The Roaming Cowboy

The Roaming Cowboy is a 1937 American Western film directed by Robert F. Hill and written by Fred Myton; the film stars Fred Scott, Al St. John, Lois January, Forrest Taylor, Roger Williams, Richard Cramer, Buddy Cox and Art Miles; the film was released on January 1937, by Spectrum Pictures. This was the first film to feature Al St. John as "Fuzzy" Jones, a cowboy comedy relief character who went on to appear in dozens of films, including the Producers Releasing Corporation's "Billy the Kid" series from 1940 to 1946, their "Lone Rider" series from 1941 to 1943. Fred Scott as Cal Brent Al St. John as Fuzzy Jones Lois January as Jeannie Morgan Forrest Taylor as Evans Roger Williams as Walton Richard Cramer as Dan Morgan Buddy Cox as Buddy Barry Art Miles aa Blackie George Morrell aa Dad Barry George Chesebro as Water Poisoner Henchman Carl Mathews as Cowhand The Roaming Cowboy on IMDb

List of World Series Hockey players

This is a list players signed to play in the World Series Hockey, scheduled to commence play on December 17, 2011 but was postponed to February 29, 2012. The players for the eight teams will be finalized November 28 based on the draft system; the draft consisted of 24 Rounds. Each Team has a minimum of 22 and a maximum of 25 Players with a maximum of 6 Non-Indian Players, a minimum of 4 Local Players from their Territory and a minimum of 4 Indian Youth Players. A second draft was held on February 10, 2012. Among the notable picks, Canadian captain Ken Pereira was chosen by Pune Strykers while Australian Mark Harris and Indian Hamza Mujtaba got selected by Chennai Cheetahs. South African Olympian Clyde Abraham was picked by Mumbai Marines while Gagan Ajit Singh, the ace Indian striker, will make his comeback into hockey with Sher-e-Punjab. Brent Livermore Eli Matheson Joseph Reardon Mark Harris Matthew Hotchkis Peter Kelly Robert Green Troy Sutherland Juan Martin Lopez Lucas Vila Matias Vila Mario Almada Pedro Ibarra Rodrigo Vila Daniela Barbosa Pablo Gomes Navarro Adam Froese Antoni Kindler Connor Grimes Iain Smythe Sukhwinder Singh Gabbar Ken Pereira Mark Pearson Richard Hildred Andrew Eversden Chris Seddon David Seddon Mathew Phillips Benedikt Sperling Maik Gunther Philip Sunkel Phelie Maguire Jiwa Mohan Mohammed Bin Mat Radzi Andrew Eversden Jesse Mahieu Martijn de Jager Melchior Looijen Roderik Huber Steven Faaij Casey Henwood Lloyd Stephenson Adnan Maqsood Rehan Butt Shakeel Abbasi Syed Imran Warsi Tariq Aziz Waseem Ahmad Zeeshan Ashraf Clive Terwin Clyde Abrahams Geowynne Kyle Gamiet Lungile Tsolekile Geowynne Kyle Gamiet Shanyl Balwanth Tommy Hammond Sung Min Lee Alfonso Pombo Andreu Enrich Patrick Harris 150 Indian players, including all the top players from the current national team have signed on and received advanced payments to play in World Series Hockey.

Every player has signed a 3-year contract. Four of these will be captains in the inaugural edition of the tournament; this includes Arjun Halappa, Prabhjot Singh and Sardar Singh. Premier Hockey League Hockey in India Indian National Hockey Team Indian National Hockey Team Official Website