as the jazz labels Prestige and Riverside and the Tradition folk music label. From the outset, many of the covers included design by Brian Shuel. Transatlantic were instrumental in the importation of MK records, which were issued with the original Russian labels, but with an English printed sleeve; the company's first commercial success came not from three sex education albums. The controversy over these records led to sales approaching 100,000 and the resulting financial lift gave the company money to develop its musical base.

Some of their early records included artists as diverse as The Dubliners, actress Sheila Hancock, jazz singer Annie Ross, actresses Jean Hart and Isla Cameron, Shakespearean actor Tony Britton. They managed to mix the folk music interest with the money making capacity of the sex education records by issuing When Dalliance was in Flower – a series of bawdy songs performed by Ed McCurdy and licensed from the American Elektra label; as happened, these were issued first on the Transatlantic label in the UK and on the subsidiary label XTRA. The catalogue numbers contained "TRA" within the prefix, thus MTRA, XTRA, LTRA were all used; the latter prefix was used with a series of LPs produced by Bill Leader. Amongst these "Leader" records were recordings by Nic Jones, Martin Simpson, Mick Ryan, Andrew Cronshaw, Al O'Donnell; the XTRA imprint was launched as a discount label to release recordings licensed from the American Folkways label and elsewhere. With the advent of psychedelia and flower power the Transatlantic stable of artists achieved greater success, culminating in the formation of the supergroup Pentangle.

Meanwhile, Transatlantic had been extending its eclecticism, recording such as the eccentric audio collageist Ron Geesin, The Purple Gang, whose "Granny Takes A Trip" was banned by the BBC in 1967. CBS had released the successful contemporary music budget sampler with The Rock Machine Turns You On in 1967. Before CBS could follow up, Transatlantic released Listen Here! early in 1968. Like'Rock Machine' the record was priced at 14/11d – but Transatlantic took promotion one stage further by not only printing the track listing on the front, but the price; the record was designed to preview not only the forthcoming Pentangle double album, but solo records by members Bert Jansch and John Renbourn. Listen Here! served to introduce a new group The Sallyangie, with siblings Mike and Sally Oldfield. In 1975, Joseph sold a 75% share of his company to Sidney Bernstein's Granada Group and the company became part of Granada. There was a culture clash between the independent-spirited Transatlantic and the corporate sensibilities of Granada and two years Granada sold its share in Transatlantic to the Marshall Cavendish publishing company, which acquired Joseph's 25% share.

The new company was renamed Logo Records. In the 1990s, Logo Records and the Transatlantic Records catalogue was sold to Castle Communications. Big Country Fairport Convention One Star Story The Tansads List of record labels List of independent UK record labels Official Website with comprehensive company history – Tribute to Transatlantic Records founder, Nathan Joseph Transatlantic Records discography at Discogs

David Collins (Australian footballer)

David Collins is a former Australian rules footballer who played with Essendon in the Victorian Football League. Collins won a reserves premiership with Essendon in 1968, he was one of Essendon's best players, kicking three goals in Essendon's win over Richmond 15.7 to 13.14. Collins made his senior debut in 1969, he played with Williamstown in the Victorian Football Association in 1972, 1973. He was captain-coach of Aberfeldie Football Club in the Essendon District Football League in 1974 and 1975, winning a premiership in 1974, he returned to Essendon as a junior skills coach in 1978. He was a member of the Essendon Football Club Match Committee for 13 years with premierships in 1984, 1985, 1993, he is the Secretary of the Essendon Past Players and Officials Association. David Collins's playing statistics from AFL Tables David Collins at Essendon Football Club past player profile Essendon Past Players and Officials Association

F3 Americas Championship

The F3 Americas Championship powered by Honda is an FIA Formula 3 racing series that competes in the United States, with plans in the future to race in Canada and Mexico. The championship is sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing, the professional racing division of the Sports Car Club of America, in conjunction with the Automobile Competition Committee for the United States, the United States representative to the FIA. Starting in 2020 the champion will win a scholarship to compete in Indy Lights; each event of the championship consists of three races, which are run on the support package of other motorsport events across North America. The top 8 in points standings receive FIA Super License points; the championship utilizes a spec chassis for all competitors, this being the Ligier Crawford JS F3 chassis. This chassis features the halo device, implemented in Formula One and Formula 2 in 2018. Engine displacement: Honda K20C1 2.0 L DOHC inline-4 Gearbox: 6-speed sequential automated manual gearbox Weight: 1,150 lb excluding driver and fuel Power output: 270 hp Length: 4,765 mm Width: 1,850 mm Wheelbase: 2,825 mm Steering: rack and pinion Formula Three United States Formula Three Championship Formula Lites F3 Americas Championship - official website