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Joe Dempsie

Joseph Maxwell Dempsie is an English actor, best known for his roles as Chris Miles in the E4 teen comedy-drama Skins and Gendry Baratheon in Game of Thrones. Dempsie's earlier acting credits include the medical dramas Peak Practice and Sweet Medicine, as well as the films One for the Road and Heartlands, he appeared in This is England'86 and This is England'90, Born and Bred, a BBC documentary-drama about Tony Martin, as the villainous John in The Fades. Joseph Maxwell Dempsie was born in Liverpool on 22 June 1987, his Scottish father was a social worker. He grew up in Nottinghamshire, he received his acting training from the Central Junior Television Workshop in Nottingham, was educated at The West Bridgford School. Dempsie has been the voice of the Clearasil advertisements in the UK. In episode 6 of the fourth series of Doctor Who, "The Doctor's Daughter", that aired on 10 May 2008, Dempsie played the character Cline, a soldier who watches his comrades die. On 18 April 2008, Dempsie appeared on Friday Night Project with Geri Halliwell.

On 20 July 2008, he appeared at T4 on the Beach in Weston Super Mare alongside fellow Skins cast members. He appeared as Duncan McKenzie in 2009's The Damned United alongside Michael Sheen, Jim Broadbent, Stephen Graham and Timothy Spall. In November 2008, he appeared in The Moment of episode 10 of the BBC show Merlin, he plays Will, an old friend of Merlin's, from the village in which they grew up together. In 2010, he voiced a gay teenager from Nottinghamshire in the Radio 4 play Once Upon a Time, he plays the character of Gendry in HBO's series Game of Thrones based on George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels; as of 2019, he has appeared in the first three and eighth of its eight seasons. He appeared in the Channel 4 mini-series This Is England'86, as well as the follow-ups This Is England'88 and This Is England'90, he has appeared in Harry & Paul on BBC Two, appearing as a northerner, presented as a gift from the character Harry was playing to his daughter. He has appeared in the BBC Three series The Fades, as John.

Dempsie resides in London. He is a Nottingham Forest FC fan, once appeared on Soccer AM wearing the team's shirt. Being half Scottish, he is a fan of the Scotland national football team. Joe Dempsie on IMDb

Bob Simpson (Canadian football)

Robert L. Simpson was a professional Canadian football player for the Ottawa Rough Riders, was elected to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 1976, he was an IRFU all-star at four different positions throughout his career and was a two-time Grey Cup champion, winning with Ottawa in 1951 and 1960. He represented Canada in basketball at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, he was the Rough Riders nominee for the Schenley Most Outstanding Player in 1956, Schenley Most Outstanding Canadian Award three times, was Most Outstanding Canadian runner-up in 1956. Over his career with the Rough Riders, Simpson caught 274 passes for 65 touchdowns. On defense, he recorded 18 interceptions for 192 return yards and three touchdowns while on punt returns, he had 53 returns for 376 yards and one touchdown, he was the first Rough Riders player to record 1000 receiving yards in a season, doing so in 1956. He was named to the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame in 1967 and the Windsor/Essex County Sports Hall of Fame Museum in 1982.

Simpson represented Wellington Ward on Ottawa City Council from 1960 to 1963. He was part of the Canadian basketball team that competed in the 1952 Summer Olympics, eliminated after the group stage in the 1952 tournament, he played five matches

Delilah & Julius

Delilah & Julius is a Canadian animated series, targeted at children as well as teenagers and adults and animated using Macromedia Flash technology. It continued to air on Canada's Teletoon animation channel. Delilah and Julius was produced by Collideascope Digital Productions; the series is centered on a pair of trained young adults and Julius, who were both orphaned children of special agents. Together, they graduated from the Academy, a training facility headed by Al, a free-spirited special agent who brought the duo together, fight international crime and a myriad of villains as a pair of savvy, well-trained spies; as a team and Julius are both gifted musicians, masters of disguise, martial arts experts and fluent in 20 languages. Still, they are both consummate professionals always seeking to improve their game, they seem to like each other, too. Delilah and Julius have had many "dates" like missions. Delilah Devonshire has a determined personality and is eager for truth. In fact, Delilah's greatest quality is her commitment to truth.

