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Lake Borgne

Lake Borgne is a lagoon of the Gulf of Mexico in southeastern Louisiana. Although early maps show it as a lake surrounded by land, coastal erosion has made it an arm of the Gulf of Mexico, its name comes from the French word borgne, which means "one-eyed." In southern Louisiana, three large lakes -- Maurepas and Borgne—cover 55% of the Pontchartrain Basin. A brackish marsh land bridge and Lake St. Catherine separate Lake Pontchartrain from Lake Borgne; the Rigolets and Chef Menteur Pass are the two open water connections between Pontchartrain and Borgne. Due to coastal erosion, Borgne is now a lagoon connecting to the Gulf of Mexico. Early 18th-century maps show Borgne as a true lake separated from the Gulf by a considerable extent of wetlands that have since disappeared. In a 1902 case before the United States Supreme Court over the oyster banks at the boundary between Louisiana and Mississippi, the State of Mississippi argued that at the time of Louisiana's admission into the Union, there was no such "Lake Borgne" or "Mississippi Sound".

The basin contains 483,390 acres of wetlands, consisting of nearly 38,500 acres of fresh marsh, 28,600 acres of intermediate marsh, 116,800 acres of brackish marsh, 83,900 acres of saline marsh, 215,600 acres of cypress swamp. Since 1932, more than 66,000 acres of marsh have converted to water in the Pontchartrain Basin — over 22% of the marsh that existed in 1932; the primary causes of wetland loss in the basin are the interrelated effects of human activities and the estuarine processes that began to predominate many hundreds of years ago. The Mississippi River delta was abandoned by natural changes in the river. In response to the extensive damage from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Army Corps of Engineers constructed the 1.8-mile-long IHNC Lake Borgne Surge Barrier, as part of the Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System for southeast Louisiana. The project cost $1.1 billion and was built at the confluence of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. It is the largest design-build civil works project in the history of the Corps.

It was first used in 2012 to protect against storm surge from Hurricane Isaac, was completed in 2013. The Mississippi River levees limit the input of fresh water and nutrients into the Pontchartrain basin; this reduction in freshwater input plays a role in the critical problem of the Pontchartrain Basin — increased salinity. The construction of the Mississippi River–Gulf Outlet Canal, which breaches the natural barrier of the Bayou La Loutre ridge and the Borgne land bridge, has allowed sea water to push farther into the basin. Relative sea level rise of up to 0.96 feet per century gives saltier waters greater access to surrounding wetlands. As a result, mean monthly salinities have increased since the construction of the MRGO and other canals. In recent years, salinities have stabilized; the heightened salinity has stressed wetlands freshwater marshes and swamps. Since 1932 24% of the Borgne Land Bridge has been lost to severe shoreline retreat and rapid tidal fluctuations, the loss rate is increasing.

During the same time, 17% of the Maurepas Land Bridge marshes disappeared due to subsidence and spikes in lake salinity. These land bridges prevent estuarine processes, such as increased salinity and tidal scour, from pushing further into the middle and upper basins. Additionally, from 1968 to 1988, 32% of the cypress swamp on the land bridge had either converted to marsh or became open water. If these buffers are not preserved, the land loss rates around Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas will increase dramatically. Several marshes in the basin are vulnerable to rapid loss if adequate protection is not provided. Media related to Lake Borgne at Wikimedia Commons

Paseo Víctor Rojas

Paseo Víctor Rojas known as El Fuerte or Paseo de Damas, in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, was built in 1881. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986, it is a rectangular promenade, built over the ruins of San Miguel Fort, in part using stone from the ruins. The original paseo was damaged in the Hurricane of San Ciriaco in 1899, it is unique as a place constructed for the "Isabellan", i.e. equivalent to "Victorian" pastime of promenading. It acquired the name "Victor Rojas" for the location of a memorial to this person, a fisherman, who undertook rescues starting from near this location, to save persons from boats foundering. National Register of Historic Places listings in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

12 Songs of Christmas (Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Fred Waring album)

12 Songs of Christmas is a 1964 album of Christmas music by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians. The artists had collaborated for the album America, I Hear You Singing, released earlier the same year; the album was reissued as White Christmas on the WEA budget label Midi in 1973. All of the songs were included on CD as part of the 2-CD set Nothing but the Best issued in 2009. In the USA, Variety received the album favorably. "This is an attractive compilation of seasonal standards delivered in standout style by Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, singly and in tandem, with the polished support of Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians. Among the top sides in this set are "Go Tell It on the Mountain," "The Little Drummer Boy," "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" and "The 12 Days of Christmas."Gramophone in the UK was not so keen, commenting: "'12 Songs of Christmas,' with Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians. Plenty of expensive talent crammed uncomfortably into a well-worn stocking.

