My Three Sons

My Three Sons is an American sitcom. The series had a long run, from 1960 through 1972. ABC broadcast the show from 1960 through 1965, the series moved to CBS until the end of its run on April 13, 1972. My Three Sons chronicles the life of widower and aeronautical engineer Steven Douglas as he raises his three sons; the series featured William Frawley as the boys' live-in maternal grandfather and housekeeper, William Michael Francis "Bub" O'Casey. William Demarest, playing Bub's brother, "Uncle Charley", replaced Frawley in 1965 due to Frawley's illness. In September 1965, eldest son Mike married fiancée Sally Ann Morrison, his character was written out of the show. To keep the emphasis on "three sons", original youngest son Chip's friend Ernie was adopted. In the program's years, Steven Douglas remarried and adopted his new wife's young daughter Dorothy; the series was a cornerstone of the CBS lineups in the 1960s. With 380 episodes produced, it is third to The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as television's longest-running live-action sitcom.

Disney producer Bill Walsh mused on whether the concept of the show was inspired by the film The Shaggy Dog, as in his view they shared "the same dog, the same kids, Fred MacMurray". The show began on ABC in black-and-white; the first season, consisting of 36 episodes, was directed in its entirety by Peter Tewksbury, who produced and scripted the programs. During the 1964 fall season, William Frawley, who played Bub, was declared too ill to work by Desilu Studios, as the company was informed that insuring the actor would be too costly. Frawley continued in the role, he was replaced by William Demarest, who played his hard-nosed brother Uncle Charley, introduced partway through the 1964-1965 season. According to the storyline, Bub returns to Ireland to help his Aunt Kate celebrate her 104th birthday. Soon after, brother Charley stays on. Charley, a cello-playing merchant sailor, was a soft-hearted curmudgeon, who proved to be a responsible caregiver. Frawley left the series before the end of the 1964-1965 season.

Peter Tewksbury directed the first season. The succeeding director, Richard Whorf, took over the reins for one season and was in turn followed by former actor-turned-director Gene Reynolds from 1962 to 1964. James V. Kern, an experienced Hollywood television director who had helmed the "Hollywood" and "Europe" episodes of I Love Lucy, continued in this role for two years until his untimely death in late 1966, aged 57. Director James Sheldon was contracted to finish episodes, completed by Kern to complete that season. Fred De Cordova was the show's longest and most consistent director of the series until he left in 1971 to produce The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Earl Bellamy rounded out the series as director of the show's final year. My Three Sons moved to the CBS television network for the 1965-1966 season after ABC declined to underwrite the expense of producing the program in color. Along with the change in networks and the transition to color, Tim Considine, playing eldest son Mike, had chosen not to renew his contract due to a clash with executive producer Don Fedderson over Considine's wish to direct but not co-star in the series.

In an August 1989 interview on the Pat Sajak Show, he explained that he was devoted to car racing, which his contract forbade. His character was written out, along with Meredith MacRae, who had played his fiancée Sally, in a wedding episode, the premiere of the 1965–1966 season on CBS. After this episode, Mike is mentioned in only four succeeding episodes and is never seen again at Robbie and Steve's weddings. In the episode "Steve and the Huntress", Mike is mentioned as teaching at a college. MacRae joined Petticoat Junction the following year, the last of three actresses to play Billie Jo Bradley. To keep the show's title plausible, the show's head writer, George Tibbles, fashioned a three-part story arc in which an orphaned friend of youngest brother Richard, Ernie Thompson, awaits adoption when his current foster parents are transferred to the Orient. Steve offers to adopt Ernie but faces antagonism from Uncle Charley, who finds Ernie a bit grating and forecasts major headaches over both the boy and his dog.

