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Mário Schenberg

Mário Schenberg was a Brazilian electrical engineer, art critic and writer. Schenberg was born in Brazil, his parents were Russian-Jewish of German origin. From early on he showed remarkable ability for mathematics, enchanting himself with geometry, which had a strong influence on his works. Schenberg took the secondary courses in Recife; because of his family's financial limitations, he was not able to study in Europe. He entered the Faculty of Engineering of Recife in 1931. Regarded as one of Brazil's most important theoretical physicists, Schenberg is best remembered for his contributions to astrophysics the theory of nuclear processes in the formation of supernova stars, he provided the inspiration for the name of the so-called Urca process, a cycle of nuclear reactions in which a nucleus loses energy by absorbing an electron and re-emitting a beta particle plus a neutrino-antineutrino pair, leading to the loss of internal supporting pressure and consequent collapse and explosion in the form of a supernova.

George Gamow was inspired to name the process Urca after the name of a casino in Rio de Janeiro, when Schenberg remarked to him that "the energy disappears in the nucleus of the supernova as as the money disappeared at that roulette table". Together with Indian physicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, he discovered and published in 1942 the so-called Schönberg–Chandrasekhar limit, the maximum mass of the core of a star that can support the overlying layers against gravitational collapse, once the core hydrogen is exhausted. In the University of São Paulo had Schönberg interacted with David Bohm during the final years of Bohm's exile in Brazil, in 1954 Schönberg demonstrated a link among the quantized motion of the Madelung fluid and the trajectories of the de Broglie–Bohm theory, he wrote a series of publications of 1957/1958 on geometric algebras that stand in relation to quantum physics and quantum field theory. He pointed out that those algebras can be described in terms of extensions of the commutative and the anti-commutative Grassmann algebras which have the same structure as the boson algebra and the fermion algebra of creation and annihilation operators.

These algebras, in turn, are related to Clifford algebra, respectively. In a paper published in 1958, Schönberg suggested to add a new idempotent to the Heisenberg algebra, this suggestion was taken up and expanded upon in the 1980s by Basil Hiley and his co-workers in their work on algebraic formulations of quantum mechanics. Schönberg's ideas have been cited in connection with algebraic approaches to describe relativistic phase space, his work has been cited, together with that of Marcel Riesz, for its importance to Clifford algebras and mathematical physics in the proceedings of a workshop held in France in 1989, dedicated to these two mathematicians. Schenberg was a member of the Brazilian Communist Party and professor of the University of São Paulo, his articles include: M. Schönberg: Quantum kinematics and geometry, Il Nuovo Cimento, vol. 6, Supplement 1, pp. 356–380, 1957, doi:10.1007/BF02724793 M. Schönberg, S. Chandrasekhar: On the Evolution of the Main-Sequence Stars, Astrophysical Journal, vol.

96, no. p. 161 ff. 1942, fulltext

Pacific Association

The Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs is an independent baseball league based in Northern California. The league was founded in 2013 by four former North American League teams. During the initial season, two Hawaii-based teams, the Hawaii Stars and the Maui Warriors, played inter-league games against the Baseball Challenge League of Japan. Both Hawaii teams, the Stars and the Warriors, ceased operations after playing the 2013 season due to the travel costs of bringing in opponents from Northern California; the East Bay Lumberjacks did not return for a second season. Two expansion clubs were added in 2014 bringing the total number of teams to four. In 2017 San Francisco businessman and entrepreneur Jonathan Stone was named league commissioner. Expansion came again in 2018 with the addition of Napa Silverados; this brought the league to an all-time high of six member clubs. Before the 2019 season the league lost two teams - Pittsburg. To replace them the Salina Stockade were added to the league as a travel team.

Prior to the 2020 season, San Rafael were replaced by the California Dogecoin. The Salina Stockade moved back to The Western League, bringing the Pacific Association back down to four clubs. East Bay Lumberjacks Hawaii Stars Martinez Clippers Na Koa Ikaika Maui Pittsburg Diamonds – club went on hiatus for 2019 season Salina Stockade San Rafael Pacifics League members Former Team Max Beatty, San Rafael Pacifics - Chicago White SoxMatt Chavez, San Rafael Pacifics - San Diego PadresTim Holmes, Vallejo Admirals - New York YankeesBrian McKenna, Vallejo Admirals - Miami MarlinsJayce Ray, Sonoma Stompers - Boston Red SoxSantos Salvidar, Sonoma Stompers - Milwaukee BrewersNathan Tomaszewski, Vallejo Admirals - Pittsburgh PiratesCole Watts, Sonoma Stompers - Kansas City Royals Official website Book: The Only Rule Is It Has To Work

Foto Çami

Foto Çami is a former Albanian academic and politician of Albanian Party of Labour. Çami was born on 4 October 1925 in the village of Labovë of Gjirokastër District in Albania. He served as a political commissar. After World War II he studied philosophy in the University of Tirana, his career in this field would culminate with the honorary title "Professor".Çami was first elected as member of the People's Assembly in 1970. He held the position until the seventh parliamentary term ending in 1974, he became member of the Central Committee of the Party in 1971. Çami served for several years as First Secretary of the Party of Tirana District. At the 8th Congress of the Party in November 1981, he was added to the candidate-member list of the Politburo of the Party of Labour of Albania. Between 1982 and 1991, he served again as representative in the National Assembly during the tenth and eleventh legislature. In July 1985, he was elected as the successor of the First Secretary of the PPSh Ramiz Alia, as Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party.