Obvious, pallid stuff, with the two head groaners together on only two tracks, neither of them anywhere in good voice. Collectors of sheer corn may take a perverse delight in an item called'We Wish You the Merriest.'" Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians Bing Crosby Frank Sinatra

Austere (EDM group)

Austere is an anonymous, obscurantist electronic music group that has covered a wide variety of styles in their releases: Classical Minimalism, psychedelic ambient, dark ambient, glitch-ambient, downtempo-style drum and bass music, which out of deference to Coil they spell "musick." The group started working together in 1997, with their first release on 1 January 1998, is loosely based in the Pacific Northwest in Portlandia, Oregon due to their connection to Sound-O-Mat Recordings, located there. The two members have lived in various places, such as New York City, NY, their Classical Minimalism recordings: "Convergence", "Eco", "Pulse" and "Vox" all draw upon composer Steve Reich's Process Music approach, as defined by his 1968 manifesto "Music as a Gradual Process." They have collaborated with a number of musicians/bands including Abstract Audio Systems, In The Now and Stephen Philips, owner of Dark Duck Records. They have contributed to videos and films: the soundtrack for The Thin Horizon, an independent film written and produced by Michael Peters of Artifexwerks located in Forest Grove, Oregon.

They have contributed to several music videos, such as the Abandon video, most the Tiny Danser. Austere's members have recorded solo works, as Freq. Magnet; the latter has released three full CDs, a DVD, a recent track on a Hypnos compilation CD. The discography of Austere, includes thirteen studio albums, four extended play CDEPs, ten compilation appearances, including several on Hypnos and a 6-hour compilation box set of released and three unreleased tracks. All Austere releases are distributed by the ambient label Hypnos Records, the band has signed with the labels Hypnos and Blue Water Records in 2007. Band Web Site The Mystifying Oracle - solo side-project, ethnic-styled psybient musick Freq. Magnet - solo side-project, guitar-only ambient musick

Deutschland sucht den Superstar (season 12)

During the live-shows of season 11, it was announced that the castings for season 12 will start in August 2014. RTL's Head of Programm Frank Hoffmann stated in April 2014 that he wants to keep the series for the years the come, although the ratings continued to fall in the live shows, he further explained that the live-shows will be cut to an "absolut minimum". In Fall 2014, RTL gave closer details to the changes of Season 12; the liveshows are replaced with pre-recorded concerts in clubs in Germany and Switzerland. Only the announcement of the results will be broadcast live. In contrary to the seasons before the final will not take place in a TV studio in Cologne, but in the ÖVB Arena in Bremen. For the first time, auditions will be held in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Belgium. In October 2014, RTL announced that Marianne Rosenberg, Mietze Katz and Kay One won't return for the twelfth season; the new jury consists of Dieter Bohlen, Swiss discjockey DJ Antoine, Schlager singer Heino and singer Mandy Capristo.

The winner song entitled Hero of My Heart was written by juror Dieter Bohlen. The winner of the Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2015 was announced as Severino Seeger with Viviana Grisafi finishing as the runner-up. Start of the season was on Wednesday, January 7, 2015. In addition to duration juror Dieter Bohlen sit Popstars winner Mandy Capristo, DJ Antoine and pop singer Heino in the jury. So far there is no moderator, the contest announcements during the auditions were spoken by Menderes Bağcı; as a regular guest next Menderes Heino's wife was seen. In the casting rounds each candidate selected before the show from a Golden CD with the name of the juror, whose voice should be the deciding factor for advancement or leaving a draw jury voting. Menderes reached the fourth time the recall. There is a "Quick Pick". RTL did not send this Germany-Recall. Instead, only a short scene was shown in which piles announced that the 34 pre-worn Recall of the 110 candidates in Thailand recall were; the Recall in Thailand was reached by 18 men.