It's what gets her into trouble. She takes things but she can break down in certain situations, her spy parents are presumed dead. Delilah refuses to believe this and she is determined to find out anything she can about them and to prove the rumors wrong that her parents were double agents. Delilah's relationship with Julius is important to her and she is touchy and gets jealous when Julius flirts with other girls, she appreciates having a capable partner in Julius, together they will stop at nothing to keep the villains from carrying out their evil plots on mankind. She believes in breaking her opponent down from the inside out, she gets inside the villain's head and she loves a new challenge. Delilah is strong-willed, resourceful, quick thinking and graceful, she is experienced in fencing and explosives, always has time to learn something new that may be useful on a mission. Julius Chevalier is flippant but is determined and has a passion for crime fighting. Where Delilah is more goal-oriented, Julius is more spontaneous.

He deals with situations. He enjoys surfing, safe cracking and yoga, his parents were killed in action when he was only four, Julius would love to avenge their deaths. For now, he is comforted by the fact that they were considered two of the greatest spies of all time. Julius is a little cocky; this confidence allows him to act on the fly. He has a dash of James Bond in that he is not ruffled, thinks fast, makes it all look easy, he has a good sense of humor and is intuitive when it comes to the needs of his partner, Delilah. Beneath a nonchalant, arrogant exterior lies a sensitive and caring guy – towards Delilah, he tends to be a bit careless when the pressure is off. He tries to impress Delilah, becomes jealous and petty when she shows interest in other boys, it is proved in one episode that he is in love with Delilah as it is shown what he is dreaming about. The director of the Academy, Al is always informed and gives Delilah and Julius their mission assignments. Al's not only their primary contact and teacher, but he is a parental figure for Delilah and Julius.

A free spirited individual, Al talks like a mid-70's Californian surfer/hippie. He is passionate for food and culture and has a unique sense of humour, but can be serious when it comes to keeping his students safe. Scarlett is the Academy's gadget guru. Like Al, Scarlett is prone to using anachronistic 70's expressions as well as cares a lot about her students, she is inventive and always coming up with new spy technology that keep Delilah and Julius on top of their missions A frequent partner of Delilah and Julius, he is a well-meaning, good-hearted goof with a reputation for being a stink magnet. It's not that he is stinky, he is just drawn into smelly situations on his missions. Nosey seems to be attracted to a new member of the Academy. Another one of Al's arranged spy teams and Emmet are the rivals of Delilah and Julius who are jealous of their popularity and success. Ursula is a double agent working under cover at the Academy for an unknown evil foe. Dr. Dismay. Zoe is the newest spy at the Academy.

She knows them all by heart. When Zoe first arrives at the Academy, she thinks. However, a relationship with Nosey is hinted throughout a few episodes. Zoe is a redhead and has a rather feisty personality, the stereo typical attitude most redheads have, her spy skills are well-developed and the Academy Crew seems to trust this newcomer. Dr. Dismay: Dr. Dismay is a young, handsome doctor bent on world domination who tries hard to break the stereotypical mold of a mad scientist. With his evil sidekick "Nurse" he tries to stop Julius using his bad medication. Professor Dismay: An evil genius and father of Dr. Dismay. Dexter Jeremy Hook "DJ Hook": An internationally-known DJ tries to dominate the world. A big advantage for him is. Delilah and Julius can maneuver around it and stop the evil DJ. Ms. Deeds: The leader of a crime syndicate specializing in cybercrime. Ice: A master manipulator of earth science who has her eyes on Julius. Wednesday Kertsfield: A young socialite who uses her money to try to take over the world.

