Mitch Easter

Mitchell Blake Easter is a musician and record producer. Associated with the jangle pop style of guitar music, Easter is known as producer of R. E. M.'s early albums from 1981 through 1984, as frontman of the 1980s band Let's Active. Easter was born in North Carolina. Easter was involved in music from an early age, he attended the University of North Carolina, from 1974 to his graduation in 1978. He played in a number of some of them with his childhood friend Chris Stamey. In 1980, Easter started the Drive-In Studio, a professional recording studio located in what was his parents' garage. One of his earliest recording sessions was the debut single by R. E. M. "Radio Free Europe." Drive-In Studio became an integral part of the local indie-rock scene of Winston-Salem, recording a number of bands at low "knock-down" rates. Easter closed the Drive-In Studio in 1994, moved from Winston-Salem to Kernersville, North Carolina, where he opened his current recording studio, Fidelitorium Recordings; as a record producer, Easter is best known for his work with R.

E. M. from 1981 through 1984. Since 1981, Easter has produced and made musical contributions to albums from many other recording artists, including Mary Prankster, Ex Hex, Ben Folds Five, Helium, Suzanne Vega, Game Theory, The Loud Family, Marshall Crenshaw, The Connells, Velvet Crush, Ken Stringfellow, Birds of Avalon. Asked in 1999 about his favorite projects as a producer, Easter cited R. E. M.'s Chronic Town and Game Theory's records – Real Nighttime, The Big Shot Chronicles, Lolita Nation, Two Steps from the Middle Ages – which Easter called "a lot of fun, because of the variety in the way they approached recording." At the age of 15, in 1970, Easter joined the band Rittenhouse Square which included friends Chris Stamey, Peter Holsapple, Bobby Locke. Membership in the band changed frequently; the group released an independent album in 1972 but broke up in 1973, after its various members went off to college. In 1978, Easter joined Stamey's Sneakers, a band which Easter characterized as "pre-punk transitional."

Prior to Easter, the Sneakers released a self-titled 7-inch EP and one album with Easter replacing Slater, In the Red. When the Sneakers disbanded in the late 1970s, Stamey and bandmate Will Rigby formed The dB's and moved to New York. Easter did but soon returned to Winston-Salem. In January 2006, the Sneakers played a reunion show in New York. In the Red has been reissued on CD by East Side Digital and Collectors' Choice Music, in September 2015, Omnivore Recordings reissued the Sneakers EP as a CD with five bonus tracks. In 1981, Easter formed Let's Active with then-girlfriend Faye drummer Sara Romweber. Around the same time, Easter worked with R. E. M. to record their debut single, "Radio Free Europe". This initial work led to a number of collaborations with the band, with Easter producing their debut EP and their first two albums. Let's Active toured with R. E. M. which led to a recording contract with I. R. S. Records. Although Let's Active was not commercially successful, Easter's offbeat style of guitar-based pop music, which came to be known as jangle pop, was considered a major influence on groups such as R.

E. M. On the I. R. S. label, Let's Active released the EP Afoot, the albums Cypress, Big Plans for Everybody, Every Dog Has His Day. A compilation CD, Cypress/Afoot, was released in 1989. After weathering several line-up changes, Let's Active was disbanded by Easter in 1990. In August 2014, Easter and Sara Romweber reunited Let's Active for a benefit performance, inviting former Game Theory bassist Suzi Ziegler to join the group. Easter had worked with Ziegler when he produced Game Theory's 1986 album The Big Shot Chronicles. By 1990, Easter had become known as a producer and engineer. During the 1990s, Easter performed or recorded his own music, although he did join Velvet Crush as a touring guitarist for a time in the mid-1990s. In 2000, Easter re-teamed with Let's Active member Eric Marshall and with Shalini Chatterjee, to form the trio Shalini; the three briefly played under the name The Fiendish Minstrels, which featured Easter's lead vocals, as well as a selection of Let's Active tunes in its repertoire.

With Easter as guitarist for the band Shalini, as well as its producer, Shalini released the albums We Want Jelly Donuts, Metal Corner, The Surface and the Shine. Mitch Easter released his first solo album, Dynamico, on March 13, 2007; the record was the first on his own imprint, Electric Devil Records, was distributed by 125 Records. Dynamico marked Easter's first work as frontman of a band in the 18 years since he disbanded Let's Active. Easter formed a combo that toured with him in 2007 in support of the album, with Shalini as the opening act, to promote Dynamico and Shalini's 2007 album The Surface and the Shine. Easter dismissed Chatterjee from his band in January 2010, the two had divorced by 2011, their "recording relationship" was dissolved prior to the release of Shalini's 2010 album Magnetic North, produced by Easter, but on which he did not perform. In December 2010, Easter teamed with Chris Stamey, R. E. M. Bassist Mike Mills, drummer Jody Stephens of Big Star, along with a string section, to perform a live tribute performance of Big Star's album Third/Sister Lovers in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Joined by additional performers such as Matthew Sweet, the group performed a similar tribute concert in New York City on March 26, 2011, at the Barbican in London

