Software4Students is an online programme that provides academic software from leading software manufactures to students. The programme has been running since 2006 in the Ireland. Full software versions from software companies such as Microsoft and Adobe are available for students at massively discounted prices. Software4Students is the original and largest programme for supplying discounted software to school and college students and parents in the UK. Software4Students is a Microsoft Education Large Account Reseller. Software4Students was launched in the UK and Ireland in 2006; the Software4Students programme started out helping disadvantaged schools. Due to its success in helping bridge the digital divide, the Software4Students programme is now available to all students, their parents and teachers in the United Kingdom. Students can now access software at home. Teachers can avail of this offer, it has partnered with academic institutions to enable students to access academic pricing on software.

Partners listed on the website include NAACE the NUS, EduServ, C2K and the NCTE. In 2008 Microsoft launched the Dreamspark programme, enabling students to access free design and development software for free. Software4Students worked with Microsoft to bring this to students, were used by Microsoft in Ireland to verify students in Irish colleges. In April 2011 a German version of the programme was launched; the programme has been featured in a number of mainstream publications such as the Guardian highlighting the positive impact it is having for students. Students can obtain full version products under academic licensing rules; the software is available to anyone in full-time education. Parents or Guardians can purchase on behalf of a student but the student remains the license holder. Students can choose between media versions depending on the product range. Http://

Cylindrophis ruffus

The red-tailed pipe snake, red cylinder snake, or common pipe snake, Cylindrophis ruffus is a snake species found in Southeast Asia. No subspecies are recognized. Adults can grow to 39 in in length; the dorsal scales are smooth, in 19 or 21 rows, with 186-245 ventrals, which are not quite twice as large as the contiguous dorsal scales. Compared to other snakes, C. ruffus have a limited gape size. Their primary diet consists of long, thin prey animals including snakes and eels, it is found in Myanmar and southern China, south into Vietnam, Cambodia, the Malay Peninsula and the East Indies to Indonesia (the Riau Archipelago, Bangka, Java, Sulawesi and the Sula Islands. The type locality given is "Surinami". Cylindrophiidae by common name Cylindrophiidae by taxonomic synonyms