Moroccans in France

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Moroccans in France
Total population

1,500,000 [1][2]

(433,026) Moroccan-born people[3]
French (Maghrebi French),
Arabic (Moroccan Arabic),
Berber (Tashlhit, Tarifit, Central Atlas Tamazight)
Majority Sunni Islam,
minority Judaism and Roman Catholicism
Related ethnic groups
Algerians in France
Tunisians in France

Moroccans in France are people of Moroccan descent living in France. People of Moroccan origin account for a large sector of the total population in France. Following France's colonial rule in Morocco from 1912 to 1956, many Moroccans chose to immigrate to France from the 1960s to the present due to France's favorable economic conditions.


The 2011 Census recorded 433,026 Moroccan-born people.[4]

Year Moroccan-born population + descendance Foreigners Migrants Other data
1999 387,654[5] 506,000[6]
2005 846,901[7]
2006 859,026[7]
2007 870,871[7] 452,000[6]
2008 881,334[7] 1,314,000[8][9] 654.000[10]
2011 433,026[4] 679,983[11]

Notable people[edit]

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