Hyacinthe Rigaud

Jacint Rigau-Ros i Serra, known as Hyacinthe Rigaud, was a French baroque painter most famous for his portraits of Louis XIV and other members of the French nobility. Hyacinthe Rigaud was born in Perpignan, the grandson of painter-gilders from Roussillon and the elder brother of another painter, he was trained in tailoring in his father's workshop but perfected his skills as a painter under Antoine Ranc at Montpellier from 1671 onwards, before moving to Lyon four years later. It was in these cities that he became familiar with Flemish and Italian painting that of Rubens, Van Dyck and Titian, whose works he collected. Arriving in Paris in 1681, he won the prix de Rome in 1682, but on the advice of Charles Le Brun did not make the trip to Rome to which this entitled him. Received into the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture in 1710, he rose to the top of this institution before retiring from it in 1735. Since Rigaud's paintings captured exact likenesses along with the subject's costumes and background details, his paintings are considered precise records of contemporary fashions.

Rigaud was born with the Catalan name Jyacintho Rigau or Jacint Rigau i Ros This is variously translated as Híacint Francesc Honrat Mathias Pere Martyr Andreu Joan Rigau – in Perpignan, which became part of France by the Treaty of the Pyrenees shortly after his birth. Rigaud was baptised with his Catalan name in the old cathédrale Saint-Jean de Perpignan on 20 July 1659, two days after his birth at rue de la Porte-d'Assaut, he would not have become French had not Roussillon and the Cerdanya been annexed to France the following 7 November thanks to the Treaty of the Pyrenees. That Treaty put an end to the wars that had taken place between France and Habsburg Spain since 1635 and married King Louis XIV of France to the infanta Maria Theresa of Spain. Hyacinthe's father, Josep Matias Pere Ramon Rigau, was a tailor in the parish of Saint-Jean de Perpignan, "as well as a painter", descended from a line of well-established artists in the Perpignanian basin, commissioned to decorate several tabernacles and other panels for liturgical use.

Few of these have survived to the present. Hyacinthe's grandfather, Jacinto major, more Jacinto's father, Honorat minor, were heads of the family and the local art world from 1570 to 1630. Working for the collège Saint-Éloi in his city since 1560, acting as representative of its guild of painters and gilders, on 22 November 1630 Jacinto major and other gilders and colleagues participated in the development of the statutes and minutes of the city's collège Saint-Luc. Honorat minor is identified as the painter of The Canonisation of Saint Hyacinthe in Perpignan's Dominican convent and now at Joch, the tabernacle of the church of Palau-del-Vidre and the retable at Montalba near Amélie-les-Bains; the father of Honorat minor is identified as the painter of the retable of Saint-Ferréol in the église Saint-Jacques de Perpignan and in the couvent des Minimes, whilst Honorat major is identified as the painter of the paintings of the retable of the église Saint-Jean-l'Évangéliste at Peyrestortes. On 13 March 1647 Hyacinthe's father Matias daughter of a carpenter.

Widowed shortly after, he decided to speedily remarry, to Maria Serra, daughter of a Perpignan textile merchant, on 20 December 1655. In 1665, he acquired a house "en lo carrer de las casas cremades" and received the income from a parcel of vineyards in the Bompas territory. By his second marriage, he acquired a house on place de l'Huile, but he soon sold it. Little is known about Rigaud's activities in Lyon, due to the lack of surviving documents. However, as per tradition, artists from Montpellier had strong ties with this city, as had, for example, Samuel Boissière, trained in there, in Lyon; the identity of Rigaud's future depicted models shows that he worked for the city's cloth merchants, whose flourishing trade had long since given the city its profitable income. If they had only been registered from 1681 onwards, the date when he moved to Paris, his "youthful" portraits were pre-dated, like those of Antoine Domergue, the king's councillor and provincial governor of Lyon, in 1686, "Mr Sarazin de Lion", of a famous dynasty of bankers of Swiss origins, in 1685.

Rigaud's portrait of Jean de Brunenc, painted in 1687, a silk merchant and consul of Lyon, assembles all the ingredients for which the painter was successful. In her thesis on the engravers from the Drevet family, Gilberte Levallois-Clavel revealed certain aspects of the private relations between Rigaud and Pierre Drevet. In 1681, when Hyacinthe Rigaud decided to move to Paris, inspired by Drevet, attracted to the capital, he had established a good reputation amongst the local clientele, from Switzerland to Aix-en-Provence. Going back to the artist's biography, Dezallier d'Argenville states that one of Rigaud's main reasons for his 1695 voyage was to paint his mother's portrait: "He painted her from many angles, had her marble bust made by the notable Coysevox, his cabinet's ornament for the

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Someone like Me

"Someone like Me" is a song by British girl group Atomic Kitten. The piano-backed pop ballad was released on 29 March 2004 as the third and final single from their third studio album, Ladies Night. With the group having announced their split prior to the song's release, it was intended to be released as their final single, though they released a further three one-off singles in 2005 and two charity singles in 2006 and 2008; the group reformed in September 2012 without Jenny Frost, replaced with original member Kerry Katona. "Someone like Me" was written by Ciaron Bell and Liz McClarnon, produced by Bell. A slight alteration was made to the song for the single release: on the album version of the song, Liz performs the opening and second verses of the song, but for the single version, her vocals were removed from the second verse and Jenny Frost's were added; the song peaked on the UK Singles Chart at number eight, subsequently going on to sell 50,000 copies in the UK alone, making it a moderate success.

The single was a top 20 hit in Ireland, going straight in at number 18. The single did reasonably well in Belgium, where it went in at number 8, making it into the top 10; the single charted in the Netherlands and Switzerland but did not make the top 40 in either, thought to be due to low promotion. The music video for "Someone like Me" features all three girls in white clothes in a room, plain white. While Liz plays the piano to start of the video, the other two girls are seen lying down on a sofa, a view is shown of the girls from outside the room, by a door opening; the video was intended to be simple and basic, much like the video for "Whole Again". UK CD1"Someone like Me" "Right Now 2004"UK CD2"Right Now 2004" "Someone like Me" "Wild" "Right Now 2004" Promotional CDr"Someone like Me" "Disco with Us Medley" "Someone like Me" "Someone like Me" "Someone like Me" "Someone like Me" "Someone like Me" – 2:07 "Someone like Me" – 2:06 "Someone like Me" – 2:02 "Someone like Me" – 4:21 "Someone like Me" – 4:13 "Someone like Me" – 6:57 "Someone like Me" – 6:06 Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics