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Constituent Mandate 13

Constituent Mandate 13 was an amendment to the Ecuadorian Constitution passed by the Ecuadorian government in 2007. The purpose of the mandate was to seize properties owned by The Isaias Group for the stated purpose of reimbursing former depositors of Filanbanco SA, a bank that the Ecuadorian government acquired which went bankrupt during the government's ownership of it. Constituent Mandate 13 was the constitutional norm that Rafael Correa, former president of Ecuador, secured from his country's Constituent Assembly, in order to justify the illegal confiscation of GAMMA VISION, TC TELEVISION and other media companies owned by The Isaias Group. Mandate 13 was dedicated to the Isaias businesses and includes the statement that the administrative resolution used to confiscate their properties, it contained a clause warning that any judge or magistrate in Ecuador who ruled in favor of the Isaias brothers would be removed from the bench and open to criminal prosecution:"... is not subject to actions for the protection of constitutional rights or to any other actions of a special nature.

Judges or magistrates evoking any kind of constitutional action related to this resolution... shall dismiss it under pain of removal from the bench and without prejudice of such criminal liability as may be incurred." The text of Mandate 13 is as follows: WHEREAS,That the Constituent Assembly in article 1 of the Mandate No. 1, approved in the session of the plenary on November 29, 2007 and published in the Supplement of the Official Registry No. 223 on Friday, November 2007, assumes and exercises the PLENARY POWERS: That article 1 of the Functioning Regulation of the Constituent Assembly of December 11, 2007, published in the Supplement of the Official Registry No. 236 on December 20, 2007, orders "the Constituent Assembly represents the popular sovereignty, located in the Ecuadorean people. These mandates will be effective without prejudice of its publication in the respective organ; that the failure of the financial system in the 90s caused enormous losses to the Ecuadorean state, the same which were assumed by all the Ecuadoreans and which up until today have not been paid in their totality.

That the Agency of Guaranteed Deposits, in its capacity as judges of Co-actives, through Resolution AGD-UIO-GG-2008-12 of July 18, 2008, in light of the estimated losses of $661,500,000 dollars against the ex-shareholders of Filanbanco SA ordered the immediate confiscation of various of their properties in accordance with that ordered in article 29 reformed by the Reordering Law on Economic Matter in the area of Tributary Finance.. 13Article 1. Ratify the complete legal validity of the Resolution AGD-UIO-GG-2008-12 of July 8, 2008, where the confiscation of the property of the ex-shareholders and ex-administrators of Filanbanco SA is ordered with the finality of returning the money to the State and all of the Ecuadoreans that still remain damaged due to the bankruptcy of said bank. In 2016, the UN Human Rights Committee ruled that "Mandate 13", a measure passed by the Ecuadorian legislature to approve seizure of The Isaias Group's assets, violated the right to due process of the Isaiah brothers, protected by Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, of which Ecuador is a subscriber

Brimscombe railway station

Brimscombe was opened on 1 June 1845 on what is now the Golden Valley Line between Kemble and Stroud in Gloucestershire. This line was opened in 1845 as the Cheltenham and Great Western Union Railway from Swindon to Gloucester, this station opened 3 weeks after the general opening of the line as "Brimscomb"; the station was renamed as "Brimscomb near Chalford" in June 1865 and to Brimscombe on 2 August 1897. The main building was on the up side and consisted of a Brunel style chalet building with a large canopy and a bay window. On the down platform, a large waiting shelter with canopy was provided and a covered footbridge was provided in 1898 following the death of a young woman crossing the line. A large stone good shed with timber ends was provided along with several sidings at the west end of the station on up side. A small signal box stood at the west end of the down platform, but this was replaced with a new west box in July 1896 and an east box on the up platform in 1898, following the increase in freight traffic.

At the eastern end of up platform, a small engine shed with an integral water tower over the entrance was built. This was used by banking engines based at Brimscombe that assisted freight trains up the 1 in 75 Sapperton Bank beyond Chalford; the 1934 GWR locomotive allocation lists 2-6-2T 31xx class no.3171 as based at Brimscombe and in the 1960s this would have been a 2-6-2T of the 51xx or 61xx classes. Closure of the station came on 2 November 1964 following the withdrawal of local stopping passenger services on the line. Goods traffic had ceased the previous year on 12 August 1963. All traces of the station have gone and it appears that the adjacent A419 road has been realigned through the eastern side of the station; this halt was served by the Gloucester to Chalford local passenger services, known as the Chalford Auto. SourcesMike Oakley. Gloucestershire Railway Stations. Wimborne: Dovecote Press. P. 27. ISBN 1-904349-24-2. Rev. Nigel Pocock. Great Western Railway Locomotive Allocations for 1934.