It transpires that a law requires a woman to live in the home of an adoptive family. A likable female social worker supervises the case and the Douglases speculate that Steve might marry the woman, to make the adoption possible but they both agree this is not reason enough for them to be married; the family does not need to hire a housekeeper, since Uncle Charley has things running smoothly. The family soon appears before a judge who researches the law and determines that its intent is to ensure a full-time caregiver is in the household. With Charley meeting that role and having had a change of heart about Ernie, Charley assents to a legal fiction declaring him "housemother" to the Douglas family. While the three sons were always central to the st

Caleb TerBush

Caleb Stephen TerBush is a former American football quarterback. He played for the Purdue University Boilermakers and was signed by the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League from May to August 2013. TerBush went to Metamora Township High School in Illinois. There he was a three sport athlete. For football he was coached by Pat Ryan, led his squad to 14–0 record and Class 5A state championship. After the season, he was named first team all-area and all-conference, special mention all-state after passing for 1,575 yards and 16 touchdowns with just three interceptions, while rushing for 859 yards with 16 touchdowns; as a result, he was selected team co-Most Valuable Player. As a freshman and junior, he played as a wide receiver; as a college recruit, he was listed as a three-star prospect ranked as the #32 quarterback nationally by, ranked as #6 player in Illinois by TerBush committed to Purdue University on September 29, 2007. TerBush was not recruited, was discovered at Joe Tiller's passing camp, the same way Purdue found former Boilermaker great Kyle Orton.

During the 2008 season, his first year, TerBush redshirted to gain a better grasp of the college game and the Purdue playbook. In 2009, TerBush was a backup to Joey Elliott, only played in one game, a contest against the Wisconsin Badgers on October 31, he completed four of ten passes for 22 yards. He received team's Newcomer Award - Offense for spring practice in 2009; as a sophomore, TerBush missed all of the 2010 season with academic problems. Terbush was named the starter for the 2011 season opener, after an injury to Rob Henry, with Robert Marve still nursing an injured ACL, he led the Boilermakers to a 27–24 victory over Middle Tennessee State in his first career start. In the game, he was 19-of-33 passing for 219 yards, he had a career-high, two touchdown passes in the game, while throwing one interception. Against Rice, TerBush threw for 183 yards along with a touchdown pass, while running for 68 yards and another score; the Boilermakers lost the game 24–22, as TerBush suffered his first loss as a collegiate starting quarterback.

For the Southeast Missouri State game, Marve returned from his injury and was named TerBush's backup. TerBush completed 14 of 17 passes in the game for 143, as the Boilermakers won 59–0. Against Notre Dame, TerBush completed 10 of 15 passes for 101 yards, as well as a touchdown pass and an interception. TerBush started the game, but there was significant playing time for Marve; the following week against Minnesota, he made his first career Big Ten start. The Boilermakers went on to win the game 45-17 with Marve splitting time again. For the game he completed 14 of 21 passes for a touchdown; the following week TerBush led the Boilermakers into Penn State, where he completed 12 of 25 passes for 162 yards with a touchdown and two costly interceptions. TerBush had the Boilermakers in a position to tie the game in the third quarter, when he hit O. J. Ross with a 14-yard touchdown pass to make the game 13-12; the extra point was missed. Purdue had a promising drive come to an abrupt halt when TerBush's pass was tipped and intercepted by Nick Sukay.

TerBush went on to lead Purdue to another scoring drive to make it 20–18 with 8:08 left in the fourth quarter, but a late attempt to make a comeback was foiled when he threw another interception with 1:59 remaining. The Boilermakers lost 23–18. On October 22, TerBush passed for 178 yards and tied a career-high with two touchdown passes to lead Purdue to a 21-14 upset victory over No. 23 Illinois. The following week, TerBush completed 9 of 13 passes for 156 yards and a touchdown, while splitting time with Marve, it was the first time in his career. Purdue lost the game 36–14 to the 17th-ranked Michigan Wolverines, in Michigan Stadium. On November 5, TerBush led the Boilermakers into Camp Randall Stadium to face the No. 19 Wisconsin Badgers. After Wisconsin got an early lead, TerBush led the Purdue offense down the field using three plays, capped by a 30-yard touchdown pass to Crosby Wright, to tie the game; the game had all the makings of a shootout from the end of the first quarter, with the score 14–10 in favor of Wisconsin, but the Purdue offense was slowed after that with TerBush throwing two interceptions.