He was succeeded as First Secretary of Tirana by Pirro Kondi, a hardliner and brother-in-law of the late 1979 influential Central Committee Secretary Hysni Kapo, who moreover as Hoxha's confident wrote in the party's newspaper Zëri i Popullit articles about the 1985 deceased former First Secretary Enver Hoxha, in which he attacked factional opponents of Hoxha as Koçi Xoxe, Beqir Balluku, Mehmet Shehu, others. At the 9th Congress of the PPSh in November 1986, he was elected member of the Politburo. Çami remained within this supreme organ of the Party until his retirement in December 1990. In 1993 a special court was brought in Tirana against Çami and nine other former high-ranking officials being charged for "abuse of public funds"; the following sentences were given: Mihali and Gegprifti eight years each, Miska and Çuko seven years each, Çami, Çeliku, Bekteshi six years each, Çërrava and Asllani five years each. On June 1996 he was against sentenced; this time he got a life-sentence for "crimes against humanity", considering his position as local First Secretary of the Party.

Çami was a member of the Academy of Sciences of Albania during the period 1973-1991, in the philosophy field

Traditional Synthesizer Music

Traditional Synthesizer Music is a studio album by Canadian electronic musician Venetian Snares, announced 17 December 2015 and released 19 February 2016 on Planet Mu records. Unlike other albums by Venetian Snares, this album was composed and live recorded on modular synthesizer equipment. At Metacritic, which assigns a weighted average score out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, Traditional Synthesizer Music received an average score of 76% based on 11 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews". AllMusic listed the album as one of their Favorite Electronic Albums of 2016, describing it as "a sharp, thrilling experience, one of Funk's most focused works". PopMatters placed it at number 52 on the "70 Best Albums of 2016" list. All tracks are written by Aaron Funk. Traditional Synthesizer Music at Discogs

Guljahon Bobosodiqova

Guljahon Bobosodiqova (Tajik: Гулҷаҳон Бобосодиқова is a Tajik politician and prominent women's rights activist. She has served as a deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR and the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Bobosodiqova was honored three times with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and was a recipient of the Order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Tajikistan. Guljahon Boboevna Bobosodiqova was born in 1937 in Uroteppa, Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic to Fazilat and Boboev Bobosodiqov, her parents both worked in civil service. Her mother, the first woman in charge of the Department of Women's Affairs encouraged Bobosodiqova in her dreams to study science. Bobosodiqova studied mathematics and physics at Tajikistan State University and graduated with a degree in 1959, she wanted to continue her studies. She joined the party. In 1961, Bobosodiqova became the secretary of the Komsomol in Dushanbe, she would become one of the key features of Tajikistani politics in the decades between 1960 and 1980.

She served at various times as a Deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR and the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and between 1972 and 1975 was the Deputy Chair of the Party in Tajikistan. She served three terms as the Deputy representing the Badakhshan Province and two terms for the Kulob District in the Khatlon Region. For her work, Bobosodiqova was awarded the Order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Tajikistan and received the Order of the Red Banner of Labor three times, she lived in Moscow until the break up of the Soviet Union in 1991 and returned to Tajikistan. The focus of much of Bobosodiqova's career was on women's rights and she worked to create educational opportunities for women. One of the founders of the Association of Public High School Education, she led the organization for 25 years, she has worked with women's organizations, governmental institutions, political parties to press for legislation on women's issues, such as domestic violence, laws to discourage labor migration and improve access to education, laws to change the age of consent and consanguinity regulations for marriage eligibility, address issues such as lack of leadership positions, adequate medical services, human trafficking

Alligerville Historic District

Alligerville Historic District is a national historic district located at Alligerville, Ulster County, New York. It encompasses 81 contributing buildings, 5 contributing sites, 8 contributing structures in the hamlet of Alligerville, it developed after 1828 around Lock 21 on the Delaware and Hudson Canal and includes notable examples of Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italian Villa architecture. Notable contributing resources include the John & Catrina Alliger House, Reformed Dutch Church of the Clove Chapel, Ira Brodhead House, John Forbes Hotel, Alligerville Post Office, Thomas S. Schoonmaker Farm, Union Free District No. 1 School, Canal Outbuilding, Hall-Latinville Summer Cottages, Hall-Barrett Summer Cottage. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2015