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Kenneth George Budd
Born(1925-10-16)16 October 1925
Fulham, London, England
Died21 January 1995(1995-01-21) (aged 69)
EducationBeckenham School of Art
Alma materRoyal College of Art
OccupationMural artist
Spouse(s)June Budd
ChildrenCharlotte Bloxham, Roger Budd, Oliver Budd

Kenneth George Budd (16 October 1925 – 21 January 1995[1]) was an English mural artist, known for his mosaics and work in other materials.[1] His company, Kenneth Budd and Associates[2] was based in Penge, south London.[3]

Budd was born in Fulham,[4] London, and studied at Beckenham School of Art from 1941 to 1944, then at the Royal College of Art from 1947 to 1950,[1] he first worked for the firm of William Mitchell & Partners of Forest Hill, London which produced public art in concrete.[4]

He was made an Associate of the Royal College of Art in 1950.[1]

Later in his career, he worked with his son Oliver,[5] who continues to make murals and has redone some of his father's work.[6] In January 2015 Oliver Budd appeared in Episode 2 of the BBC mini-series Sacred Wonders of Britain discussing the Roman mosaics of Lullingstone Roman Villa.[7]


Budd's works include:

Work Location Date Picture Coordinates
(With links to map and aerial photo sources)
Kettering Abstract Tresham Institute (formerly Kettering Boys' School), Kettering 1962 (1962) Removed for safekeeping by Kettering Civic Society.[8][9]
Civil War mural Colmore Circus, Birmingham 1964 (1964) 52°28′59″N 1°53′47″W / 52.48300°N 1.89634°W / 52.48300; -1.89634 (approx.) Mosaic[3] depicting the English Civil War; destroyed.
Horsefair 1908 Holloway Head, Birmingham 1967 (1967) Holloway Circus, Birmingham - - 1041182.jpg 52°28′29″N 1°54′03″W / 52.47478°N 1.90070°W / 52.47478; -1.90070 Mosaic mural[1] The animals on plinths are part of a separate, later, artwork.
Old Square Old Square, Birmingham, Birmingham 1967 (1967) Old Square 52°28′56″N 1°53′42″W / 52.48231°N 1.89500°W / 52.48231; -1.89500 Fibreglass mural. Commissioned by the Public Works Department of Birmingham City Council. Unveiled on 21 April 1967 by Alderman C.V. Simpson, chairman of the Public Works Department.[10] Depicts the history of the square.[1][11]
J. F. Kennedy Memorial Deritend, Birmingham 1968 (1968) JFK Memorial installation - Floodgate Street, Digbeth.jpg 52°28′30″N 1°53′11″W / 52.474950°N 1.886312°W / 52.474950; -1.886312 Mosaic mural;[1][2] destroyed 2007; recreated by Oliver Budd from original drawings, 2012[6] Image shows the near complete recreation, on 15 January 2013
History of Snow Hill Snow Hill, Birmingham 1968 (1968) St Chad's Circus - - 302729.jpg 52°29′07″N 1°53′58″W / 52.48523°N 1.89934°W / 52.48523; -1.89934 Mosaic mural[1] depicting Snow Hill railway station; destroyed 2007. A miniature version has been created nearby.
19th century Gwent Railway Old Green Interchange, Newport, Gwent 1971 (1971) Newport Murals1.jpg Mosaic mural completed 1975
Chartist mural John Frost Square, Newport, Gwent 1978 (1978) Newportx1.JPG 51°35′13″N 2°59′39″W / 51.58689°N 2.99419°W / 51.58689; -2.99419 Mosaic mural;[12] destroyed 3 October 2013; a recreation is being considered.[12] Image shows a section of the work.
Industrial mural Colmore Circus, Birmingham Destroyed
Coat of arms Foyer, Guy's Tower, Guy's Hospital, London[1][13] 51°30′16″N 0°05′12″W / 51.50444°N 0.08667°W / 51.50444; -0.08667 (approx.) Mosaic mural[1]
Local Life 1890–1910 underpass under A467, Abertillery, Gwent[1][14] 51°43′48″N 3°08′15″W / 51.73011°N 3.13759°W / 51.73011; -3.13759 Commissioned by Gwent County Council
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Further reading[edit]

  • Budd, Oliver (10 September 2007). Budd Mosaics. Budd Books. ISBN 978-0955653308.


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