North Dakota Republican Party

The North Dakota Republican Party is the North Dakota affiliate of the United States Republican Party. The Party's platform is conservative; the North Dakota Republican Party is in control of the state's politics. The Party holds nearly all statewide positions in addition to having a supermajority in both houses of the state legislature, over the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party; the current party chairman is Rick Berg. The state Republican Party has always been a major force in state politics, in many cases having a dominant position. Founded in 1889, the Party dominated all state politics for the state's first 20 years of existence, with the exception of a brief period from 1893 to 1894 in which the North Dakota Democratic-Independent Party overthrew the Republican Party. In the early 20th century, the Party was divided into two groups that nominated candidates on the Republican ticket, the progressive Non-Partisan League and the conservative Independent Voters Association; this period ended when the NPL merged with the state Democratic Party, the IVA became known as the Republican Party.

The Party holds its convention in the spring of election years rotating the convention between four of the state's largest cities: Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot. Thomas S. Kleppe - former United States Secretary of the Interior Milton Young - United States Senator who served as President pro tempore for a day Mark Andrews - former United States Senator Ed Schafer - former Governor of North Dakota and former United States Secretary of Agriculture Allen Olson - former Governor of North Dakota The North Dakota Republican Party controls all twelve of the statewide offices and holds supermajorities in both the North Dakota Senate and the North Dakota House of Representatives. Republicans hold both of the state's U. S. Senate seats and the state's At-Large congressional district. John Hoeven Kevin Cramer Kelly Armstrong, At-Large District Governor: Doug Burgum Lieutenant Governor: Brent Sanford Secretary of State: Al Jaeger Attorney General: Wayne Stenehjem Insurance Commissioner: Jon Godfread Tax Commissioner: Ryan Rauschenberger Auditor: Josh Gallion North Dakota State Treasurer: Kelly Schmidt North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner: Doug Goehring Public Service Commissioners: Brian Kroshus, Julie Fedorchak, Randy Christmann President Pro Tempore of the Senate: Gary Lee Senate Majority Leader: Rich Wardner Speaker of the House: Lawrence Klemin House Majority Leader: Chet Pollert Politics of North Dakota North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party - North Dakota affiliate of the Democratic Party Political party strength in North Dakota Republican Party North Dakota Republican Party website

D-400 engine

The D-400 series engine or the Iron Horse engine was a light-duty two-stroke engine used for powering lawnmowers produced from the 1950s to the late 1970s. D-400 engines were single-cylinder engines designed and manufactured by the Outboard Marine Corporation for Lawn-Boy and Masport; the D-400 engines displaced 109 cc, generated 2.61 kW of power, operated in the range of 2400-3300 RPM. The engines have a distinctive rectangular cowling. Another distinctive feature is the two-finger vertical recoil starter; the kidney-shaped muffler and exhaust unit is mounted beneath the mowers' deck and gives the engine a small, low profile design when compared to the newer and more powerful lawnmower engines. The ignition system employs a magneto, a condenser set-up with an unusual spark-advance system which utilised a weight on the crankshaft to adjust the spark-advance amount depending on engine speed; the sprung governor was unusual with a throw-yoke which operated under the flywheel and was linked to the throttle.

The carburettor was a float design and fed into a pair of reed valves. The D-400 engines are now a popular engine restoration job due to their distinctive shape and low cost. Parts, however can be difficult to source and therefore multiple engines are bought to satisfy part requirements; the recommended oil:fuel mix is either 16:1 or 32:1 depending on age. In New Zealand and Australia, Masport known in New Zealand as "Charlie Gamble" offered the D-400 engine on their Premier, Premier II, Rancher and Tornado models. In this Oceania market, the D-400 was called the Iron Horse engine


Urocitellus is a genus of ground squirrels. They were believed to belong to the much larger genus Spermophilus, but DNA sequencing of the cytochrome b gene showed that this group was paraphyletic to the prairie dogs and marmots, could therefore no longer be retained as a single genus; as a result, Urocitellus is now considered as a genus in its own right. All but two species are native to the northern and western parts of North America, from California and Minnesota through the north-western United States and western Canada; the name of the genus is said to be derived from the Latin uro, meaning "tail" and citellus for "ground squirrel". The proper word for "tail" in classical Latin is cauda. Oura is the ancient Greek word for "tail". Twelve species are identified: Genus Urocitellus Uinta ground squirrel, Urocitellus armatus Belding's ground squirrel, Urocitellus beldingi Northern Idaho ground squirrel, Urocitellus brunneus Southern Idaho ground squirrel, Urocitellus endemicus Merriam's ground squirrel, Urocitellus canus Columbian ground squirrel, Urocitellus columbianus Wyoming ground squirrel, Urocitellus elegans Piute ground squirrel, Urocitellus mollis Arctic ground squirrel, Urocitellus parryii Richardson's ground squirrel, Urocitellus richardsonii Townsend's ground squirrel, Urocitellus townsendii Long-tailed ground squirrel, Urocitellus undulatus Washington ground squirrel, Urocitellus washingtoni