Pucheng County, Fujian

Pucheng County is a county under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Nanping, in northern Fujian province, People's Republic of China, bordering Jiangxi to the northwest and Zhejiang to the east. The county is named for a major tributary to the Min River. Pucheng comprises 3,383.02 square kilometres in the Wuyi Mountains which separates Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. It borders Songxi County to the southeast, Jianyang District to the south and Wuyishan City to the west, all within Nanping; the municipality of Shangrao, borders to the northwest. Pucheng dialect shares some is classed among the Southern Chinese varieties, it is however not demonstrably a member of the Min dialect group, pending further research must stand as an isolate - the sole exemplar of the Pucheng group of Southern Chinese. Some Wu dialects and the Northern Min dialect of Shibei are spoken in Pucheng. Pucheng-style Papercutting Min-school Guqin The county administers 2 street offices, 9 towns and 8 townships; the county executive and judiciary are in Nanpu Street Office, together with the CPC and PSB branches.

Nanpu - the county seat Hebin Fuling Shibei Linjiang Xianyang Shuibeijie Yongxing Zhongxin Liantang Jiumu Wan'an Gulou Shanxia Fengxi Haocun Guancuo Panting Guanlu S0311 Pucheng-Jianning Expressway Pucheng Rouyan/Taipingyan tofu ball osmanthus tea wild jujube cake baojiu In 2006 mound tombs of the Wuyue Kingdom were discovered in Guanjiu village.. Considered a significant element of Wuyue culture, these are the first such tombs discovered in Fujian Province. 72 bronze funerary articles were excavated from the tombs, making the excavation the largest harvest of bronze items in Fujian archaeological history. Pucheng County official site

Aimé Félix Tschiffely

Aimé Félix Tschiffely was a Swiss-born, Argentine professor and adventurer. A. F. Tschiffely wrote a number of books, most famously Tschiffely's Ride in which he recounts his solo journey on horseback from Argentina to New York City, an epic adventure that still marks one of the greatest horse rides of all time. Tschiffely was a household name in the United States during the 1930s, meeting with President Calvin Coolidge and appearing in National Geographic Magazine and earning a living from his popular book sales. A. F. Tschiffely was born into an old Swiss family in Bern in 1895 where he was educated and became a teacher. An adventurer at heart, he left Switzerland to teach in England in his early 20s, but found a new passion as a professional footballer and boxer, he moved to Buenos Aires where he settled into teaching again, at St. George's College, as the temporary headmaster of the Buenos Aires English High School, but still found time on long vacations for adventures riding horses and exploring the surrounding pampas.

He learned a lot about horses and outdoor travel. In 1925, at the age of thirty, he decided to undertake a journey by horseback from Buenos Aires to Washington DC. At the time most would assume. Newspaper at the time declared "Impossible! Absurd! The man must be mad!". He wrote about his ride in a bestselling book called Southern Cross to Pole Star, The Ride or Tschiffely's Ride in which he recounts his epic three-year journey from 1925 to 1928 on two native Criollo horses named Mancha and Gato, direct descendants of horses brought to Argentina by the conquistador Pedro de Mendoza in 1535, the first horses brought to the new world; these horses were of the best Spanish stock, at the time, the best in Europe, which had gone feral in the pampas. They were legendary for their toughness and stamina. After Ride Tschiffely became a famous successful author and moved with his wife Violet to London where he continued to write more books, one of, a biography of his friend Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham who had died in 1936.

In 1937 he returned to South America and made another journey, by car, to the southern tip of the continent, recording his experiences among the natives and the changes brought on by modernity in This Way Southward. Tschiffely's Southern Cross to Pole Star. ISBN 978-1-59048-011-3 The Tale of Two Horses ISBN 1-59048-012-0; the story of The Ride from the viewpoint of his two horses and Gato. Bridle Paths: the story of a ride through rural England. Travels through Britain on horseback, a poetic look at a now-vanished Britain, as it was before the advent of suburbia changed it forever. ISBN 1-59048-013-9 Don Roberto: The Life of R B Cunninghame Graham. London: William Heinneman Ltd. Coricancha: Discovery of Peru and conquest of the Inca empire. See Coricancha; this Way Southward. Recounts his journey by car to Tierra del Fuego and emotional reunion with his two horses Mancha and Gato. ISBN 1-59048-014-7 Ming and Ping. Bohemia Junction. A biography of 40 years of travel and adventure. ISBN 1-59048-015-5 Round and about Spain ISBN 978-1-59048-268-1.

Matt Cass - a tale of a man from the north. Tschiffely was a admirer of Scots-Australian bush poet Will H. Ogilvie. Ogilvie's poem Saddles again makes reference to Tschiffely's horses'Gato' and'Mancha' used in the Ride. Official website Tschiffely's books Tschiffely's Patagonia Tschiffely and Gato, Heroes of the Pampas Tschiffely's route from Buenos Aires to New York