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A meteoroid is a small rocky or metallic body in outer space. Meteoroids are smaller than asteroids, range in size from small grains to one-meter-wide objects. Objects smaller than this are classified as micrometeoroids or space dust. Most are fragments from comets or asteroids, whereas others are collision impact debris ejected from bodies such as the Moon or Mars; when a meteoroid, comet, or asteroid enters Earth's atmosphere at a speed in excess of 20 km/s, aerodynamic heating of that object produces a streak of light, both from the glowing object and the trail of glowing particles that it leaves in its wake. This phenomenon is called a meteor or "shooting star". A series of many meteors appearing seconds or minutes apart and appearing to originate from the same fixed point in the sky is called a meteor shower. If that object withstands ablation from its passage through the atmosphere as a meteor and impacts with the ground, it is called a meteorite. An estimated 25 million meteoroids and other space debris enter Earth's atmosphere each day, which results in an estimated 15,000 tonnes of that material entering the atmosphere each year.

In 1961, the International Astronomical Union defined a meteoroid as "a solid object moving in interplanetary space, of a size smaller than an asteroid and larger than an atom". In 1995, Beech and Steel, writing in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, proposed a new definition where a meteoroid would be between 100 µm and 10 m across. In 2010, following the discovery of asteroids below 10 m in size and Grossman proposed a revision of the previous definition of meteoroid to objects between 10 µm and one meter in diameter in order to maintain the distinction. According to Rubin and Grossman, the minimum size of an asteroid is given by what can be discovered from Earth-bound telescopes, so the distinction between meteoroid and asteroid is fuzzy; some of the smallest asteroids discovered are 2008 TS26 with H = 33.2 and 2011 CQ1 with H = 32.1 both with an estimated size of one m. In April 2017, the IAU adopted an official revision of its definition, limiting size to between 30 µm and one meter in diameter, but allowing for a deviation for any object causing a meteor.

Objects smaller than meteoroids are classified as micrometeoroids and interplanetary dust. The Minor Planet Center does not use the term "meteoroid". All meteoroids contain extraterrestrial nickel and iron, they have three main classifications: iron and stony-iron. Some stone meteoroids are called chondrites. Stony meteoroids without these features are called "achondrites", which are formed from extraterrestrial igneous activity; the composition of meteoroids can be inferred as they pass through Earth's atmosphere from their trajectories and the light spectra of the resulting meteor. Their effects on radio signals give information useful for daytime meteors, which are otherwise difficult to observe. From these trajectory measurements, meteoroids have been found to have many different orbits, some clustering in streams associated with a parent comet, others sporadic. Debris from meteoroid streams may be scattered into other orbits; the light spectra, combined with trajectory and light curve measurements, have yielded various compositions and densities, ranging from fragile snowball-like objects with density about a quarter that of ice, to nickel-iron rich dense rocks.

The study of meteorites gives insights into the composition of non-ephemeral meteoroids. Most meteoroids come from the asteroid belt, having been perturbed by the gravitational influences of planets, but others are particles from comets, giving rise to meteor showers; some meteoroids are fragments from bodies such as Mars or our moon, that have been thrown into space by an impact. Meteoroids travel around the Sun at various velocities; the fastest move at about 42 km/s through space in the vicinity of Earth's orbit. This is escape velocity from the Sun, equal to the square root of two times Earth's speed, is the upper speed limit of objects in the vicinity of Earth, unless they come from interstellar space. Earth travels at about 29.6 km/s, so when meteoroids meet the atmosphere head-on the combined speed may reach about 71 km/s. Meteoroids moving through Earth's orbital space average about 20 km/s. On January 17, 2013 at 05:21 PST, a one meter-sized comet from the Oort cloud entered Earth atmosphere over California and Nevada.

The object had a retrograde orbit with perihelion at 0.98 ± 0.03 AU. It approached from the direction of the constellation Virgo, collided head-on with Earth's atmosphere at 72 ± 6 km/s vapourising more than 100 km above ground over a period of several seconds; when meteoroids intersect with Earth's atmosphere at night, they are to become visible as meteors. If meteoroids survive the entry through the atmosphere and reach Earth's surface, they are called meteorites. Meteorites are transformed in chemistry by the heat of entry and force of impact. A noted 4-metre asteroid, 2008 TC3, was observed in space on a collision course with Earth on 6 October 2008 and entered Earth's atmosphere the next day, striking a remote area of no

Louis-H├ębert (electoral district)

Louis-Hébert is a federal electoral district in the Canadian province of Quebec. Represented in the House of Commons since 1968, its population was certified, according to the detailed statistics of 2001, as 98,156; the district, in the Quebec region of Capitale-Nationale, consists of the southern part of Quebec City, namely the borough of Sainte-Foy–Sillery–Cap-Rouge. It is based on the former city of Sainte-Foy, merged into the "megacity" of Quebec City in 2002; the neighbouring ridings are Portneuf—Jacques-Cartier, Louis-Saint-Laurent, Québec, Lévis—Bellechasse, Lotbinière—Chutes-de-la-Chaudière. The riding lost small fractions of territory to Louis-Saint-Laurent and Québec as a result of the 2012 electoral redistribution. According to the Canada 2011 CensusEthnic groups: 91.3% White, 2.2% Indigenous, 1.8% Arab, 1.6% Latino, 1.4% Black, 0.6% Chinese, 1.1% OtherLanguages: 91.2% French, 2.2% English, 1.6% Spanish, 1.4% Arabic, 3.6% OtherReligions: 82.6% Christian, 2.5% Muslim, 0.6% Other, 14.3% NoneMedian income: $34,624 Average income: $45,439 The electoral district was created in 1966 from Quebec East, Quebec South, Quebec West, Québec—Montmorency ridings.