Schwinger effect

The Schwinger effect is a predicted physical phenomenon whereby matter is created by a strong electric field. It is referred to as the Sauter–Schwinger effect, Schwinger mechanism, or Schwinger pair production, it is a prediction of quantum electrodynamics in which electron-positron pairs are spontaneously created in the presence of an electric field, thereby causing the decay of the electric field. The effect was proposed by Fritz Sauter in 1931 and further important work was carried out by Werner Heisenberg and Hans Heinrich Euler in 1936, though it was not until 1951 when Julian Schwinger gave a complete theoretical description. Schwinger pair production in a constant electric field takes place at a constant rate per unit volume referred to as Γ; the rate was first calculated by Schwinger and at leading order in e 2, the square of the charge of an electron, is equal to Γ = 2 4 π 3 c ℏ 2 ∑ n = 1 ∞ 1 n 2 e − π m 2 c 3 n e E ℏ where m is the mass of an electron and E is the electric field strength.

This formula cannot be expanded in a Taylor series in e 2, showing the nonperturbative nature of this effect. In terms of Feynman diagrams, one can derive the rate of Schwinger pair production by summing the infinite set of diagrams shown below, containing one electron loop and any number of external photon legs, each with zero energy; the Schwinger effect has never been observed due to the strong electric-field strengths required. Pair production takes place exponentially when the electric field strength is much below the Schwinger limit, corresponding to 10 18 V / m. With current and planned laser facilities, this is an unfeasibly strong electric-field strength, so various mechanisms have been proposed to speed up the process and thereby reduce the electric-field strength required for its observation; the rate of pair production may be increased in time-dependent electric fields, as such is being pursued by high-intensity laser experiments such as the Extreme Light Infrastructure. Another possibility is to include a charged nucleus which itself produces a strong electric field.

Schwinger limit Vacuum polarization

Jet Set Satellite

Jet Set Satellite is a Canadian rock band based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Jet Set Satellite was founded in 1998 by singer/guitarist Trevor Tuminski and multi-instrumentalist/producer Dave Swiecicki; the pair released their debut album "Blueprint" in 2000, via Nettwerk Records. Touring with three hired musicians, the duo celebrated two Top 20 Canadian hit singles, "Best Way to Die" and "Baby, Cool Your Jets", at rock radio, tie-in videos that received regular rotation on MuchMusic and MTV Europe that year. Guitarist Mike Keller would soon become a member and, in 2001, bass player Tery Kazakoff and drummer Rich Reid were added to the group's lineup. In 2003, Tuminski and Swiecicki exercised an escape clause in their contract with Nettwerk so that the five band members could work on a second album with more creative freedom. During this time, Jet Set Satellite's music appeared in various media, including feature films "American Outlaws" and "Soul Survivors," and video game EA Sports' NHL 2002. By mid-2004, the band would part ways with Kazakoff, before releasing an independent follow-up to "Blueprint", entitled "Vegas," on October 25, 2005, distributed by Fusion 3.

The title track, ``. The band toured independently throughout 2005 and 2006 to promote "Vegas," adding bass player Jay Rink to the fold by the end of the album's promotional campaign. "Together" was featured in the season finale of TV's ER and an episode of TV's "Tru Calling," "Belonging" was synchronized in a made-for-TV movie titled "Grizzly Rage," and "Among the Living" was featured in a TV show called "Johnny Zero." In August 2008, Jet Set Satellite released its third album, "End of an Era," distributed by Storming The Base. The songs "Ladykiller" and "Black. Heart. Burn" were released as singles and would be the extent of the album's promotion as the band went on hiatus by late 2008. In 2013, after more than four years of silence, members of Jet Set Satellite released a rewrite of its hit single "Baby, Cool Your Jets," in honour of the return of the NHL to Winnipeg, called "Baby, Fuel Your Jets." In late 2014, the band issued a digital-only, limited-time-only release of rarities and unreleased material called "Ashes From the Fire."

The songs "Ladykiller" and "Black. Heart. Burn" appeared in numerous episodes of Guillermo del Toro's FX TV series "The Strain" as the sound of the character of Bolivar's band. Band members: Trevor Tuminski - vocals, guitar Dave "Bulldog" Swiecicki - keyboards, percussion, production Mike Keller - lead guitar Rich Reid - drums Jay Rink - bass guitar Tery Kazakoff - bass guitar Blueprint - 2000, Nettwerk RecordsLies by the Thousands Best Way to Die The Night it Went Too Far Blueprint The Goodbye Letter Baby, Cool Your Jets After the Rain Tinfoil Star Afterglow SuddenlyVegas - 2005, IndependentThe Slow Descent Holding On and Never Letting Go Vegas We're Above This Together Belonging Remover Among the Living Please Capture Me Walk Away Invisible Words I'm What You NeedEnd Of An Era - 2008, IndependentThe Beast Ladykiller Black. Heart. Burn Resurrexit You and I XOXO If Not Now Never This Is Not a Come On By the Dark of Night Children of the Grave The Mark Band MySpace Page Street Team MySpace Page JetSetSatelliteTV