Didcot: Wild Swan Publications. P. 27. ISBN 0-906867-34-7

Antonello Venditti

Antonio "Antonello" Venditti is an Italian singer-songwriter who became famous in the 1970s for the social themes of his songs. Antonello Venditti was born in Rome, the son of Vincenzino Italo Venditti from Campolieto, in Molise, deputy-prefect in Rome, Wanda Sicardi, he studied piano in his youth and made his debut in the music world in the early 1970s at the Folkstudio of Rome, together with singers like Francesco De Gregori and Giorgio Lo Cascio. In duo with the former he released in 1972 Theorius Campus; the LP scored little success, but Venditti at least made himself noted for the strength of his vocal qualities and for his attention to social issues, evidenced by pieces like "Sora Rosa", sung in Roman dialect. In dialect was "Roma Capoccia", a declaration of love for his city, which became one of his most famous songs. Curiously, Venditti refused to sing it for several years, as he considered it not politically or "engaged" enough. Venditti subsequently moved to Milan and released L'orso bruno, made in collaboration with musician Vince Tempera.

His next work, Le cose della vita, released the same year for the colossus RCA Music, confirmed this tendency. The following LP Quando verrà Natale was similar. After a live performance of the song "A Cristo", he was denounced by an Italian police officer for blasphemy. Venditti, was totally acquitted. Although Venditti's use of religious language was not typical of the culture of the left, his manner of life in the late 1960s and the 1970s was, as he told the journalist Giampaolo Mattei, a "secular" one: "They were years in which the influence of the left was strong and the life of us young people was somewhat orphaned of God. I think it was the everyday life of the time that led me to participate in and embrace certain things. I emerged from that. Maybe it did give them social growth. Too much materialism and too little spirituality. A whole generation grew up with that materialism, with certain slogans."Venditti's fortunes grew and peaked in 1975, with the LP Lilly. The yearning title-track was another strong accusation, this time against drugs, but it achieved an outstanding success anyway.

Other famous pieces in the album were "Compagno di scuola" and the long ballad "Lo stambecco ferito", the story of a corrupt Northern Italian tycoon. Venditti continued to deal with front-page matters in his next LP, Ullàlla, whose "Canzone per Seveso" was about the industrial accident in July that year. Political involvement, had side-effects on Venditti's inspiration in the late 1970s, marked in Italy by the growing menace of terrorism and by the strategia della tensione: some events forced him to rethink his way of being a public personality. Sotto il segno dei pesci contained more intimate themes; the eponymous track scored a great success, but was misinterpreted as a song about a woman: it referred to Venditti's career, as he was in fact born "under the Pisces sign". Success was, marred by his divorce from his wife Simona Izzo, she won custody of Francesco Venditti. The following LP, Buona domenica, was marked by this difficult period, it contained, several classics, like the title-track and the ballad Modena, which featured Gato Barbieri on saxophone and is considered one of Venditti's finest works.

In 1982 the bitter Sotto la pioggia marked Venditti's passage to his own label, Heinz Music, the beginning of the long-lasting collaboration with producer Alessandro Colombini. The following year A. S. Roma, his city's football team, won its long-awaited second scudetto: Venditti was therefore called upon to take part in the official celebration show, the song that he composed for the occasion, "Grazie Roma", turned into a great success not just in Rome. Venditti had composed several songs about his favourite football team. In the following years, notably in the 1990s, Venditti's inspiration seemed to become more mainstream and commercial, his LPs were successful, but his former themes were absent, or less stressed. Pieces like "Notte prima degli esami" or "Ma che bella giornata di sole" were anyway praised by critics. Among the songs of this period, "Dolce Enrico", from the LP Benvenuti in Paradiso, was dedicated to the former leader of the Partito Comunista Italiano, Enrico Berlinguer, who died in 1984.

Antonello nel Paese delle Meraviglie of 1997 featured his greatest hits accompanied by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra of Sofia, directed by Renato Serio. Goodbye Novecento gave increasing attention to social and historical themes, but had a sub-par success by Venditti's standards. In 2001 A. S. Roma again won a scudetto, Venditti played again in a free concert in the Circo Massimo for an immense audience of tifosi and lovers of his songs, his latest studio release is Che fantastica storia è la vita ("What a Fantastic Story Life Is", O

Anne Bachelier

Anne Bachelier, is a French artist and illustrator. She was educated at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, La Seyne-Sur-Mer between 1966 and 1970, she had three children. Before returning to the "classic" work of oil painting, she worked on silk for ten years. Among these orders she worked on the interior decoration of private Falcon aircraft for the firm Dassault. Having reached the maximum of what it could allow this technique, she abandoned it in 1989 and focused on oil painting, she presented her paintings for the first time at Corenc at the Château de la Condamine. Metamorphosis and evolution provide the common threads of the art of Anne Bachelier; the artist captivates her audience with compelling imaginative images that are distinct, unique and recognizable. Her metaphysical, dream-like fantasies evoke feelings powerful and protective; this unique "other" world, untouched by time or place, reminds the viewer of the eternal dance of transformation and regeneration. 1989 Château de la Condamine, Corenc 1990 Galerie Promédiart, Aix en Provence Galerie VRG St Germain, Paris Galerie St Vincent, Lyon1991 Galerie Vendôme en l'Isle, Paris Vendôme, Saint Paul de Vence Galerie C.