The riding is notable for having had nine different people represent the riding since 1984. From until 2019, every subsequent MP to represent the district was either defeated in the next election or retired from politics after a single term; this riding has elected the following Members of Parliament: Note: Conservative vote is compared to the total of the Canadian Alliance vote and Progressive Conservative vote in the 2000 election. Note: Canadian Alliance vote is compared to the Reform vote in 1997 election. Note: Social Credit vote is compared to Ralliement créditiste vote in the 1968 election. List of Canadian federal electoral districts Past Canadian electoral districts " Census Profile". 2011 census. Statistics Canada. 2012. Retrieved 7 March 2011. Campaign expense data from Elections Canada Riding history from the Library of Parliament

List of plants in the Bible

These are plants referenced in The Bible, ordered alphabetically by English common/colloquial name. For plants whose identities are unconfirmed or debated the most probable species is listed. Post, G. E. Bible Dictionary Contributions Zohary, M. Plants of the Bible. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1982. Bdellium, Genesis 2:12 All of the Plants of the Bible Biblical Gardens Plants of the Bible, Missouri Botanical Garden Project "Bibelgarten im Karton" of a social and therapeutic horticultural group named "Flowerpower" from Germany List of biblical gardens in Europe Herbermann, Charles, ed.. "Plants in the Bible". Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Biblical Botanical Gardens Society USA Green Faith Ministries Temple 420

Christian Lell

Christian Lell is a retired German professional football defender. Born in Munich, Lell started his training with FC Alemannia München, He earned a place in Bayern's youth section in 1993, played there for eight years. For the 2001–02 season, Lell was a part of Bayern's reserve team. In his first season at the senior level, the right-wingback made 10 appearances in the Regionalliga Süd, he would make a cup appearance during the 2002 -- 03 season. He made 20 appearances for the reserve team during the 2003–04 season. Lell made his Bundesliga debut on 4 October 2003 in a 4–1 against Hertha BSC where he came on as a substitute for Michael Ballack in 84th minute, he made three subsequent appearances for Bayern in Bundesliga play and a cup appearance during the 2003–04 season. To the beginning of the 2004–05 season, Lell was loaned to 2. Bundesliga club 1. FC Köln, where he had a disappointing season. After the 4–2 loss to Wacker Burghausen on the second matchday, Lell fell out of favour with manager Huub Stevens.

He earned a mere sixteen league appearances over the course of the season. The season however wasn't without successes for Lell. In Köln's second league match against Wacker Burghausen he scored a goal. Beyond that, he earned two caps in the DFB-Pokal, eight for the reserves in the Regionalliga Nord. After the "Billy goats'" successful return to the Bundesliga for the 2005–06 season, Lell earned more appearances during the latter half of the season, during which he advanced to the regular starting formation, he finished the season with a cup appearance. For the 2006–07 season, Lell returned to Bayern, appearing 16 times for the first team and eight times for the reserve team; the 2007–08 Bundesliga season meant a lot to Lell. Because of the injury problem to vice-captain and starting right-back Willy Sagnol, Ottmar Hitzfeld decided to put Lell into the starting line-up as the right fullback. In this season, Lell earned 29 appearances in the Bundesliga, scored his first Bundesliga goal. In the German Cup, he played eight matches, in the UEFA Cup, he played 11 matches and scored one goal, three times in the league cup.

During the 2008–09 season, under coach Jürgen Klinsmann and interim coach Jupp Heynckes, Lell made 28 appearances in all competitions. On 1 September 2009, just before the transfer window closed and Premier League club Stoke City came to an agreement for Lell transfer to England. However, the deal failed when no one was able to inform him about it; as a result, the transfer window closed. In the 2009–10 season, new Bayern coach Louis van Gaal relegated Lell to the reserves, where he made an appearance, he almo made an appearance in the cup for the first team. Seven years after making his debut with first team, he left the Bavarian side and signed for Hertha BSC on 23 June 2010; this ended a 17-year connection dating back to 1 July 1993 when he joined Bayern Munich's youth academy. His contract in Berlin ran for one year, was automatically extended for an additional two as Hertha earned promotion to the Bundesliga. Lell has established himself as an important part of Hertha's defense, having started every fixture so far and assuming vice-captaincy of the team.

