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Ian Geoffrey Fraser OBE (born c.1948) is a New Zealander who was the Chief Executive Officer of Television New Zealand from 2002 until 2005. During his time in this office, TVNZ made a transition from a wholly commercial broadcaster to a public company operating under a charter.

He resigned on 30 October 2005 following a dispute with the TVNZ board over the salary negotiations of the top presenters; the board insisted he take over negotiations of salary packages over $300,000. Fraser refused.

Fraser criticised TVNZ's board in December 2005 during a finance and expenditure select committee enquiry, and was accused of serious misconduct and stripped of his remaining duties by the board as a result. In February 2006, he threatened legal action over the misconduct claim and TVNZ withdrew the censure.

Born in Dunedin, Fraser became well known in New Zealand as a television interviewer, working on current affairs shows from 1974-1984, he then moved to public relations, becoming the chairman of Consultus and fronting a series of advertisements for the Bank of New Zealand. After heading projects for New Zealand Expo in Brisbane and Seville, Fraser became chief executive of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, he moved to TVNZ in April 2002.

His wife, Suzanne Snively, is an economist and managing director of strategic and economic advice company, MoreMedia Enterprises,[1] they have three adult children.

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