Fernet, Brussels1992 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie C. Fernet, Brussels Galerie Vent des Cimes, Grenoble Galerie VRG St Germain, Paris and St Paul de Vence Galerie Albert 1er, Antibes1993 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie St Vincent, Lyon Galerie Schêmes, Lille1994 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie VRG, Paris Galerie Vent des Cimes, Grenoble1995 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie St Vincent, Lyon Galerie Le Fleuron, Honfleur Galerie Vendôme Dinard, Dinard1996 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie Vendôme Rive Droite, Paris Galerie St Vincent, Lyon Galerie d'Arcadie, Le Mans1997 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie St Vincent, Lyon Galerie Vent des Cimes, Grenoble1998 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie Vendôme Rive Droite, Paris1999 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie Vendôme Rive Droite, Paris Galerie Vent des Cimes, Grenoble2000 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie Vendôme Rive Droite, Paris2001 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie Vendôme Rive Droite, Paris Galerie TRACE, Maastricht Galerie vent des Cimes, Grenoble Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco2002 CFM Gallery, New York Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco Galerie du Dauphin, Honfleur2003 CFM Gallery, New York Hanson Gallery, New Orleans Galerie Vent des Cimes, Grenoble2004 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie du Vieux Saint Paul, Saint Paul de Vence2005 CFM Gallery, New York Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco2006 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie Vent des Cimes, Grenoble Galerie du Dauphin, Honfleur2007 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie Vent des Cimes, Grenoble2008 Galerie Les TourellesBrioude Chapelle des Jésuites – Chaumont sur Marne2009 Galerie du Dauphin- Honfleur CFM Gallery- New York-pour le livre "Le Fantôme de l'Opéra" Weinstein Gallery- San Francisco Galerie Vent des Cimes- Grenoble2010 CFM Gallery, New York Galerie "Au temps qui Passe" Génolier-Suisse2011 Galerie Aggie Hendrickx -Roermond-Pays Bas Galerie M.

Marciano-Paris2012 Sakah galerie – Toulouse Galerie Au temps qui Passe-Genolier Galerie Vent des Cimes-Grenoble CFM Gallery – New York – pour le livre "13 plus 1 by Edgar Allan Poe Gallery MinervaAsheville, N. Carolina 1990 26th salon du Dauphiné-Fondation Uckermann-Grenoble "Cinq sur Cinq" Association l'Esthète1991/1992 Salon des Artistes Français1992 1st salon d'art Contemporain-Dinard1993 "Rêves d'Enfants" – Galerie VRG-Paris1994 "Regards sur les Arts – Lamballe1995 "Un quart des Siècle à la Condamine" Corenc1996 1st Biennale Internationale des Arts – Rosny sous Bois "Autour de Colette" Moulin de Vauboyer- Bièvres en Essone "France Japon" Tokio "20 artistes Français-Japonais " Espace Nesle- Paris1997 "International XXX Peep Show" – CFM Gallery – New York1998 17th salon d'Angers1999 "51st Salon Violet" Paris2001 "L'art actuel Chine-Japon- France" Pekin "Les Artistes prennent le Pli" Musée de la Poste- Paris2005 "L'Art Actuel France Japon" Matsumoto2006 "L'Art Actuel France Japon" Tianjin2008 "Flesh and Passion – The Fervor of Saint Sebastian" – CFM Gallery, New York2012 Imagine Gallery-Sudbury "Reliquary"Exhibitions with the LIBELLULE Group 2008 "Anges Exquis" – *Chapelle des Jésuites Chaumont sur Marne "Anges Exquis" – *Viechtach – Bavière "Anges Exquis" – *Galerie à l'Ecu de France- Viroflay2009 "Anges exquis" – *Florence/Piombino-Italie` "Anges exquis" et "Point d'exclamation" – *Chateau de Vascoeuil "Black and White" – *Salon Comparaisons- Grand Palais -Paris2010 "$1,000,000" – *Paris Grand Palais "Exclamations" – *Viechtach-Altes rathaus "Exclamations" – *Orléans-Collègiale Saint Pierre "Exclamations" – *Chaumont en Champagne-Chapelle des jésuites2011 "Anges Exquis" – *Nevers Palais Ducal "Phenix et Dragons" – *Paris Grand Palais "Anges exquis" – *Riegersburg-Barockschloss "Exclamations" – *Vienne Phanstasten Museum-Palais Palfy2012 "Exclamations" – *Orléans "$1,000,000" – *Chamalières "Phenix et Dragons" – *Chaumont en Champagne-Chapelle des Jésuites "Phenix et Dragons" – *Viechtach- Biennale d'art fantastique "Phenix et Dragons" – *Paris Grand Palais Rose Daughter – a Re-telling of Beauty and the Beast.

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2011 Women's Indoor Hockey World Cup

The 2011 Women's Indoor Hockey World Cup was the third edition of this tournament. It was played at 8 -- 13 February 2011 in Poland. For the first time in history, teams from all five continents were represented. Netherlands was the defending champion. Argentina Australia Austria Belarus Czech Republic Germany Kazakhstan Namibia Netherlands Poland Ukraine Uruguay All matches were played at the Poznań International Fair Exhibition Hall. 2011 Men's Indoor Hockey World Cup Official website