He finished the 2010 -- 11 season with two cup appearances. He would go on to 28 league appearances, two cup appearances, an appearance in the relegation playoff. On 7 June 2012 Lell was released along with Patrick Ebert, Andreas Ottl, Andre Mijatovic; the decision to part company with Lell came a day after he was given a 5-match ban for insulting referee Wolfgang Stark during a relegation play-off match against Fortuna Düsseldorf. Following his release his agent announced his client was in discussions with Fulham and West Ham of the Premier League, with Stoke City FC showing an interest, a club Lell signed for in 2009. Lell signed for Levante on 11 August 2012; the contract is for a season plus a one-year option. He would go on to score two goals in 28 appearances in 2012–13 season and no goals in five appearances in the 2013–14 season. Christian Lell represented Germany on the Under-20 team at the 2003 FIFA World Youth Championship. Lell holds Austrian citizenship. After voicing desire to play for the Austria national football team, he was found not eligible.

Lell's sister died in April 2014 at the age of 27 from cystic fibrosis. He started a foundation for cystic fibrosis in 2009. Lell is married. Lell was arrested on 3 January 2014. Lell stated, "I controlled myself. Cause I know how fast you can get into the mill false accusations."Lell was charged with possession of cocaine, in his luxury estate. ^ Includes relegation playoff. Bayern Munich Bundesliga: 2007–08, 2009–10 DFB-Pokal: 2007–08, 2009–10 DFB Liga-Pokal: 20071. FC Köln 2. Bundesliga: 2004–05 Official website Christian Lell at

Nedelle Torrisi

Nedelle Torrisi is an American musician who lives in Los Angeles, California. Torrisi grew up performing in musicals, her mother is an pianist, while her father is an ex-jesuit priest and jazz drummer. Her brother is a neuroscientist. Torrisi studied jazz voice at Berklee College of Music, earned her BA in jazz/world music history from San Francisco State University, she has released and toured using her first name only, her full name, as Cryptacize with Chris Cohen. As a solo act, she has opened tours for Of Montreal, Destroyer, Fred Thomas, Jens Lekman, Magnolia Electric Co. and Xiu Xiu. Her first solo album, From the Lion's Mouth was released by Kill Rock Stars on February 22, 2005; the album The Locksmith Cometh was released in 2007 via the Tangrams7 label. Her debut album using her full name was self-titled, released in 2013, it was made available through online distribution only. In February 2015 this self-titled album was reissued on vinyl LP through the Ethereal Sequence record label, distributed by Drag City Records.

The vinyl LP was renamed Advice from Paradise. In May 2018 a solo album Only For You was released on Frenchkiss Records. Torrisi has performed background vocals on an album by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, entitled Before Today, Sufjan Stevens' Carrie & Lowell, a Devonte Hynes / Blood Orange album called Coastal Grooves, she played violin on an album by Xiu Xiu, provided lead vocals for a song by Saturday Looks Good To Me. She was a touring member of The Curtains in 2006, she has performed with Sufjan Stevens during his tours for The Age of Adz album, a following Christmas-themed tour. Cryptacize has been the opening band for his tour in the fall of 2009, she was a member of the band Cryptacize, who as of April 2009 had released two full-length albums on Asthmatic Kitty Records entitled Dig That Treasure and Mythomania. Torrisi sang and played keyboards in the touring lineup of The Rentals in 2014, supporting the album Lost in Alphaville. Torrisi collaborates with Babes frontman and solo artist Billy Uomo on several shared musical projects.

Torrisi and Uomo have appeared in music videos, released cover versions of Kinks songs, produced scores for film and television. Republic of two From the Lion's Mouth The Locksmith Cometh Dig That Treasure Released by Cryptacize Mythomania Released by Cryptacize Nedelle Torrisi Advice From Paradise Only for You Split cassingle with The Curtains "Friends and Ancestors" with Fred Thomas of Saturday Looks Good to Me "I Love Thousands Every Summer" b/w "Psychic Returns" Thin Wrist Recordings Don't Play Dumb video directed by Travis Peterson Can't Wait video directed by Forrest Borie Double Horizon video directed by Robert Schober Sufjan Interviews Nedelle Pitchfork Article From the Lion's Mouth review at NadaMucho Summerland review at SF Weekly Nedelle Torrisi review at AllMusic

Mustafa Yumlu

Mustafa Yumlu is a Turkish professional footballer who plays as a center back for Denizlispor in the Süper Lig. Yumlu began his footballing career as an eleven-year-old in Aydinlispor's youth team, he was transferred to Trabzonspor the following year, where he played in their youth teams until 2003. He joined another local club, Idmanocağı, competed with them for three years before joining Arsinspor in 2006. Yumlu was loaned out to 1461 Trabzon, where he competed in 29 matches, scoring one goal, he returned featuring in 34 matches while scoring four goals. Trabzonspor transferred him for the second time in 2008, but he was loaned out to 1461 Trabzon for the second time as well. Yumlu spent two years on loan at 1461 Trabzon before joining up with the Trabzonspor senior squad at the start of 2010–11 season, he competed in scoring one goal. On 10 May 2018, Yumlu helped Akhisar Belediyespor win their first professional trophy, the 2017–18 Turkish Cup. AkhisarsporTurkish Cup: 2017-18 Mustafa Yumlu at Mustafa Yumlu – UEFA competition record