Conman: A master of disguise, he is behind some of the biggest scams committed against humanity. Nobody has seen his real face, not e

System request

System request is a key on personal computer keyboards that has no standard use. Introduced by IBM with the PC/AT, it was intended to be available as a special key to directly invoke low-level operating system functions with no possibility of conflicting with any existing software. A special BIOS routine – software interrupt 0x15, subfunction 0x85 – was added to signal the OS when SysRq was pushed or released. Unlike most keys, when it is pressed nothing is stored in the keyboard buffer; the specific low level function intended for the SysRq key was to switch between operating systems. When the original IBM-PC was created in 1980, there were three leading competing operating systems: PC DOS, CP/M-86, UCSD p-System, while Xenix was added in 1983–1984; the SysRq key was added so that multiple operating systems could be run on the same computer, making use of the capabilities of the 286 chip in the PC/AT. A special key was needed because most software of the day operated at a low level bypassing the OS and made use of many hotkey combinations.

The use of Terminate and Stay Resident programs further complicated matters. To implement a task switching or multitasking environment, it was thought that a special, separate key was needed; this is similar to the way "Control-Alt-Delete" is used under Windows NT. On 84-key keyboards, SysRq was a key of its own. On the 101-key keyboard, it shares a physical key with the Print screen key function; the Alt key must be held down while pressing this dual-function key to invoke SysRq. The default BIOS keyboard routines ignore SysRq and return without taking action. So did the MS-DOS input routines; the keyboard routines in libraries supplied with many high-level languages followed suit. Although it is still included on most PC keyboards manufactured, though it is used by some debugging software, the key is of no use for the vast majority of users. On the Hyundai/Hynix Super-16 computer, pressing Ctrl+SysRq will hard boot the system. In Linux, the kernel can be configured to provide functions for crash recovery.

This use is known as the "magic SysRq key". Microsoft has used SysRq for various OS- and application-level debuggers. In the CodeView debugger, it was sometimes used to break into the debugging during program execution. For the Windows NT remote kernel debugger, it can be used to force the system into the debugger. IBM 3270-type console keyboards of the IBM System/370 mainframe computer, created in 1970, had an operator interrupt key, used to cause the operating system such as VM/370 or MVS to allow the console to give input to the operating system. Serial console Break key Scroll Lock

Vipa Bernhardt

Vipa Bernhardt is a German former competitive swimmer who specialized in breaststroke events. She was a member of the swimming team for Schwimmgemeinschaft Frankfurt. Bernhardt was a college swimmer for the Florida Gators swimming and diving team under head coach Gregg Troy at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Bernhardt qualified for the women's 100-meter breaststroke at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, by attaining an A-standard entry time of 1:09.04 at the German Olympic trials. Bernhardt failed to advance to the Olympic final, she placed thirteenth overall in the semifinal, with a time of 1:09.72. Bernhardt graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor of science degree major in neurobiology and a bachelor of arts degree major in music performance, as well as a Ph. D. in biomedical sciences. Profile – German Swimming Federation NBC Olympics Profile

Cuthbert Ellison (Newcastle MP)

Cuthbert Ellison was a British Whig politician. He was born the son of Henry Ellison in Hebburn, County Durham and inherited his father's estate in 1795, aged 12, he was educated at Christ's College, Cambridge. He became a Gateshead borough holder in 1809, governor of the Gateshead Dispensary in 1839, president in 1841, he was appointed High Sheriff of Durham in 1828. He was elected as a Member of Parliament for Newcastle upon Tyne at the 1812 general election and held the seat until he stood down at the 1830 general election, his generous contributions helped fund Gateshead buildings such as Trinity Chapel and St Mary's Church amongst other charitable donations. He lived in Gateshead Park until 1825, he died in London in 1860. He married Isabella Grace Ibbetson, his daughter Sarah Caroline, married Walter James, 1st Baron Northbourne. Another daughter, Isabella Caroline, married 5th Baron Vernon. Ellison's brother Robert was an officer in the British Army who fought at the 1815 Battle of Waterloo and represented him at the Newcastle upon Tyne Parliamentary election of 1820.

Hansard 1803–2005: contributions in Parliament by Cuthbert Ellison "SHIPPING INTEREST OF THE COUNTRY.", speech made in the Commons on 7 May 1827 Gateshead Council "A Short History of Gateshead". © Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, 1998