Harmonium (film)

Harmonium is a 2016 Japanese drama film directed by Kōji Fukada. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Jury Prize. Toshio, his wife Akie, their daughter Hotaru live a banal existence. Toshio operates a machine shop in his garage when an old acquaintance of Toshio's, Yasaka arrives to help out at the shop. Hotaru practices the harmonium but is a novice. Yasaka had just been released from prison and so without a permanent place to stay, Toshio takes him in as an assistant. Yasaka bonds with Hotaru, helping her with her music, being helpful around the shop and house. Yasaka reveals to Akie that he was imprisoned for eleven years as a result of murder, asks for forgiveness for not mentioning this earlier, Yasaka becomes a greater part of the family. Yasaka and Akie have some romantic feelings for each other, Toshio becomes suspicious as the family goes on a river trip; the movie reveals that Yasaka is bitter about taking the blame for the murder, which Toshio participated in.

When they return, when Toshio is out of the house, Yasaka oversteps his bounds trying to kiss Akie and she pushes him away. After this he sees Hotaru. Toshio finds Hotaru and unresponsive, with Yasaka standing over her. Yasaka stands, shouting Toshio's name but Toshio does not respond as he is preoccupied with his daughter. Yasaka walks off and disappears. Eight years Toshio hires a new assistant, Takashi. Takashi was raised by a single mother and takes some interest in the now disabled and non-verbal Hotaru, sketching her. Akie has become protective of her daughter. Takashi reveals separately to Toshio and Akie that he is the illegitimate son of Yasaka, that Yasaka was a member of the yakuza, that he wanted to be employed by Toshio based on letters Yasaka sent to his mother before he disappeared. After Takashi stands too close to Hotaru, Akie kicks him out of the house. Akie confronts Toshio about his involvement in the murder. Toshio receives a tip on the location of Yasaka, Akie and Toshio take Takashi to kill him in front of his father.

Takashi offers himself willingly, rejected by the pair. The tip is only of someone who looks similar to Yasaka and having reached her breaking point, Akie takes Hotaru to a bridge, where she jumps; the film ends with Toshio trying to resuscitate Hotaru. Tadanobu Asano Mariko Tsutsui Kanji Furutachi Taiga Takahiro Miura Momone Shinokawa Harmonium on IMDb

Cobra Strike II

Cobra Strike II: Y, Y+B, X+Y <hold> ← is the second album by Buckethead's side project Cobra Strike. In addition to Buckethead and DJ Disk, this album features a different cast of musicians; the term "cobra strike" was inspired by the video game G. I. Joe: Cobra Strike. Artwork for the album features cobras; the music is more or less in the same vein as The 13th Scroll and includes several sound samples from movies, most notably El Topo and Phantasm. The title and the content of «Yoshimitsu's Den» is a reference to a game character for the Tekken series of fighting games. Buckethead - guitars SHePz - Bass Gonervill - beats O. P. Original Princess - voice P-Sticks - beats Travis Dickerson - producer Buckethead - producer