Mohamed Al-Fayed

Mohamed Al-Fayed is an Egyptian businessman. Fayed's business interests include ownership of Hôtel Ritz Paris and Harrods Department Store. Al-Fayed sold Fulham F. C. to Shahid Khan in 2013. Fayed had a son, from his first marriage to Samira Khashoggi from 1954 to 1956. Dodi died in a car crash in Paris with Diana, Princess of Wales, on 31 August 1997. Fayed remarried to Finnish socialite and former model Heini Wathén in 1985, with whom he has four children: Jasmine, Karim and Omar. In 2013, Fayed's wealth was estimated at US$1.4 billion, making him the 1,031st-richest person in the world. He was born Mohamed Fayed on 27 January 1929, in Roshdy, Egypt, the eldest son of an Egyptian primary school teacher. Fayed has five siblings: Ali, Salah and Safia. Ali and Salah have been his business colleagues, he was married from 1954 to 1956, to Samira Khashoggi. Fayed worked with Saudi Arabian arms dealer and businessman Adnan Khashoggi; some time in the early 1970s, he began using "Al-Fayed" rather than "Fayed".

His brothers Ali and Salah began to follow suit at the time of their acquisition of the House of Fraser in the 1980s, though by the late 1980s, both had reverted to calling themselves "Fayed". Some have assumed that Fayed's addition of "Al-" to his name was to imply aristocratic origins, like "de" in French or "von" in German, though Al- does not have the same social connotations in Arabic; this assumption led to Private Eye nicknaming him the "Phoney Pharaoh". Fayed and his brothers founded a shipping company in Egypt before moving its headquarters to Genoa, Italy with offices in London. Around 1964 Fayed entered a close relationship with Haitian leader François Duvalier, known as'Papa Doc' Duvalier, became interested in the construction of a Fayed-Duvalier oil refinery in Haiti, he associated with the geologist George de Mohrenschildt. Fayed terminated his stay in Haiti six months when a sample of "crude oil" provided by Haitian associates proved to be low-grade molasses, it was that Fayed moved to England where he lived in central London.

In the mid 1960s, Fayed met the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who entrusted Fayed with helping transform Dubai, where he set up IMS in 1968. Fayed introduced British companies like the Costain Group, Bernard Sunley & Sons and Taylor Woodrow to the Emirate to carry out the required construction work, he became a financial adviser to the Sultan of Brunei Omar Ali Saifuddien III, in 1966. He joined the board of the mining conglomerate Lonrho in 1975 but left after a disagreement. In 1979, Fayed bought The Ritz hotel in France for US$30 million. In 1984, Fayed and his brothers purchased a 30 percent stake in House of Fraser, a group that included the famous London store Harrods, from Roland'Tiny' Rowland, the head of Lonrho. In 1985, he and his brothers bought the remaining 70 percent of House of Fraser for £615m. Rowland claimed the Fayed brothers lied about their background and wealth and he put pressure on the government to investigate them. A Department of Trade and Industry inquiry into the Fayeds was launched.

The DTI's subsequent report was critical, but no action was taken against the Fayeds, while many believed the contents of the report, others felt it was politically motivated. In 1998, Rowland accused Fayed of stealing jewels from his Harrods safe deposit box. Fayed was arrested. Rowland died in 1998. Fayed settled the dispute with a payment to his widow. In 1994, House of Fraser went public, he re-launched the humour publication Punch in 1996 but it folded again in 2002. AlFayed applied for British citizenship twice -- once once in 1999 unsuccessfully, it was suggested that the feud with Rowland contributed to Fayed's being refused British citizenship the first time. In 1994, in what became known as the cash-for-questions affair, Mohammed Fayed revealed the names of MPs he had paid to ask questions in parliament on his behalf, but who had failed to declare their fees, it saw the Conservative MPs Neil Hamilton and Tim Smith leave the government in disgrace, a Committee on Standards in Public Life established to prevent such corruption occurring again.

