The RESTful Service Description Language is a machine- and human-readable XML description of HTTP-based web applications. The language allows documenting the model of the resource provided by a service, the relationships between them, operations and the parameters that must be supplied for the operations, it specifies. RSDL is intended to simplify the reuse of web services that are based on the HTTP architecture of the web, it is platform- and language-independent and aims to promote reuse of applications beyond the basic use in a web browser by both humans and machines. Unlike WADL, it concentrates on describing URIs as stand-alone entry points in to the application which can be invoked in different ways, does not require traversing over URI components to figure out URI structure, supports URI/Headers/body parameters overloads; this makes it human-readable and consumed by both humans and machines. RSDL represents different URIs as stand-alone entry points into the application. Following resource URIs, one can figure out which methods are available for the given resources and how those resources can be consumed.

Each URI in RSDL contains all the necessary information to generate an HTTP request from it, which can be consumed by accessing the URI internals. Each URI in RSDL contains "rel" and "description" attributes describing the meaning of the given operation on that URI. Humans can fetch all available operations for a given collection/resource by locating different descriptors within the same URI

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