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2015–16 Boston College Eagles women's basketball team

The 2015–16 Boston College Eagles women's basketball team will represent Boston College University during the 2015–16 college basketball season. The Eagles, are led by fourth year head coach Erik Johnson; the Eagles, members of the Atlantic Coast Conference, will play their home games at the Conte Forum. They finished the season 2 -- 14 in ACC play to finish in fourteenth place, they advanced to the second round of the ACC Women's Tournament. Select BC games home games and conference road games, will be broadcast on ZBC Sports. BC Game notes and stories will continue to be posted through their athletic website and on Twitter by following @bc_wbb. 2015–16 NCAA Division I women's basketball rankings Boston College Eagles women's basketball 2015–16 Boston College Eagles men's basketball team

Victor & Hugo: Bunglers in Crime

Victor & Hugo: Bunglers in Crime is a British animated series made by Cosgrove Hall Productions for Thames Television and screened on Children's ITV from 6 September 1991 to 29 December 1992, was based on the five-time villains of Gaston and Pierre from Count Duckula. However, it was repeated on ABC and 7TWO in Australia and on RTÉ2 in the Republic of Ireland, along with TV2 in Malaysia, UTV in Uganda, ZBC TV in Zimbabwe, Star Plus in India, SABC 2 in South Africa, KBC in Kenya, NTA and LTV in Nigeria, TPI in Indonesia, Channel 5 in Singapore, RTB in Brunei and Dubai 33 in the United Arab Emirates - and unlike most other Cosgrove Hall series, it is not available on DVD; the original English version was transmitted on television in Germany as well as Cyprus, Bosnia and the Falkland Islands on the military television network BFBS and its former channel SSVC Television. It was the last Cosgrove Hall show to feature the voices of Brian Trueman and David Jason, featured guest appearances from many of the company's earlier characters, including Danger Mouse, Count Duckula and Potson, Damson Bunhandler.

As mentioned above and Hugo were based on the two five-time villains of Gaston and Pierre from Count Duckula. Many of the actions and phrases first used for Gaston and Pierre were reused for Victor and Hugo, such as Gaston shoving Pierre's beret in his mouth to keep him quiet, "Why is it that it is?", "Yes, but no!", "It is your fault, it is all your fault, it is always your fault!". Additional characters were created for this show; the series centred on the exploits of two bumbling French criminal brothers, who were the eponymous Victor and Hugo. The plot of every episode focused on Victor, Hugo and their English-based business "Naughtiness International" getting hired by criminal figures to steal something - and Victor would come up with a "meticulous plan" to achieve this goal, botched by Hugo. Most episodes ended with the brothers imprisoned; the taller of the brothers, Victor was clearly the leader for Naughtiness International. He wore a pair of white gloves, given to him for his birthday by Interpol - and his English was better than Hugo's, although he was continuously at risk of making spoonerisms.

Despite his constant raging at Hugo, Victor did show on multiple occasions that he secretly cared about his brother. Victor's younger brother, Hugo always wore a beret and looked like a burglar, right down to his ever-present eye-mask. While his intelligence were notably inferior to those of Victor, Hugo was able to make sense of his brother's spoonerisms - and he would describe their chosen profession as "criminiminals". Despite the notable handicap of a lack of ability, he always had the job of driving the van, he was voiced by David Jason. A cynical East End Multicolour, Interpol lived in Victor and Hugo's van, provided a voice of reason in rapid-fire Cockney English. Aside from residing in the van co

Wyman Spooner

Wyman Spooner was an American printer, lawyer and Wisconsin pioneer. He was the 9th Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin and the 10th Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, he was born in 1795 in Hardwick, where he worked as a printer. He was admitted to the Vermont bar. In 1835, he moved to Canton, where he practiced law. In 1842, he moved to, Wisconsin. From 1847 until 1859 he served as Walworth County's probate judge, he became a Wisconsin Circuit Court judge. Spooner was an abolitionist and a Freesoiler, he was elected in 1849 and 1850 for two one-year terms as a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from Walworth County's 5th Assembly district. He became a Republican in 1854 upon the organization of that party, was elected to two additional terms before advancing to the Wisconsin State Senate's 12th District from 1862 until 1863, he served three terms as the ninth Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, from 1864 until 1870 under Governors James T. Lewis and Lucius Fairchild. In 1872 he supported Liberal Republican Horace Greeley for the presidency of the United States.

He renounced his membership in the Republican Party in 1876, heading the slate of Democratic presidential electors for nominee Samuel J. Tilden, he died in 1877 in Wisconsin. Works with text by Wyman Spooner "Wisconsin Constitutional Officers. State of Wisconsin Blue Book 2005–2006. Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau. July 2005. P. 31. Archived from the original on October 25, 2007. Retrieved October 6, 2007

I Love You Came Too Late

"I Love You Came Too Late" is the second single from Joey McIntyre's debut album, Stay the Same. It was the follow-up to his most successful single, Stay the Same. "I Love You Came Too Late" "Stay the Same" The video is featured in a diner with flashbacks of Joey with his ex-girlfriend. He looks away; when he leaves, Joey hides from her inside the kitchen while trying to tell he loves her. After telling her, Joey enlightens everyone with some dance; as he dances with her, he feels depressed again. During the video, the girl doesn't seem to be shocked; the song peaked at number fifty-four on the Billboard Hot 100, it was able to appear on other Billboard charts. "I Love You Came Too Late" music video on YouTube Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics

1964–65 Cincinnati Royals season

The 1964–65 season was the Royals' 19th season in the NBA and eighth in Cincinnati. By the end of the season, Oscar Robertson's career statistics for the first five years of his career averaged out to a triple double: 30.3 points per game, 10.4 rebounds per game, 10.6 assists per game. The season began with high hopes as the Royals had played well the previous season against Boston and were improving as a team. In addition to Robertson, second-year big man Jerry Lucas rose to superstar status this season, he averaged 20 rebounds over 66 games played. He joined Robertson on the All-NBA First Team named at the season's conclusion. Injuries, were a big factor this season. Key guard Bucky Bockhorn was lost to a career-ending injury in November; the other four opening-day starters, Lucas, Jack Twyman and Wayne Embry, were each lost for several games or more also. Lucas was named MVP of the 1965 NBA All-Star Game, but the same day's events saw superstar Wilt Chamberlain traded to the rival Philadelphia 76ers.

Now Cincinnati had two strong title contenders to deal with in their own division. Philadelphia would defeat the Royals in the 1965 playoffs. Cincinnati Royals vs. Philadelphia 76ers: 76ers win series 3-1 Game 1 @ Cincinnati: Philadelphia 119, Cincinnati 117 Game 2 @ Philadelphia: Cincinnati 121, Philadelphia 120 Game 3 @ Cincinnati: Philadelphia 109, Cincinnati 94 Game 4 @ Philadelphia: Philadelphia 119, Cincinnati 112 Oscar Robertson, All-NBA First Team Jerry Lucas, All-NBA First Team Royals on Basketball Reference