Fayed revealed that the cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken had stayed for free at the Ritz Hotel in Paris at the same time as a group of Saudi arms dealers leading to Aitken's subsequent unsuccessful libel case and imprisonment for perjury. During this period, from 1988 to February 1998, Al-Fayed's spokesman was Michael Cole, a former BBC journalist, although Cole's PR work for Al-Fayed did not cease in 1998. Hamilton lost a subsequent libel action against Al-Fayed in December 1999 and a subsequent appeal against the verdict in December 2000; the former MP has always denied. Hamilton's libel action related to a Channel 4 Dispatches documentary broadcast on 16 January 1997 in which Al-Fayed made claims that the MP had received up to £110,000 in cash and received other gratuities for asking parliamentary questions. Hamilton's basis for his appeal was that the original verdict was invalid because Al-Fayed had paid £10,000 for documents stolen from the dustbins of Hamilton's legal representatives by Benjamin Pell.

In 2003, Fayed moved from Surrey, UK to Switzerland, alleging a breach in an agreement with Inland Revenue. In 2005, he moved back to Britain, saying that he "regards

Static Thought

Static Thought was a punk rock band formed in 2000 in Richmond, California, by Travis Davant, Eric Urbach, Charlie Vincent. Static Thought includes Urbach on guitar and vocals, Johaan Hill on bass and vocals, Aaron Younce on guitar and vocals, Drew Cueva on drums. Band members met in Middle School; the band self-released their first EP "Were Dumb" under this line up. After playing a few shows, Vincent left the band in 2003, was replaced by Mike Leon. During this period of the band, the band released the EP "Outta Control". Soon after, Vincent rejoined the band on rhythm guitar in 2005. Soon after his venture back into band Vincent decided to leave and was replaced by Garcia that year. In 2006, Static Thought Signed to Hellcat Records; that Summer. Soon after the tour, the band went into the studio and recorded their first full length "In The Trenches". Soon after in 2007, Leon was replaced by Hill; the band continued to tour across the Canada. In 2008 The band went into the studio and recorded tracks for a split with Societys Parasites, their acclaimed full length "The Motive For Movement".

They headed on extensive touring of Europe and America. After the extensive touring in 2009, Davant decided to leave the band and was replaced soon after by Drew Cueva. Heading into the new decade the band has begun to work on new songs for a new Full Length album and more touring. In the summer of 2010 A split with wartortle was released on Swamp Cabbage Records; the band headed to the UK for a 10-day tour including a stop at the Leeds Festivals. The band quit in 2012. 2012 "Static Thought" 2008 "The Motive For Movement" 2007 "In the Trenches" 2011 "Soylent Green" 2010 "Static Thought//Wartortle 7"Split" 2008 "From The Bay to LA" 2005 "Outta Control" 2004 "Were Dumb" 2006 Track 17 "Victim of Hate" on "Give'Em the Boot V" The Official Static Thought Web site The Static Thought Myspace site Hellcat Records

Mungaru Male

Mungaru Male is a 2006 Indian Kannada-language musical romantic drama film co-written and directed by Yogaraj Bhat, produced by E. Krishnappa, it stars Pooja Gandhi and Anant Nag in lead roles. The film is believed to have shaped and strengthened the careers of Ganesh, Pooja Gandhi, director Yograj Bhat, lyricist Jayant Kaikini, choreographers A. Harsha, Imran Sardaria, composer Mano Murthy and others in Kannada cinema, made Bollywood playback singers Sonu Nigam, Kunal Ganjawala, Udit Narayan, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal popular in the state, it was the first film in India to be screened continuously for over one year in a multiplex, holds the record for the longest-running film at a multiplex in addition to having the highest recorded box-office collections in history of Kannada cinema and went on to become a national record in Indian cinema for running one year in PVR cinemas. It became the first Kannada film to cross the ₹50 crore box office collection mark, it ran over 865 days in Karnataka and collected an estimated ₹50–75 crore.

