Nureddin al-Atassi

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Nureddin al-Atassi
نور الدين الأتاسي
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Secretary General of the National Command of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party
In office
March 1966 – 17 November 1970
Preceded byMunif al-Razzaz
(head of unitary Ba'ath Party)
Succeeded byHafez al-Assad
Regional Secretary of the Regional Command of the Syrian Regional Branch
In office
March 1966 – 13 November 1970
DeputySalah Jadid
Preceded byAmin al-Hafiz
(Last Regional Command dissolved in December 1965)
Succeeded byHafez al-Assad
Member of the Regional Command of the Syrian Regional Branch
In office
March 1966 – 17 November 1970
In office
5 September 1963 – 19 December 1965
17th President of Syria
In office
25 February 1966 – 17 October 1970
Preceded byAmin al-Hafiz
Succeeded byAhmad al-Khatib
54th Prime Minister of Syria
In office
29 October 1968 – 17 October 1970
Preceded byYusuf Zuayyin
Succeeded byHafez al-Assad
Personal details
Born11 January 1929
Homs, State of Syria
Died3 December 1992 (aged 63)
Paris, France
Political partyBa'ath Party

Noureddin Mustafa Ali al-Atassi (11 January 1929 – 3 December 1992) (Arabic: نور الدين بن محمد علي الأتاسيNūr ad-Dīn Muṣṭafā al-'Atasī) was President of Syria from February 1966 to November 1970.

Early life and education[edit]

Atassi was born in Homs in 1929 to the famous Al Atassi family.[1]


Atassi was a medical doctor by training, and in that capacity aided the Algerian forces against the French in the Algerian War of Independence. A longtime ideologue of the powerful Ba'ath Party Atassi became its General Secretary as well as President of the Republic in 1966.[2] He was considered to be largely a ceremonial figurehead, with real power vested in the Deputy General Secretary, Salah Jadid. In 1970, he was deposed along with Salah Jadid in a coup by Hafez al-Assad, his defense minister.[3]

Arrest and death[edit]

Atassi was put under house arrest without trial.[4] Then he was transferred to the Mezze military prison in Damascus where he lived from 1970 to 1992.[2] After 22-year imprisonment, he was released and flown to Paris to receive medical treatment in France on 22 November 1992, and died at a hospital in December 1992.[2]


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