The contestants were separated in three to four groups by each gender for the first four performances. The theme for the first performances on the highest building in Bangkok was White. After that performances the judes send four contestants home. For the next challenge which should be with a spectacular intro in the middle of a street in front of local inhabitants they sang again in groups with three of them leaving the competition after it; the third appearance in a historic temple district on the outskirts of Bangkok acknowledged the jury with seven return tickets and the advancement of 19 candidates. They had to go for the obligatory beach appearance on the island of Ko Hong Ko Hong archipelago in the south of the country; the location near Phuket, belonging to a national park island formed a picturesque backdrop for the resignation of five other superstar aspirants. The remaining 14 candidates sang seven same-sex or mixed-duets on a covered swimming pool with Plexiglas; the eliminated acts of the Re-Recall as follow: The Event shows are held from April 25 to May 16, 2015 with three pre-recorded shows and a live final.

The voting resuluts were published right after the final. Color key The first event show was held in Ischgl and was pre-recorded on 11 April 2015; the live result show in Cologne was aired directly after the event show. The two contestants with the fewest votes were eliminated. Original airdate: 25 April 2015Group performance: "Auf Uns" - Andreas Bourani Guest performance: Andreas Gabalier The first event show will be held in the Balver Höhle and will be pre-recorded on 29 April 2015; the live result show in Cologne was aired directly after the event show. The two contestants with the fewest votes were eliminated. Original airdate: 2 May 2015Group performance: "Love Runs Out" The semi-final will be held in Leipzig at the Leipzig Trade Fair glass hall and was pre-recorded on 5 May 2015; the live result show in Cologne was aired directly after the event show. Only the three contestants with the most votes advanced to the final, the other three were eliminated. Original airdate: 9 May 2015Group performance: "Blame" Original airdate: 16 May 2015The Final was held in Bremen at the ÖVB Arena in front of 11,000 people.

One Contestant was eliminated after the first performance. The other two performed the winner's single. Group performances: "Auf Uns" - Andreas Bourani, "Don't Worry" Guest performer: Söhne Mannheims - "Geh davon aus"Round 1Round 2^1 Antonio Gerardi would have performed "Caruso" and "Hero of My Heart". Official Website


Martinho Martins Mukana, known as Paíto, is a Mozambican former professional footballer who played as a left back. Born in Maputo, Paíto began his professional career in the 2002 -- 03 season, he became a regular in his third year and, on 26 January 2005, scored his only goal for the Lions in a 3–3 draw against S. L. Benfica for the sixth round of the Taça de Portugal, in a solo effort. After the arrival in January 2006, on loan from Valencia CF, of Portuguese international Marco Caneira, Paíto was deemed surplus to requirements and left loaned, to Vitória de Guimarães, he was an undisputed starter during his short tenure, as the Minho team dropped down a level. Purchased by La Liga club RCD Mallorca, Paíto returned to Portugal, being loaned to S. C. Braga for the duration of the campaign. Released by the Balearic Islands side without making any official appearances, he joined FC Sion on a three-year contract. After three solid seasons in the Swiss Super League, Paíto stayed in Switzerland, signing with fellow league team Neuchâtel Xamax.

After the latter went bankrupt, in January 2012 he joined FC Vaslui from Romania, reuniting with former Sporting coach Augusto Inácio. Paíto spent the first half of the following campaign without a club, signing in early January 2013 with Skoda Xanthi FC, he made his Superleague Greece debut on the 27th, playing the full 90 minutes in a 1–0 away win over PAOK FC. Paíto started representing Mozambique at age 20, he was recalled in April for the 2002 COSAFA Cup, nearly two years after his last international. Additionally, he took part in the 2003 COSAFA Cup, the 2006 FIFA World Cup 2006 World Cup qualification, the 2004 COSAFA Cup, 2008 Africa Cup of Nations qualification and the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. Sporting Taça de Portugal: 2001–02Sion Swiss Cup: 2008–09 Paíto at ForaDeJogo Paíto at Paíto – FIFA competition record Paíto at and Paíto at Soccerway Paíto at