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Philippe Ciais

Philippe Ciais is a researcher of the Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement, the climate change research unit of the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace. He is a physicist working on the global carbon cycle of planet Earth, climate change and geosciences. Philippe Ciais studied Physics at École normale supérieure and received a PhD in 1991 entitled “Holocene climate record of Antarctic ice cores”. In 1992 he was a post-doctoral fellow at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colorado, U. S. and investigated how carbon and oxygen isotopes in atmospheric CO2 can be used to constrain terrestrial carbon fluxes. He designed the first three-dimensional simulation model of the heavy oxygen isotope in CO2, an isotopic tracer of the water cycle coupled with carbon dioxide uptake by plant photosynthesis. After 1994, Philippe Ciais returned to France at LSCE and carried out research into the inverse modeling of CO2 and CH4 fluxes at the surface of the Earth, based on transport models and a global network of surface in-situ stations.

Under his leadership, this activity has been developed at LSCE into a research team. In parallel, Philippe Ciais led the establishment of the French greenhouse gas atmospheric monitoring network, going from two stations in 1992 to 25 stations today, became a key component of the Integrated Carbon Observation System large-scale European research infrastructure. Philippe Ciais continued research during the last twenty years on the relationships between ecosystem CO2 fluxes and climate, combining terrestrial biosphere models with satellite and eddy-covariance observations, he took part in the set up and interpretation of one of the first coupled carbon-climate simulation with the IPSL climate model, pioneered the incorporation of cultivated ecosystems into a terrestrial biosphere model. Philippe Ciais has been scientific coordinator or principal investigator of French, European Union and International projects and became co-chair of the Global Carbon Project in 2009, he had the opportunity to contribute to several synthesis of recent trends in the carbon cycle, characterized by the recent fast growth of emissions and by a slowing trend of natural sinks, a finding that had a large impact in the media.

He acted as co-chair of the Global Carbon Observation Strategy of the Group on Earth Observation task force on integrated carbon observations. He has worked for the IPCC in the Fourth IPCC Assessment Report, awarded the 2007 Nobel Piece Prize, coordinated the Chapter 6 "Carbon and other biogeochemical cycles" in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, he is one of the principal investigators of the ERC-Synergy 2014-2019 grant IMBALANCE-P project, dealing with phosphorus and nitrogen imbalance of organisms and the earth system. A collaboration with Beijing University has been maintained with the SINO-FRENCH SOFIE Research Institute for Earth System Science led by Shilong Piao and Philippe Ciais. Philippe Ciais is a cited researcher in two fields: Geosciences and Environment/Ecology and in all the fields of the ISI science indicators, he has ranked as the most productive scientific author in the field of climate change, among the authors who contributed to 5 of the 100 most influential papers in this field in a recent CarbonBrief analysis and was ranked among the list of Highly Cited Researchers in Clarivate Analytics.

He has published more than 650 scientific papers in journals of the Science Citation Index, including Nature journals and Science, contributed to the dissemination of science activities at national and international level. He has received several awards-prizes both international. In 2013, the Award Stars of Europe from the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education Etoiles de l’Europe. In 2016, the European Copernicus Medal from the Copernicus Gesellschaft that recognizes ingenious, innovative work in the geosciences or in the planetary and space sciences. In 2017, the Silver Medal of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique for his research on the quantification and understanding of greenhouse gas fluxes. In 2019 elected member of the French Academy of sciences. Le Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement ERC Synergy Grant: IMBALANCE-P Philippe Ciais publications indexed by Google Scholar "Who is Who" in the Global Carbon Project

I Awake

I Awake is the fourth studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko, released in Australia on 26 October 2012. Blasko assumed the role of producer for this album, the recording of it brought the artist back to Atlantic Studios in Stockholm, where her third album, As Day Follows Night, was recorded. Orchestral elements were recorded in May, 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria with the help of a 52-piece orchestra provided by Bulgaria's New Symphony Orchestra. Teasing of I Awake began on 10 April 2012, when the singer published a clip of a recording session in Atlantic Studios via her YouTube channel. Two clips of a Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra recording some material were shared in May, 2012 via the same channel; the artist added five short clips to her YouTube account between 3 September 2012 and 9 September 2012. The album and its eponymous first single was announced via her website and her Facebook page on 10 September 2012; the single was scheduled for release on the iTunes Store on September 17, 2012.

