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A news magazine is a typed and published piece of paper, magazine or a radio or television program published weekly, consisting of articles about current events. News magazines discuss stories, in greater depth than do newspapers or newscasts, aim to give the consumer an understanding of the important events beyond the basic facts. Radio news magazines are similar to television news magazines. Unlike radio newscasts, which are about five minutes in length, radio news magazines can run from 30 minutes to three hours or more. Television news magazines provide a similar service to print news magazines, but their stories are presented as short television documentaries rather than written articles; these broadcasts serve as an alternative in covering certain issues more in-depth than regular newscasts. The formula, first established by Panorama on the BBC in 1953 has proved successful around the world. Television news magazines provide several stories not seen on regular newscasts, including celebrity profiles, coverage of big businesses, hidden camera techniques, better international coverage and correcting injustices, in-depth coverage of a headline story, hot topic interviews.

In the United States, television news magazines were popular in the 1990s since they were a cheap and easy way to better use the investment in national television network Nightly News departments. Television news magazines once aired five nights a week on most television networks. However, with the success of reality shows, news magazines have been supplanted. Reality shows cost less to produce and attain a younger and more loyal audience than the news magazines they replaced. Thus, the audience once attracted to news magazine shows have drifted to Cable television in the United States, where common news magazine topics such as nature, science and politics all have their own specialty channel. Most commercial broadcasting television stations have local news that refers to news coverage of events in a local context which would not be of interest to those of other localities, or otherwise be of national or international scope. Four Corners Dateline 60 Minutes Revealed Sunday Night 20/20 60 Minutes 60 Minutes II 48 Hours America Now America's Heartland Bill Moyers Journal Business Nation CBS News Sunday Morning Connie Chung Tonight Dateline NBC Day One E:60 Expose Eye to Eye with Connie Chung Frontline Inside Edition Now with Bill Moyers Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric Primetime Live Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel Real Life with Jane Pauley Rock Center with Brian Williams Saturday Night with Connie Chung Small Town Big Deal Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly Turning Point Weekend 16x9 The Fifth Estate Global Sunday This Hour Has Seven Days W5 The News with Claudio ochoa Wake up with Danielle Dithurbide On Air.

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Ireland, Indiana

Ireland is an unincorporated community in Madison Township, Dubois County, in the U. S. state of Indiana. The town was founded on land purchased from the United States government by John Stewart, a native of Ireland, on December 23, 1816; the town was once intended to be called American City, but changed to Ireland when the name was not approved by the post office department. The town was laid out by John Stewart's son James, four others; the first town map had been a small village many years before that. The Ireland post office has been in operation since 1853. Ireland's school system was absorbed by the Jasper school system in 1970. On the night of February 28, 2017, an EF2 tornado associated with the February 28, 2017 tornado outbreak struck Ireland. Several homes were destroyed, however no injuries were reported. Ireland is home of a Roman Catholic church. Ireland is located at 38°24′53″N 86°59′58″W, a few miles west of Jasper on State Road 56 in the northeast portion of Madison Township. Ireland, Indiana

Toyota Aurion

The Toyota Aurion is a mid-size car produced by Toyota in Australia and parts of Asia from 2006 to 2017. In the two generations it was produced, the Aurion was derived from the equivalent Toyota Camry. Changes were limited to revised front- and rear-end treatment, along with changes to the interior; the Camry-based Aurion was sold in the majority of East and Southeast Asia as the Toyota Camry, with the original version of the Camry sold alongside the Aurion in Australasia and the Middle East. In the previous two markets, the car replaced the Avalon model, which can trace its roots back to the early 1990s. A total of 111,140 Aurion's were sold over the 10 year Australian production span; the first generation Aurion was on sale from 2006 to 2012. In Australia and New Zealand, it replaced the Toyota Avalon. In some markets this car is referred to as the "prestige" Camry; the Aurion shares most of its tooling and centre body work, with restyled front and rear ends and interior fittings. In 2006, Toyota Australia released a enhanced version known as the TRD Aurion, with a supercharged engine and full bodykit.

After production started in February 2012, April 2012 saw the release of the second generation Aurion in Australia and New Zealand. The same model designations applied in Australia in tie with the first generation model, those being: AT-X, Sportivo SX6, Sportivo ZR6, Presara. In New Zealand, the model designations are: AT-X, Sportivo SX6; this nameplate is again based on the Camry. The all new model has been available for some Asian and European markets as a Camry since 2011; the same, separate model designations of the Camry and Aurion are on sale in Australia and New Zealand. For the first time, with the XV50 model, the Japanese market Camry is now based on the same design as the "prestige" Camry or Aurion, rather than the "regular" Camry; the "prestige" Camry was designed in Japan by Hirofumi Fukui, Kazumi Kowaki and Keisuke Matsuno in 2009 and unveiled in Ukraine on 25 August 2011. The Aurion-based Camry, sold in Japan and other Asian markets, received a large facelift in 2014, it was discontinued in Japan in July 2017 and in Southeast Asia in late 2018, it was replaced by the TNGA-based XV70 Camry.

In Australia, the Aurion itself received a much smaller facelift, with little exterior changes. The Prodigy trim was deleted from the range, the Sportivo SX6 and ZR6 were merged to form a single Sportivo trim; the revised trim for the Australian market were: Sportivo and Presara. In 2012, the Aurion in Australia released the Touring SE variant. Only 1500 were built, all of which were based on the AT-X, it added front fog lamps, as well as a sports grille on the exterior. The interior features contained a similar interior as the AT-X, except it included steering wheel with audio controls and sport pedals. Sales of the second generation Aurion commenced in Australia in April 2012. Whilst having a slow start, the end of the year saw the car achieve sales in excess of 1,000 units in both November and December 2012. However, with this, the Aurion's sales progressively got less as time went on, leaving some months with as little as 100-200 units; the following table lists the Australian sales made throughout its tenure