He was pulled in favor of Robert Marve, who did not have much success either. TerBush ended the game completing 10 of 19 passes for 103 yards. TerBush started the Ohio State game, got Purdue up 10–0. After two consecutive drives that ended in Purdue punts, he was benched in favor of Marve. With Marve's first drive, he led the team on an 88-yard touchdown drive. In the second half, Marve started, but the offense came out flat and TerBush was brought back in. After two drives, no points, Marve was put in again. TerBush ended the game completing 15 for 24 for 140 yards. Purdue went on to win the game 26–23 in overtime with Marve scoring the game-winning touchdown. Despite Marve leading the team to a victory against Ohio State, TerBush would remain the starter against Iowa the following week, needing a win to become bowl eligible. TerBush would keep the team in game in the first half, throwing a touchdown to Gabe Holmes and keeping the Boilermakers within seven points at halftime. After starting the second half he was replaced by Marve.

The Boilermakers went on to lose the game 31–21. After the loss to Iowa, Purdue entered the final game of the regular season needing a win, against rival Indiana, to become bowl eligible. TerBush led seven Purdue scoring drives, completing 16 of 25 passes for 192 yards and a touchdown pass, leading to a 33–25 victory. With the win, TerBush became the


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The complaint was dismissed on November 28, 2016. However, the dismissal was appealed on December 20, 2016; the Antitrust Division of the U. S. Department of Justice opened an investigation concerning antitrust issues with ICANN on February 9, 2017; this investigation was closed on January 10, 2018. On February 23, 2018, the.web applicant Afilias, the second highest bidder requested documents from ICANN..web was operated as a prospective registry, but never worked in the official root, by Image Online Design 1995. It originated when Jon Postel running the top level of the Domain Name System single-handedly, proposed the addition of new top-level domains to be run by different registries. Since internet tradition at the time emphasized "rough consensus and running code", Christopher Ambler, who ran Image Online Design, saw this as meaning that his company could get a new TLD into the root by starting up a functional registry for it. After asking and receiving permission from IANA to do so, IOD promoted.web, but the TLD never worked on the internet as it failed to get ICANN approval.

Since IOD tried and failed to get their domain into the official root through several plans to admit new top-level domains. Several new-TLD plans in the late 1990s, including Postel's original proposal, failed to reach sufficient consensus among the contentious factions of the Internet to admit any new TLDs, including.web. When ICANN accepted applications for new TLDs in 2000 which resulted in the seven new domains added soon afterward, IOD's application was not approved. A second round of new TLDs, was done with new applications, only for sponsored domains. The.web registry remained hopeful, that their application will be approved. On May 10, 2007, ICANN announced the opening of public comments towards a new, third round of new gTLDs, a round in which IOD did not participate. One of these new TLD applicants will prevail and operate the.web TLD which will resolve on the internet. At times IOD has claimed priority rights to the TLD string.web, although any legal basis for such a claim is questionable given that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has stated that top-level domains are not trademarkable in themselves.

IOD does, have a registered trademark in the term "web". When, at various times, proposals were made to add a.web domain not operated by IOD, they have objected, to date, no such plans have been approved. Vint Cerf chair of ICANN, noted that he recognized IOD's pioneering work in.web, felt that.web should be held in reserve for IOD's application in the next round rather than be awarded to Afilias, preferring that they instead. Afilias is one of the seven applicants who will operate.web. The IOD.web registry has in the past accepted registrations, intended to allow them to continue in force after entering the root, although some commentators feel that ICANN ought to require them to discard existing registrations and proceed with a startup procedure as with other new TLDs, so as not to grant any legitimacy to unofficial registrations. No previous.web registrations will have legal claim. On February 7, 2013, the United States District Court for the Central District of California approved a motion to dismiss the complaint from ICANN.

Some movies have taken to using.web domains for their fictional companies. For example, Next Day Air has advertised on one of their trucks, www.nda.web. Skyfall advertises www.868000.web on the side of a taxi during a pursuit scene. Court ruling dismissing IOD.web case