The track list of the album was confirmed on her website on 14 September 2012. The first single was uploaded to Blasko's YouTube account on 16 September 2012. Pre-ordering for the album began shortly after the release of the first single. A standard edition was released, along with a Super Deluxe version which contained a vinyl LP and a book. Credits and personnel adapted from AllMusic. Sarah Blasko – vocals, composer Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra – instruments Fredrik Kinbom – composer Fredrik Rundqvist – composer David Symes – composer I Awake at Amazon


The Hypno-Hustler is a fictional character, a comic book supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. Created by Bill Mantlo and Frank Springer, the character first appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man #24. Hypno-Hustler first appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man # 24 by Frank Springer. Antoine Desloin is the lead singer of the Mercy Killers going by the name of Hypno-Hustler, he and his band were scheduled to perform at a nightclub called "Beyond Forever." When the club's manager catches Hypno-Hustler robbing his safe, Hypno-Hustler used his hypnotic equipment on the manager. When it came to perform, Hypno-Hustler and his band used their hypnotizing equipment on the audience in a plan to rob them as well. Peter Parker changed into Spider-Man. During the fight, Spider-Man discovered that Hypno-Hustler's headphones protected him from his own hypnotic music. Spider-Man managed to remove them from Hypno-Hustler causing him to become a victim of his own hypnosis; when the audience was free of the hypnosis, Hypno-Hustler and his Mercy Killers were webbed up and left for the police.

Hypno-Hustler appeared at the Vil-Anon meeting with Armadillo, Big Wheel, Man-Bull, Schizoid Man. When Tombstone needed a heart bypass when in prison, Hypno-Hustler was among the inmates that Tombstone hired to protect him. During the "Origin of the Species" storyline, Hypno-Hustler comes into the police station wanting help as Spider-Man is on a rampage against the villains since Menace's baby was stolen from her by the Chameleon. After Tinkerer repairs his costume, Hypno-Hustler tries to escape from prison only to be defeated by Deadpool and Spider-Man. During the "Hunted" storyline, Hypno-Hustler was seen as a patron at the Pop-Up with No Name; the Hypno-Hustler can perform hypnosis with the aid of his guitar, when teamed with his backup band, The Mercy Killers, can perform mass hypnosis. His boots can emit knockout gas on demand, have retractable knives in the soles. Hypno-Hustler made a cameo in House of M in the crowds and it was not revealed if he played a part in this reality. In the alternate future Spider-Man: Reign as conceived by Kaare Andrews, in which many superheroes had grown old and retired, Hypno-Hustler is an aged supervillain, now sympathizing with Spider-Man.

Realizing that Spider-Man is coming out of retirement and the Reign will be challenged, he attempts to help by using his old hypno-music from a boombox to distract Reign officers and encourage citizens to revolt. However, his boombox loses power and the Reign officers swiftly retaliate with deadly force, killing him immediately. Hypno-Hustler appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. In "Some Assembly Required", his head can be seen as part of the escaped criminals that are supposed to be hunted down by the Avengers. In "This Hostage Earth", Hawkeye tries to remember Chemistro's name, mentions Hypno-Hustler, along with Paste Pot Pete, as one of his names. Hypno-Hustler is mentioned in the console versions of Spider-Man: Foe; when Spidey faces Rhino, he says "They're scraping the bottom of the villain barrel now. Who's next, Hypno-Hustler?" Rhino comments "I'll Hypno-Hustle you." Hypno-Hustler made a physical appearance in the PlayStation 2 and PSP versions of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

He is an assist character. The Hypno-Hustler has received negative reviews as a supervillain. Sometimes being ranked as one of the worst supervillains in comic books due to its outdated 1970s camp factor. ShortList ranked Hypno-Hustler as the second worst supervillain of all time. Meanwhile, listed him as one of the 20 worst supervillains. CraveOnline put Hypno-Hustler at number three of the five Spider-Man villains you will never see in theaters describing him as "a recurring joke in the Marvel Universe for decades". Tony Wilson of Dorkly referenced him as one of Spider-Man's "Dumbest Forgotten Villains" in his "Today in Nerd History" sketch comedy video. Hypno-Hustler at Hypno-Hustler at Marvel Wiki Hypno-Hustler at Comic Book Database

