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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research in astronomy and astrophysics. It has been in continuous existence since 1827 and publishes letters and papers reporting original research in relevant fields. Despite the name, the journal is no longer monthly, nor does it carry the notices of the Royal Astronomical Society; the first issue of MNRAS was published on 9 February 1827 as Monthly Notices of the Astronomical Society of London and it has been in continuous publication since. It took its current name from the second volume, after the Astronomical Society of London became the Royal Astronomical Society; until 1960 it carried the monthly notices of the RAS, at which time these were transferred to the newly established Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society and to its successor journal Astronomy & Geophysics. Until 1965, MNRAS was published in-house by the society. From 2013, MNRAS is published by Oxford University Press.

The journal is no longer monthly, with thirty-six issues a year divided into nine volumes. MNRAS publishes peer-reviewed articles on original research in astronomy and astrophysics. Two sorts of article are carried by MNRAS: papers, which can be of any length, letters, which are published more but are limited to five pages in length. Letters used to appear on pink pages in the print edition of the journal, but are now only published in full in the online edition with a contents list in the print edition. Editorial control of the journal is exercised by the RAS through an editorial board of professional astronomers; the stated policy of the RAS is "to focus on high quality papers through rigorous peer review and, as far as practicable, to provide free publication". Authors are not charged for publishing in MNRAS, with the costs of publications being met by subscriptions. MNRAS provides a form of open access by providing authors with the option to pay for publication, allowing free access by anyone without charge.

Fellows of the RAS are given free online access to the RAS journals as part of their membership benefits. Downloadable PDF versions of MNRAS articles are made available 36 months after publication, on both the journal website and the Astrophysics Data System. MNRAS permits self-archiving by authors on personal webpages, in institutional repositories, on the arXiv server. Authors are provided with a link to a perpetually accessible PDF file, the idea being that the file itself should not be hosted by the author nor by anyone except the publisher, while the link to it can be distributed; this is the modern equivalent of offprints, paper copies of the article which used to be provided to the author to distribute as he or she saw fit. Authors do not assign copyright to the RAS or OUP, but are required to grant an exclusive licence to publish the article prior to its publication; the following persons have served as Editor-in-Chief: David Flower Robert Carswell Andy Fabian John Shakeshaft Roger Tayler Function performed by the Secretaries of the RAS Council Arthur Cayley Richard Proctor Arthur Cayley Robert Grant Richard Sheepshanks The journal is abstracted and indexed in: According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2012 impact factor of 5.521.

Astronomical Journal Astrophysical Journal Astronomy and Astrophysics Dreyer, John L. E.. History of the Royal Astronomical Society: Volume 1, 1820–1920. London: Royal Astronomical Society. Tayler, Roger, ed.. History of the Royal Astronomical Society: Volume 2, 1920–1980. London: Royal Astronomical Society. Official website

Yor, the Hunter from the Future (soundtrack)

Yor, the Hunter from the Future soundtrack LP was released in 1983 by Southern Cross Records. This album contains music by Maurizio De Angelis and John Scott. Although John Scott was hired to compose music for the US version, much of his music was replaced by additional music by Guido and Maurizio de Angelis. Southern Cross Records producer John Steven Lasher was obliged to include the De Angelis music. A remastered expanded Yor, the Hunter from the Future soundtrack CD on the BSX Records label, BSXCD 8890, was released in 2011. A different Australian CD release features only John Scott's work. MUSIC BY JOHN SCOTT 1. Yor’s Theme 2. Main Title 3. Aerial Assault 4. Death Rules This Land 5. Queen Roa 6. At The Waterfall 7. Ambushed 8. Search For Ka-Laa 9. Seaside Idyll 10. Journey To The Island 11. March Of The Overlord 12. Mysterious Island 13; the Revolution Begins 14. Reinforced 15. Final Battle/Race To The Shuttle 16. Yor’s Theme 17. Ka-Laa’s Dance ADDITIONAL MUSIC BY GUIDO AND MAURIZIO DE ANGELIS 18. Flight From The Cavern 19.

Get Into The Seaside 20. Roa’s Death 21; the Bombed Village 22. Yor and Roa At The Waterfall 23; the Journey 24. The Final Battle 25. Hurricane 26. Fight With The Firemen 27. Yor’s Memories 28; the Sacrifice Of The Fire 29. Yor’s World Total Time: 73:38 website

Champagne (2014 film)

Champagne is a 2014 Nigerian romantic thriller film and directed by Emem Isong. It stars Majid Michel, Alexx Ekubo, Mbong Amata, Susan Peters, Tana Adelana, Kokotso Charlotte, introduces Rosemary Zimu as Champagne; this is Emem Isong's first film as a director. The film tells the story of a young couple, who are in an "open marriage", they meet Mr Douglas, who takes them on an unexpected ride. Alexx Ekubo as Tare Hopewell Rosemary Zimu as Champagne Majid Michel as Mr Douglas Mbong Amata as Susan Peters as Tana Adelana as Kokotso Charlotte as Padita Agu as Anita Chris as On the title of the film "Champagne", Isong states: "I just wanted to do something, a bit associated with glitz and glamour, so I decided to name the lead character'Champagne'. There's nothing more to it"; the film was shot in South Africa and Houston, Texas in the United States. Shooting in South Africa in particular, posed a challenge, as the Isong had never worked in the country before now. Champagne is Emem Isong's first film as a director.

The theatrical trailer of Champagne was released on 19 November 2014. The film premiered in Lagos on 19 December 2014, started showing at the cinemas on the same day, it premiered in the United Kingdom in March 2015. The film so far has received negative critical reviews, Rosemary Zimu's performance has however been commended by most critics. Nollywood Reinvented rated the film 46%, concluding: "Alexx Ekubo and Rosemary Zimu played off each other’s strength and were able to hold the movie together in their scenes. Alexx is improving as an actor and Rosemary does pretty well for a new actress though they both could have explored deeper into the emotions". Oris Aigbokhaevbolo of True Nollywood Stories gave a negative review, commenting: "An exploration of that tension between marital duties and financial necessities could take up the duration of a movie, but not with this attention-deficit fare. An unconvincing thriller in romance, near-comic clothing, it seems no one told the actors. Save for South African newcomer Rosemary Zimu, the actors look unprepared for the film’s turning point moment.

Emem Isong’s Champagne Fails To Pop". Samod Biobaku panned the film and performances from the actors, commenting: "In this movie, Emem struggles with creative consistency. From the lighting to the shallow dialogues and this rolls into a plot, so loose, it becomes painfully disjointed. Midway into the movie, the feeling that you could walk out of the cinema hall and ask a friend to tell you what happened afterwards proved a realistic option; the story grips the highway of a saccharine-littered storyline that falls, trips, takes flight, trips again, breaks down and somehow, manages to hurl its bulky frame across the finish-line where conflicts are resolved". List of Nigerian films of 2014 Champagne trailer on YouTube