Refund Home Loans

Refund Home Loans was an Australian mortgage services company founded by Wayne Ormond in 2004. The company created a franchised network of work from home mortgage brokers. After issues with the regulator for breaching trading practices in 2009 it got into financial difficulties. In October 2011, Refund Home Loans announced that the business was going into administration and in June 2012, the remains were sold to rival Australian mortgage company Homeloans Ltd; the company was founded by Wayne Ormond in April 2004 as a mortgage broking service. In December 2004, it was raised in The House of Representatives that Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, St George and ANZ banks did not approve of Refund Home Loans sharing their commission with customers, refused to do business with Refund; this matter was taken to the Australian Competition and Consumer CommissionIt expanded its business and by 2008 had over 350 franchisees nationally in every state and territory of Australia. It expanded into other services including Financial Planning, Finance & Leasing, Property Investment and real estate.

The company and its chairman received acknowledgement for the company growth between 2008 and 2010. By 2009 the company had head office staff of more than 40 who provide support for the company’s Australia-wide network of work-from-home franchisees, mortgage brokers, it was independent of the major banks. In October 2009, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission commenced proceedings against the company over accusations it breached the Trade Practices Act. In October 2011, the company was placed in administration after not being able to meet its debts, and in June 2012 the company assets and network of brokers was sold to Homeloans Ltd another Australian home loan company. Official website

Gary Otte

Gary Wayne Otte was an Ohio death row inmate, sentenced to death and executed for the 1992 murders of Robert Wasikowski and Sharon Kostura, whom he killed in back-to-back robberies in February 1992 in Parma, Ohio. Gary Otte was born on December 1971 in Terre Haute, Indiana, he was described as a'very sad little boy' who began using drugs and drinking alcohol at 10 and first attempted suicide at 14. The killings took place six years when Otte was 20. At his October 1992 trial, Gary Otte was sentenced to death for murder. Otte's IQ was purportedly only 85. Otte was involved in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Ohio's execution procedures, alongside fellow death row inmates Ronald Phillips and Raymond Tibbetts, which would be dismissed in late June 2017. Phillips' execution followed less than a month on July 26. Otte made several last minute pleas for clemency; these included claims that Ohio's lethal injection protocol violated the Eighth Amendment, that his age at the time of the killings would make his execution unconstitutional.

All of these claims were denied. In an order published by Ohio Governor John Kasich on May 1, 2017, Otte's execution was rescheduled from June 13, 2017, to September 13, 2017. Following the denial of all his last minute appeals, Otte was executed as scheduled on the morning of Wednesday, September 13, 2017, his final meal consisted of a mushroom and Swiss cheese hamburger, a quart of Heath Bar ice cream and a slice of banana cream pie. In his final statement, Otte professed his love for his family, apologized to the families of the victims, sang the hymn "The Greatest Thing", his final words were a statement attributed to Jesus Christ during his crucifixion: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they’re doing." Otte was pronounced dead at 10:54 am. He was 45 years old. Capital punishment in Ohio Capital punishment in the United States List of offenders executed in the United States in 2017 List of people executed in Ohio