Joe Gallagher (footballer)

Joseph Anthony Gallagher is an English former professional footballer who played as a centre-half for Birmingham City and various other clubs. He was a hard-working, competitive defender, good in the air, his authority on the field was such that he was first chosen to captain the Birmingham side at the age of only 19. Gallagher was born in Liverpool, began his football career as a schoolboy with home-town club Liverpool When he left school at 15 he signed for Birmingham City as a trainee, he turned professional on his 17th birthday and made his first team debut in October 1973 against Arsenal at Highbury. He made over 20 appearances in his debut season, from on hardly missed a game until a broken leg sustained in a car accident kept him out for several months, he scored on his return to first team duty in December 1977, for the remainder of his Birmingham career he was ever-present. It was due in no small part to Gallagher's partnerships with the likes of Kenny Burns and Colin Todd in the Birmingham defence that the club kept its First Division status for all but his last season with them.

In 1980–81 he helped them gain promotion back to the top flight, from which they had been relegated the previous year, was awarded a testimonial match against Aston Villa in recognition of ten years' service. That season he was capped for England B in a 1–0 win against Australia at his home ground of St Andrew's, he scored 23 goals. Gallagher joined fellow First Division club Wolverhampton Wanderers for a fee of £350,000 before the 1981–82 season. Birmingham were unable to profit from the sale because when Wolves were declared bankrupt in 1982 they still owed most of the fee. Gallagher left Wolves in acrimonious circumstances. In the reserves despite being one of the club's highest paid players, his contract was cancelled by the club, citing his failure to turn up for an official team photograph, though the player believes this was an excuse for cutting costs. After two months unemployed he signed for West Ham United for the remainder of the 1982–83 season, he moved on to Burnley, where within months of signing he was sent on loan to Fourth Division Halifax Town.

It appeared. Despite only playing eight first-team games in his first three years with the club, in 1986–87 he played a full season, starting 41 games in the League and playing a significant part in Burnley retaining their Football League status, he retired at the end of that season, when his contract at Burnley expired, at the young age of 32. He went on to manage several non-league clubs in the Midlands, had a spell as community liaison officer with Birmingham City, he worked for Land Rover and part-time for the Press Association, has been involved in corporate hospitality at Birmingham matches. In 2012, Gallagher was one of seven former players elected to Birmingham City's Hall of Fame. Birmingham City Second Division promotion: 1979–80 Joe Gallagher at Post War English & Scottish Football League A–Z Player's Database

The Lasting Impression of Hugh Masekela

The Lasting Impression of Hugh Masekela is a 1968 live album by South African jazz musician Hugh Masekela. The album was released by MGM Records label, it was recorded at The Village Gate, New York City, in November 1965 during the same sessions as The Americanization of Ooga Booga and released as a separate album in December 1968. In 1996 Verve Records released a CD named The Lasting Impression of Ooga-Booga, which included tracks from The Americanization of Ooga Booga and five tracks from the present record without "Child of the Earth". A reviewer of Dusty Groove stated "One of Hugh's best albums for MGM – with some tracks that are longer than his late 60s pop tunes, which feature him stretching out more in a soulful mode, hitting some fuzzy Afro funk grooves that are nice! Hugh's soulful trumpet is in fine fine form..." Bruce Eder of AllMusic wrote "The remainder of Hugh Masekela's winter 1965 Village Gate set sat in the can for three years, until "Grazing in the Grass" became a hit in 1968 on the Uni label.

The label rushed out with the six-track Lasting Impressions of Hugh Masekela LP, a match musically for its predecessor, The Americanization of Ooga Booga". Art direction – Acy R. Lehman Engineer – Val Valentin Liner notes – Kathleen Boyle Photography, cover – Rudy Legname Photography, liner – Chuck Stewart Producer – Tom Wilson Official website