An Indian Study of Love and Death

An Indian Study of Love and Death is a book written by Sister Nivedita. Nivedita travelled to India in 1898. Josephine MacLeod, a friend and devotee of Swami Vivekananda asked him how best she could help him and got the reply to "Love India". Nivedita wrote multiple books on Indian history, tradition etc; this book An Indian Study of Love and Death was one of those books. The author has divided the book in several chapters. In the first few chapters she has meditated on "The soul", "The love", "Inner perfection, "Peace", "Inner perfection"; the deals with the communion of the soul with the beloved. And it discusses on some rites Hindus observe to honour a dead person. Full book at


Mokhtarnameh is an Iranian epic/history television series directed by Davood Mirbagheri, based on the life of Al-Mukhtar, a pro-Alid revolutionary based in Kufa, who led a rebellion against the Umayyad Caliphate in 685 and ruled over most of Iraq for eighteen months during the Second Islamic Civil War.. Over 140 actors were cast in it. Mukhtar nama is a TV program based on real life events. After nine years of farming and away from the battlefield, Mukhtar returns to politics when Hasan ibn Ali is injured in his battle with Muawiyah's forces. Years Mukhtar arrives in Kufa to prepare for Ḥusayn ibn ‘Alī"s arrival. On Yazid's orders, Ibn Ziyad unites the people of Kufa against Husayn by using lies. Mukhtar is imprisoned to prevent the riot, he is released after the battle of Karbala on Yazid's orders. Mukhtar vows to avenge Husayn's death. Needing allies, he meets Ibn Zubayr. Mukhtar helps Ibn Zubayr's brother, defeat an Umayyad assault. Mukhtar returns to Kufa and unites the people now that Ibn Ziyad has returned to Damascus and Kufa is leaderless.

Mukhtar takes control of the city. During the next years he kills all of Husayn's murderers, including Ibn Ziyad and Shimr, while battling both Umayyad caliph and Ibn Zubayr's armies, he is defeated by Mus'ab's army and retreats to his palace in Kufa. After one year, Mukhtar orders break the siege. Mukhtar is killed and Mus'ab orders all of Mukhtar's soldiers who have surrendered to be decapitated; the series, which took five years to complete, is produced by Sima Film. The story reviews the events leading to the martyrdom of the Imams and ends with the adolescence of Mukhtar; the film deals with sixteen years of Mukhtar’s life and includes the death of Muawiyah, the succession of Yazid, the events leading to Ashura and whatever related to the uprising of Mukhtar until his and his companions’ martyrdom. Fariborz Arabnia as Mukhtar Saqafi Zhaleh Olov as the mother of Mukhtar Saqafi Davoud Rashidi as the father-in-law of Mukhtar Saqafi Farhad Aslani as Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad Amin Zendegani as Muslim ibn Aqeel Reza Kianian as Abd Allah Ibn Zubayr Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia as Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah Seyed Javad Hashemi as the commander-in-chief of Hassan's army Parvin Soleimani as a woman selling pickles Vishka Asayesh as Ja'ada bint al-Ash Ath Gohar Kheirandish as Hannaneh Hadis Fooladvand as Rahele Elham Hamidi as Shirin Kazem HajirAzad as Muhalab Behnaz Jafari as Marieh Karim Akbari Mobarakeh as Ahmar ibn Shomait Fariba Kosari as Umra Mehdi Fakhimzadeh as Umar ibn Sa'd Nasrin Moghanloo as Narieh Ebrahim Abadi as Ubaydah Shahram Haghighat Doost as Ubaidullah ibn Hurr Jofi Reza Rooygari as Kian Jafar Dehghan as Mus'ab ibn al-Zubayr Mohammad Fili as Shemr Hasan Pourshirazi as Dyer Bahram Farrokh Nemati as Hani ibn Urwa Hamid Ataei as Saeb Hassan Mirbagheri as Ibrahim ibn Malik al-Ashtar Ahu Kheradmand as Khouli's Kufi Woman Mahmoud Jafari as Ma'aqhal Parviz Pourhosseini as Maytham al-Tammar Anoushirvan Arjmand as Rifaat ibn Shaddad Valiollah Momeni as Shorahbill Hamed Haddadi as Yahya ibn Zamzam Behnoosh Tabatabaei as Khaashe'e Majid Alieslam as Monzar ibn Zobayr Shohreh Lorestani as Hamdanid Woman Abbas Amiri as Amer ibn Mas'oud Mostafa Tari as Ibn Huraith Enayat Shafiee as Abdollah ibn Kamel Ahmad Irandoost as Haroon Na’lband Music Mokhtarnameh Series made by Amir Tavassoli with in choir, is That Including 14 Tracks. is Singer music credits Akbar Soltanali.

Recorded and Mastered by Ramin Mazaheri in Baran Studio. Grapes and Apples List of Islamic films List of casualties in Husayn's army at the Battle of Karbala Mokhtarnameh website Watch the Mokhtarnameh series online with English subtitles