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Auckland Transport Urban rail
Papakura Railway Station - 2013.jpg
Overview of the station before electrification.
Location Railway Street West, Papakura, Auckland
Coordinates 37°12.2′S 174°54.6′E / 37.2033°S 174.9100°E / -37.2033; 174.9100
Owned by KiwiRail and Auckland Transport
Line(s) Southern Line
Northern Explorer
Platforms Island platform (P1 & P2), side platform (P3), bay platform (P4)
Tracks Main line (3)
Passing loop (1)
Backshunt (1, south-east)
Bay platform (1)
Platform levels 1
Parking Yes
Bicycle facilities Yes
Other information
Website Auckland Transport
Opened 20 May 1875
Rebuilt 2007, 2012–2013
Electrified 25kV AC[1]
Passengers (2011) 3,854 passengers/weekday[2]
  Auckland Transport, KiwiRail  
Preceding station   Auckland Transport (Transdev)   Following station
toward Britomart
Southern Line Terminus
Terminus Southern Line
(Pukekohe Shuttle)
Preceding station   KiwiRail Scenic   Following station
Northern Explorer
toward Wellington
Papakura station layout
to Takanini
Clevedon Road
storage roads
Onslow Road
Settlement Road
storage road backshunt
to Pukekohe

Papakura railway station is on the Southern Line of the Auckland railway network in New Zealand.

Station design[edit]

An ADK unit operated by Veolia for MAXX at Papakura


The station was opened on 20 May 1875, although some services were available from October 1874. Goods services were closed on 3 November 1986.[3]

Prior to October 2012, the station had an island platform between the main lines, complete with original wooden station building and signal panel, and a suburban side platform to the west, it had a bowstring footbridge connecting the platforms, which dated from at least the 1930s, constructed of old railway iron and sleepers.[4]


In 2007, the island platform was extended to the north, and new shelters were installed. Sidings were commissioned at the east of the station yard for stabling trains overnight, the heritage footbridge was demolished and scrapped, despite some local opposition,[4] and replaced with a concrete bridge with two passenger lifts.

The upgrade cost NZ$4,900,000 and was paid for as part of the Auckland Regional Transport Authority's (ARTA) system-wide upgrade of stations. Platforms were lengthened to enable six-car trains, because of anticipated growth in passenger numbers. 3,000 people passed through each day as of 2007, and another thousand were anticipated to use the station within five years. The new station was the seventh station to be redeveloped by ARTA in 2007.

In 2012 - 13, KiwiRail funded a significant upgrade as part of the Auckland Electrification Project, and to provide resiliency for suburban trains and freight trains heading south. The signalling was completely replaced; the signal panel had been commissioned over 80 years ago. The heritage station building was relocated to the western suburban platform, Platform 3, on 11 August 2012, the building was refurbished and restored, and contains the preserved signal panel on display, a ticket office, public toilets and space for a coffee kiosk.

The station in 2009, before its 2012 upgrade

The North Island Main Trunk has been slewed to the east, with the island Platforms 1 and 2 adjacent to the Up main line to Auckland, typically serving suburban trains from Britomart to Pukekohe. The western suburban Platform 3 has been lengthened, and a new bay platform 4 at its southern extremity will serve DMU shuttles to Pukekohe.

Bus stops are directly outside the ticket office, with the old bus stops on the station side of Railway Street West now only used for intercity services, and "rail buses" that operate when the railway network is shut down.



The station is the terminus for suburban passenger trains on the Southern Line, which was electrified in 2015. An hourly diesel train shuttle service runs between Papakura and Pukekohe on non-electrified track using DMUs.[5]

The station also serves the Auckland-Wellington Northern Explorer service.[6]

In May 2012, Auckland Transport's board included an investigation to extend electrified services to Pukekohe in its 10-year integrated transport plan.[7]


Papakura is served by bus routes 33, 360X, 371, 372, 373, 374, 376, 377, 378 and 395.[8]

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