United Nations Security Council Resolution 798

United Nations Security Council resolution 798, adopted unanimously on 18 December 1992, after reaffirming 770 and 771 and supporting an initiative by the European Council. The Council condemned reports of the massive and systematic detention and rape of women, in particular Muslim women, in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Bosnian War; the Council further demanded all detention camps be closed, requesting the Secretary-General to provide support to enable the European Community delegations to have free and secure access to the places of detention, further requesting a report within 15 days of the passing of the current resolution. Resolution 798 was the first time. Breakup of Yugoslavia Bosnian Genocide Bosnian War Croatian War of Independence List of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 701 to 800 Yugoslav Wars Works related to United Nations Security Council Resolution 798 at Wikisource Text of the Resolution at

Robert L. Emerson

Robert L. Emerson is a Democratic politician from the U. S. state of Michigan. He was member of the Michigan Senate having served as the Democratic minority leader, he represented the 27th District in Genesee County, which encompasses the city of Flint. Emerson was born in Alpena on March 23, 1948, he graduated from St. Paul Catholic Seminary and attended Wayne State University and the University of Michigan. After moving to Flint in 1969, Emerson was employed by General Motors, he was elected to the Michigan State House of Representatives in 1980. After serving eighteen consecutive years in the State House, he served two four-year terms in the State Senate. During this time he took on roles such as the Senate minority leader and Democratic floor leader. Additionally, he served as co-chairman of the School Aid Appropriations Subcommittee and chairman of the Public Health Appropriations Subcommittee. Emerson has been involved in issues regarding education and labor legislation over the course of his career.

In January 2007, Emerson was appointed by Governor Jennifer Granholm as her next budget director. On September 30, 2011, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appointed an eight-member state review team for the City of Flint including Emerson. Senator Emerson is married to Judy Samelson and is the father of four children. Boyd, Liz. "Governor Granholm to Name Bob Emerson Budget Director", "State of Michigan-Office of the Governor" December 28, 2006. Accessed June 20, 2007