2011 Dhivehi League

Statistics of Dhivehi League in the 2011 season. All Youth Linkage FC Club Eagles Club Valencia Club Vyansa Maziya S&RC New Radiant SC VB Sports Club Victory Sports Club Format: In Round 1 and Round 2, all eight teams played against each other. Top six teams after Round 2 play against each other in Round 3. Teams with most total points after Round 3 are crowned the Dhivehi League champions and qualify for the AFC Cup; the top four teams qualify for the President's Cup. Bottom two teams after Round 2 play against top two teams of Second Division in Dhivehi League Qualification for places in next year's Dhivehi League. VB Sports Club 1-2 Victory Sports Club Maaziya SRC 1-2 New Radiant SC VB Sports Club 2-3 New Radiant SC Victory Sports Club 2-1 New Radiant Dhiraagu Dhivehi League Standings Dhivehi League Qualification Standings President's Cup Standings Football Association of Maldives


Icehenge is a science fiction novel by American author Kim Stanley Robinson, published in 1984. Though published ten years before Robinson's Mars trilogy, taking place in a different version of the future, Icehenge contains elements that appear in his Mars series, such as extreme human longevity, Martian political revolution, historical revisionism, shifts between primary characters. Icehenge is set at three distinct time periods, told from the perspective of three different characters; the first narrative is the diary of an engineer caught up in a Martian political revolution in 2248. Kidnapped aboard a mutinous Martian spaceship, she provides assistance to the revolutionaries in their quest for interstellar travel, but chooses not to travel with them but to return to the doomed revolution on Mars; the second narrative is told from the perspective of an archaeologist three centuries later. He is involved in a project investigating the failed revolution, during this finds the engineer's diary buried near the remains of a ruined city.

At the same time, a mysterious monument is found at the north pole of Pluto, tying up with a passing mention in the engineer's diary. In the final narrative, the great-grandson of the archaeologist visits the monument on Pluto, a scaled-up version of Stonehenge carved in ice, he is investigating the possibility that both the diary and the monument were planted by a reclusive and wealthy businesswoman who lives in the orbit of Saturn. The first part of this novel was published as the novella To Leave a Mark in the November 1982 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; the third part of Icehenge was published as the novella On the North Pole of Pluto in 1980 in the anthology Orbit 18 edited by Damon Knight. Robinson gave the novella in rough form to Ursula K. Le Guin to read and edit while he was enrolled in her writing workshop at UCSD in the spring of 1977. Views of Saturn from the space station visited by the narrator of the novel's third section were inspired by images of Saturn taken during the Voyager flybys in 1980—1981.

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