Zokwang Trading

Zokwang Trading Company is a North Korean state-run import-export business based in Zhuhai, China. It is controlled by Room 39, a secret department of the government of North Korea. Zokwang Trading is not on the official list of North Korean companies published by Naenara, the official web portal of the North Korean government. Zokwang Trading was founded in 1974 in Macau under Portuguese administration, soon after Portugal recognised North Korea, following the Carnation Revolution, in which a left-wing government came to power, it functioned as North Korea's de facto consulate in Macau, issuing visas. In a 2006 intelligence report, Zokwang was described as a local unit of a North Korean company called Daesung Chongguk involved in the machinery and textiles trade and coordinating opium trafficking, using Macau "as a base to move counterfeit dollars and to try to procure components for its weapons systems". North Korean government officials and other sources state that the company engages in legitimate business transactions, purchasing cigarettes, liquor and luxury goods for shipment to Pyongyang, but police long had suspicions about Zokwang's activities.

One of its officers, An Gun-ho, was identified as a senior counterintelligence officer of North Korea's Ministry of Political Security. North Korea was alleged to have used Macau as a base for planning the 1983 Rangoon bombing, an assassination attempt on South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan, in which 21 people were killed, but the vice-president of Zokwang Trading, Kim Chol Jun, denied allegations of espionage. Kim Hyon-hui, one of the agents who carried out the bombing of 1987 Korean Air Flight 858, claimed to have spent several months training at Zokwang Trading's office while living in Macau. In her autobiography, The Tears of My Soul, she wrote that, while living there, she learned Cantonese so that she and other North Korean agents could pose as local Chinese residents. In 1994, the United States government made accusations that Zokwang Trading were engaged in arms sales and other illegal technology transfer; that year, five employees of the company were arrested after trying to pass US$250 000 in counterfeit notes.

Before they were arrested, they had deposited US$100 000 in counterfeit notes, had attempted to deposit a further US$150 000 before US banks in Hong Kong raised the alarm, but as they had diplomatic passports, they were released. Zokwang Trading held accounts with two Macau banks Seng Heng. In 2005, these were frozen at the request of US financial regulators; the funds were released in 2007. During 2006, Zokwang moved across the border to Zhuhai. Bermudez, Joseph S. Jr. Shield of the Great Leader: The armed forces of North Korea, Allen & Unwin, ISBN 978-1-86064-500-6

Air Force One (film)

Air Force One is a 1997 American political action thriller film directed and co-produced by Wolfgang Petersen and starring Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Xander Berkeley, William H. Macy, Dean Stockwell, Paul Guilfoyle, it was written by Andrew W. Marlowe, it is about a group of terrorists who hijack Air Force One and the U. S. president's attempt to rescue everyone onboard by retaking his plane. A box office success with positive critical reviews, it was one of the most popular action films of the 1990s. A combined U. S.-Russian special forces operation captures the dictator of Kazakhstan. Three weeks U. S. President James Marshall attends a diplomatic dinner in Moscow, during which he praises the capture and insists the U. S will no longer negotiate with terrorists. Marshall and his entourage, including his wife Grace and 12-year-old daughter Alice, several of his Cabinet and advisers, prepare to return to the U. S. on Air Force One. In addition, members of the press have been invited aboard, including Radek loyalists led by Egor Korshunov, who board the plane disguised as journalists.

A few hours after takeoff, Secret Service agent Gibbs, a mole, enables Korshunov and his accomplices to obtain weapons and storm the plane, killing many of the other agents and military personnel before taking the civilians hostage. Marshall is raced to an escape pod in the cargo hold and escapes as the pod is ejected; the pilots, Colonel Axelrod and Lieutenant Colonel Ingraham, attempt an emergency landing at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, but Korshunov and his right-hand man, a trained pilot named Andrei Kolchak, breach the cockpit and kill the pilots, diverting the plane towards Kazakhstan. Several F-15s escort Air Force One. Unknown to the hijackers, Marshall, a veteran of the Vietnam War and a Medal of Honor recipient, has remained hidden in the cargo hold instead of using the pod. Using his military training, he begins to observe the Radek loyalists. Marshall manages to kill some of Korshunov's accomplices and uses a satellite phone to make contact with his Vice President Kathryn Bennett at the White House in Washington, D.

C.. Korshunov, believing that a Secret Service Agent is stowed away in the cargo hold, secures Grace and Alice separately from the other hostages, executes National Security Advisor Jack Doherty and Deputy Press Secretary Melanie Mitchell, contacting Bennett and demanding Radek's release. Marshall dumps some of the plane's fuel reserve in an attempt to force a landing. Korshunov demands a mid-air refueling, while Marshall manages to capture one of Korshunov's accomplices and forcing him to not only deceive his comrades, but forcing him to gain access into the conference room where the hostages are being held as well; as Korshunov's accomplice is being apprehended, along with his military advisers, devise a plan to trick Korshunov to take Air Force One to a lower altitude for the refueling, giving time for the hostages to parachute safely off the plane. As a KC-10 tanker docks with Air Force One and the advisors escort the hostages to the cargo hold, where most parachute away. However, Korshunov discovers the deception and forces Air Force One away, causing the fuel to ignite, destroying the tanker.

Capturing Marshall, Chief of Staff Lloyd Shepherd, Major Caldwell, Gibbs, Korshunov assaults and forces Marshall to contact Russian President Petrov and arrange for Radek's release from prison. Bennett is urged by Defense Secretary Walter Dean to declare the President incapable under the 25th amendment, so as to override Radek's release, but she refuses. While Korshunov and his accomplices celebrate the news of Radek's release, Marshall breaks free, kills Korshunov's remaining accomplices including Kolchak. Korshunov tries to kill Marshall, but Shepherd instead takes the bullet, leaving him critically injured. Korshunov drags Grace down to the cargo hold, to the plane's parachute ramp. Marshall gives Korshunov a chase and Grace distracts Korshunov, before Marshall strangles Korshunov with a parachute strap and throws him off the plane. Marshall races back to lift his order, Radek is subsequently killed attempting to flee custody. Marshall, with Major Caldwell's help, directs the plane back towards friendly airspace, only to be tailed by a second batch of Radek loyalists piloting MiG-29s.

The F-15s counterattack the MiGs. A standby USAF Rescue MC-130 is called to help, sending para-jumpers on tether lines to help rescue the survivors. Marshall insists that the injured Shepherd be transferred first; when there is time for only one more transfer, Gibbs reveals himself as the mole who helped Korshunov and his accomplices hijack Air Force One and guns down the para-jumper and Major Caldwell. Marshall and Gibbs fight for control of the transfer line, Marshall manages to grab and detach it at the last second. Air Force One crashes into killing Gibbs; the MC-130 airmen reel Marshall in safely. Everyone in the White House Situation Room celebrate as confirmation of Marshall's rescue is given, Bennett tears up the presidential incapacity order; the MC-130 is subsequently dubbed with the call sign of Air Force One. Harrison Ford as U. S. President James Marshall: Popular president and a family man who loves his wife Grace and daughter Alice. Marshall is a decorated Vietnam veteran and