Electoral district of Castlereagh

Castlereagh, or The Castlereagh until 1910, was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of New South Wales created in the 1904 re-distirbution of electorates following the 1903 New South Wales referendum, which required the number of members of the Legislative Assembly to be reduced from 125 to 90. It consisted of the abolished seat of Coonamble and part of the abolished seat of Dubbo and was named after the Castlereagh River. In 1920, with the introduction of proportional representation, it was absorbed into Wammerawa, along with Mudgee and Liverpool Plains, it was recreated in 1927 and abolished in 1991. Two party preferred vote was estimated. Preferences were not distributed. District recreated District abolished The Castlereagh was a new seat consisting of the abolished seat of Coonamble and part of the abolished seat of Dubbo; the member for Coonamble was Hugh Macdonald. The member for Dubbo was Simeon Phillips who stayed with the majority of the seat and unsuccessfully contested The Macquarie


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