Law for Tombstone

Law for Tombstone is a 1937 American Western film directed by Buck Jones and W. B. written by Frances Guihan. The film stars Buck Jones, Muriel Evans, Harvey Clark, Carl Stockdale, Earle Hodgins and Alexander Cross; the film was released on October 1937, by Universal Pictures. Buck Jones as Alamo Bowie Muriel Evans as Nellie Gray Harvey Clark as Doc Holliday Carl Stockdale as Judge Hart Earle Hodgins as Jack Dunn Alexander Cross as Bull Clanton Chuck Morrison as Henchman Smith Mary Carney as Marie Bowdray Charles Le Moyne as Sheriff Blane Ben Corbett as Henchman Slim Harold Hodge as Tom Scudder Arthur Van Slyke as Pop Ezra Paulette as Ranger Bob Francis Walker as Lee Silver as Silver Law for Tombstone on IMDb

Way to Go, Einstein

Way to Go, Einstein was a Canadian five-piece indie rock music group formed in 2006 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their second LP, was released on March 17, 2009 by Submerged Records, it was recorded over a period of eight months at the band's studios in New Westminster, at The Hive Creative Labs with Colin Stewart. Pseudonym was featured on the college radio top fifty charts in many cities across Canada; the band composed of members Andrew and Kevin, completed its line-up in early 2007. Each member comes from his own separate musical background, making for an eclectic mix of ambient and at times heavy guitars, melodic vocals and piano, hypnotic bass lines, creative rhythms. Way to Go, Einstein's first album Hide and Seek Champion was released in 2007 by Broken Oak Records; the first single, "Walk Through Fire", created some initial buzz for the band in the Vancouver area. Way to Go, Einstein disbanded peacefully in 2010 after several months of stagnation. Members Geoffrey and Kevin formed synth-pop duo Fathoms in 2012.

Benson Musaev went on to a career as a sculptor for make up and special effects in film and television. Andrew Carter: voice/guitar/piano Kevin Jack: guitar/synth/moods Geoffrey Nilson: guitar/synth/voice/tambourine Benson Musaev: bass Michael Munro: drums Hide and Seek Champion Pseudonym Notes BibliographyCharlesworth, Jenny "Way to Go, Einstein's Quiet Genius Dwells on the Dark Side." Https:// Accessed May 29, 2009 Mack, Adrian "Somebody Get Eno On the Phone!: Way to Go, Einstein is Making Pristine Pop for Grown-ups." Https:// Accessed May 29, 2009 Way to Go, Einstein at SoundCloud Way to Go, Einstein at Myspace Submerged Records The Hive