Ezra Riley

Ezra Hounsfield Riley was a Canadian politician and rancher in Alberta, Canada. Riley served in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from 1906–1910. Riley was born in 1866 in Canada West, he owned a large sum of land that he sold off to the City of Calgary in 1904. The land was developed into the historical Hillhurst-Sunnyside community northwest of Downtown. Riley was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta in a by-election for the Alberta Liberal Party on December 7, 1906, he would be re-elected to a second term in the 1909 Alberta general election. After serving a year into his second term he resigned his seat to protest the leadership of Arthur Sifton who became leader of the Liberal party in the wake of the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway scandal. Riley would run in the subsequent by-election on October 3, 1910 The Conservatives did not run a candidate in that by-election instead choosing to support Riley. Explaining his resignation in a memorable stump speech on September 30, 1910 Riley was quoted as saying I tell you, I am a Liberal, but I believe in the brand of Liberalism by and for the people.

I am not afraid of the people and I could not continue to sit in the house at Edmonton without giving the people a chance to express themselves. On election day Riley was defeated by 100 votes in a hotly and bitterly contested by-election rife with accusations of tampered voters lists, his brother Harold Riley would end up winning the district for the Conservatives in another by-election exactly a year later. Riley Park in Calgary, the site of, on his former ranch is named in his honor. Legislative Assembly of Alberta Members Listing Ezra Riley Pioneer Profiles

Doctor Who: The Early Adventures

In February 2013, Big Finish Productions announced that, following the conclusions of the Lost Stories and the monthly Companion Chronicles, they would be launching The Early Adventures, a series of brand new stories featuring the First and Second Doctors. The four-part plays star surviving lead actors from the original series, follow a similar structure to the Lost Stories set in this era, mixing dialogue and narration; the first series consist of stories featuring the First Doctor. William Russell reprises the role of Ian Chesterton in the first two stories, while Peter Purves reprises the role of Steven Taylor in the second two. Carole Ann Ford plays Susan Foreman in the first story, Maureen O'Brien plays Vicki in the second and third stories, Jean Marsh plays Sara Kingdom in the fourth. Additionally and Purves perform the Doctor's dialogue in their respective stories, while Ford and O'Brien perform the dialogue of Barbara Wright in the first two stories; the second series consists of stories featuring the Second Doctor, played in all four stories by Frazer Hines, who reprises his original role from the series as the Doctor's companion Jamie McCrimmon.

Anneke Wills reprises her role as Polly Wright in the first two stories, Deborah Watling reprises the role of Victoria Waterfield in the third story, Wendy Padbury reprises the role of Zoe Heriot in the fourth. In addition, the first two stories feature Elliot Chapman as Ben Jackson played by Michael Craze; the third series of the Early Adventures saw Carole Ann Ford, William Russell, Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves and Jean Marsh reprising their roles as the companions of the First Doctor, joined by Jemma Powell as Barbara Wright, who had portrayed the role of original Barbara actress Jacqueline Hill in the 2013 drama An Adventure in Space and Time, Dan Starkey as the Sontarans. The second story features actor James Joyce in the role of a new companion, Jospa. Frazer Hines, Anneke Wills, Elliot Chapman and Wendy Padbury reprise their roles as the Doctor's companions, with Frazer Hines playing the Second Doctor. Other characters are played by Anjella Mackintosh, Wanda Opalinska, Kristina Buikaite, Alistair Petrie, Debbie Chazen, Matilda Ziegler, David Sibley, Kerry Gooderson, Ewan Bailey, Alan Blyton, Judith Roddy, Adam Newington, Don McCorkindale, Richenda Carey.

Series 5 was written and marketed as a "season" of episodes, where each story directly follows from the one before it. Peter Purves provided the voice of the First Doctor. Maureen O'Brian returned as Vicki; this season featured the first appearance of the Daleks in the Early Adventures range. Series 6 was created as part of Big Finish's celebration of their 20th anniversary of publishing Doctor Who audio dramas; the series features a number of firsts for the range, including the first story to feature multiple Doctors and the first story to feature the Master. In a first for any performed Doctor Who media, this series features the return of companion Katarina and the first performed story featuring the Second Doctor meeting the Master