Monreale is a town and comune in the Metropolitan City of Palermo, in Sicily, southern Italy. It is located on the slope of Monte Caputo, overlooking the fertile valley called "La Conca d'oro", a production area of orange and almond trees, the produce of, exported in large quantities; the town, which has a population of 39,000, is about 7 kilometres inland of Palermo, the regional capital. Monreale is home to a historical Norman-Byzantine cathedral; this has been designated as one of several buildings named in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a group of nine inscribed as Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalù and Monreale. After the occupation of Palermo by the Arabs, the Bishop of Palermo was forced to move his seat outside the capital; the role of cathedral was assigned to a modest little church, Aghia Kiriaki, in a nearby village known as Monreale. After the Norman conquest in 1072, Christians took back the former Palermo cathedral; the village's role as temporary ecclesiastical centre played a part in King William II's decision to build a cathedral here.

Monreale was a small village for a long time. When the Norman Kings of Sicily chose the area as their hunting resort, more people and commerce came to the area after the royalty built a palace. Under King William II, a large monastery of Benedictines coming from Cava de' Tirreni, with its church, was founded and provided with large assets; the new construction had an important defensive function. Monreale was the seat of the metropolitan archbishop of Sicily, which from on exerted a significant influence over Sicily. In the 19th century, underage marriages, or those performed without the blessing of the bride's parents, were known as "the marriages of Monreale", according to Eliza Lynn Linton; these referred to marriages performed in remote places, where the law was less observed.. The cathedral of Monreale is one of the greatest extant examples of Norman architecture, it was completed four years later. In 1182 the church, dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, was, by a bull of Pope Lucius III, elevated to the rank of a metropolitan cathedral.

The church is one of the most important attractions of Sicily. Its size is 40 meters wide; the façade is characterized by two large towers and a portal with Romanesque bronze doors decorated by Bonanno Pisano. The interior is on the Latin cross plan, divided by ogival arcades, features fresco cycles executed during the reigns of William II and Tancred of Sicily; the cloister has 228 small columns, each with different decorations influenced by Provençal, Burgundian and Salerno medieval art. Castellaccio, an example of fortified convent on the Monte Caputo, at 764 m above the sea level, it was built in the 12th century by King William II together with the Cathedral and the annexed monastery. It measures c. 80 x 30 m on an irregular plan with four towers on the western side, a middle tower and an entrance tower on the eastern side. Abbey church of San Martino delle Scale, founded in the 6th century AD, it is on the Latin cross plan with a dome, a choir with paintings by Paolo De Matteis, two small side apses, chapels in the transept and ten chapel in each of the aisles.

The interior was decorated in 1602 with stuccoes. The baptismal font near the sacristy is from 1396. Church of Collegiata Church of Santa Ciriaca Church of San Silvestro Monreale is twinned with: Bielsko-Biała, Poland Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalù and Monreale Monreale tourist guide Adrian Fletcher’s Paradoxplace – Monreale Cathedral and Cloisters

Tana Chanabut

Tana Chanabut known as Man is a Thai professional footballer who plays as a Forward for Thai League 3 club Khon Kaen United and the Thailand national team. Tana has played for Thailand Premier League side Provincial Electricity Authority FC and Coke's rivals Chonburi FC whom he played on loan at for the second half of the Thailand Premier League 2008 season, when Chonburi themselves came runners up, he moved back to Coke at the end of the 2008 league campaign. On 8 September 2015, he played for Thailand in the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification against Iraq. Tana is known for his acceleration; as of 11 October 2016 Thailand Tobacco MonopolyThai Premier League: 2004-05Police UnitedThai Division 1 League: 2015 ThailandKing's Cup: 2016Thailand U-23Sea Games Gold Medal.

Keen's myotis

Keen's myotis is a species of vesper bat. It is found in Washington and Alaska in the United States, it is named after the Rev. John Henry Keen, who collected the specimen that formed the basis for the first scientific description of the species. Classification for Keen's myotis included the Northern long-eared Myotis, resulting in older studies confusing the species for one another. Measurements: Forearm 1.4-1.6 in. WT 0.25-0.33 oz. Average body length 8–9 cm, tail length 4–5 cm. In appearance, Keen's myotis is similar to other long-eared bats of the same range, with characteristic dark brown patches on the shoulders. Keen's myotis prefers coastal habitats, but is found in urban areas as well, it roosts in trees and rock crevices. It is insectivorous. Keen's Myotis exhibits the same breeding habits of other temperate vespertilionids, but there is little data available. In the wild, Keen's myotis is recorded living upwards of 12 years, while in captivity, it is reported living 19 years. Bats of Canada Bats of the United States Keen's Myotis at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History