Skynet 5B

Skynet 5B is a military communications satellite operated by Astrium Services Paradigm Secure Communications, on behalf of the British Ministry of Defence. It was the second of four Skynet 5 satellites to be launched; the Skynet 5B spacecraft is a Eurostar 3000S satellite, constructed by Astrium. At launch it had a mass of 4,635 kilograms, with a design life of 15 years, its 34-metre solar arrays will generate a minimum of 6 kilowatts to power its UHF and X-band communications systems. The Skynet 5 constellation was intended to consist of two satellites, the other of which, Skynet 5A, was launched earlier in 2007. By the time of Skynet 5B's launch, a decision had been made to launch the backup spacecraft, Skynet 5C, as an on-orbit spare. Skynet 5D was ordered to replace the backup, however this too was launched in 2012. Skynet 5 replaced the earlier Skynet 4 system. Skynet 5B was launched by an Ariane 5ECA carrier rocket flying from ELA-3 at Kourou; the launch occurred at 22:06 UTC on 14 November 2007.

Star One C1 was launched aboard the same carrier rocket. Skynet 5B was the first of the two spacecraft to separate from the carrier rocket; the launch placed Skynet 5B into a 250 by 35,786 kilometres geosynchronous transfer orbit with 6 degrees of inclination. The satellite used its apogee motor to raise itself into geostationary orbit, it is located at a longitude of 53° East, in an orbit with a perigee of 35,572 kilometres, an apogee of 35,867 kilometres, 0 degrees inclination

1970–71 National Football League (Ireland)

The 1970–71 National Football League was the 40th staging of the National Football League, an annual Gaelic football tournament for the Gaelic Athletic Association county teams of Ireland. Kerry beat Mayo in the final. 1970-71 saw the introduction of a new format. Division One: 16 teams. Split into two groups of 8. Division Two: 16 teams. Split into two groups of 8; each team played every other team in its division once, either home or away. 2 points were awarded for 1 for a draw. Teams in Division One competed for the National Football League title. Teams in Division Two competed for the National Football League Division Two title. In the Semi-Finals, the match-ups were as follows: Quarter-final 1: First-placed team in Division One v Second-placed team in Division One Quarter-final 2: Second-placed team in Division One v First-placed team in Division One The final match-up is: Winner Semi-final 1 v Winner Semi-final 2. In the event that teams finish on equal points a play-off will be used to determine group placings if necessary, i.e. where to decide relegation places or quarter-finalists