It ran for a record 460 days in PVR and the multiplex in a special ceremony to mark the occasion gifted the director a crystal rose, mentioning the record. It was remade in 2008 in Telugu as Vaana, in 2008 in Bengali as Premer Kahini in 2009 in Odia as Romeo - The Lover Boy and in 2017 in Marathi as Premay Namaha. A sequel to the film titled Mungaru Male 2 was released in 2016. Preetam is on a visit to Eva Mall in Bangalore. While staring at her, he inadvertently falls into a manhole. Nandini rescues him from the pit, but in the process loses her heart-shaped watch she had just bought. While accompanying his mother to Madikeri in Coorg, Preetam confronts a man named Jaanu. Jaanu, following Nandini, beats Preetam thinking that he is in love with Nandini. Preetam, unaware that Jaanu has vowed not to allow anyone near Nandini, trashes Jaanu and his gang in revenge. In Madikeri, Preetam unexpectedly meets Nandini, he identifies himself and expresses his love towards her and offers to tie the watch as an indication for their marriage.

Nandini, engaged, rejects his request. Nonetheless, Preetam vows to marry Nandini. In the meantime, Preetam discovers that his nearly-deaf host in Madikeri, Col. Subbaiah, is Nandini's father and that Nandini's marriage is only a week away. Dejected, Preetam throws Nandini's heart-shaped watch away, but Nandini taunts him to return. Delighted, Preetam goes in search of her watch and spots a rabbit, which he calls Devadas, brings it along with the watch. Since Nandini's friends are due to arrive from Mumbai for the marriage, Preetam takes Nandini to the railway station; the train is delayed by five hours, so Nandini and Preetam decide to visit a nearby hill-temple. While returning from the temple and Nandini are caught in rain. An old couple offers Nandini to take shelter inside their hut. Preetam, still in two minds about expressing his love to Nandini, grabs a couple of toddy bottles, goes out in the rain and starts drinking. However, when Nandini walks towards him, offering an umbrella, he is under a state of intoxication and tells Nandini that he'd better stay away from Nandini to remain a decent boy, rather than to propose or elope with her.

Nandini is in a dilemma as her wedding is due in a few days. She asks him to take her to the top of a waterfall where she expresses her love for him while standing at the edge. Preetam, intent on marrying Nandini, takes Col. Subbaiah for a morning jog to discuss the matter, but Col. Subbaiah, a heart patient, tells Preetham that he's expected to die anytime and his only aim in life is to get Nandini married to Gautam an army officer who saved his life one day during a war, he sees the fear in Nandini's mother when she sensed Nandini could be in love with someone else as the wedding was to happen the next day and all invitations were out. She felt it would be unfair to a good person like Gautham. Hence Preetam decides to let Gautham marry Nandini; the night before the wedding, an depressed Preetam goes to a road-side bar to drink. Gautam arriving for his wedding cemoney, with heavy rains and interior broken roads of Coorg, asks the bar-owner for directions to Col. Subbaiah's home; the next day, Preetam brings Gautam to the marriage house as Gautam was getting late and his car had issue.

They reached just in time for the ceremony. Gautam asks for the heart-shaped watch as a remembrance but Preetham leaves, unwilling to part with it. There is a search for Preetam, only his mother knows the truth about his love, but hides her worry. Resignedly, Preetam watches the arch proclaiming "Gautham weds Nandini" and the marriage taking place in Kodava style; as he leaves, he takes it with him. Driving towards Bangalore, Preetham confides in Devdas as to how much he loved Nandini, how he wished he had a life with her, soon realizes that Devdas has died; the film ends with Preetham burying Devdas. Ganesh as Preetam Pooja Gandhi as Nandini Ananth Nag as Colonel Subbaiah, Nandini's father Sudha Belawadi as Kamala, Preetam's mother Padmaja Rao as "Bubbly" Babita, Nandini's mother Neenasam Ashwath as Jolly Diganth as Gautam, Nandini's fiancé Jai Jagadish as Preetam's father Sanchita Shetty as Nandini's friend Director Yograj Bhat, who had earlier dabbled in advertising and corporate films, began working on the script o