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In Greek mythology Phrixus was the son of Athamas, king of Boeotia, Nephele. He was the twin brother of Helle and the father of Argus, Phrontis and Cytisorus by Chalciope, daughter of Aeetes, king of Colchis. Phrixus and Helle were hated by Ino, she hatched a devious plot to get rid of the twins, roasting all of Boeotia's crop seeds so they would not grow. The local farmers, frightened of famine, asked a nearby oracle for assistance. Ino bribed the men sent to the oracle to lie and tell the others that the oracle required the sacrifice of Phrixus and Helle. Before they were killed, though and Helle were rescued by a flying, or swimming, ram with golden wool sent by Nephele, their natural mother. During their flight Helle swooned, fell off the ram and drowned in the strait between Europe and Asia, named after her the Hellespont, meaning the sea of Helle. In gratitude, Phrixus sacrificed the ram to Zeus and gave the king the Golden Fleece of the ram, which Aeëtes hung in a tree in the holy grove of Ares in his kingdom, guarded by a dragon that never slept.

Phrixus and Chalciope had four sons, who joined forces with the Argonauts. The oldest was Argos/ Argus, Phrontis and Cytisorus. Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca Pseudo-Eratosthenes, Catasterismi 14, 19 Hyginus, Fabulae 1–3, 12, 21, 22, 188 Ovid, Metamorphoses 7.8ff, Fasti 3.867ff Gaius Valerius Flaccus, 1.281ff Palaephatus, Incredibilia 30


! T. O. O. H.! is a progressive death metal band from the Czech Republic formed in 1990. Early in their career, the band's lyrics focused on gore, but in recent years they have focused a lot more on politics and social matters; the band was founded under the name Devastator by brothers Jan and Josef Veselý in 1990, changing its name to! T. O. O. H.! in 1993. Jan and Josef go by the pseudonyms "Schizoid" and "Humanoid" respectively; the band split up shortly after finishing the Řád a trest album due to financial difficulties, after being dropped by Earache Records, who took the album out of print two months after its release. In September 2011, the band reformed as a duo. In 2013, they released Democratic Solution, for free via their Facebook page. Democratic Solution was musically different from their previous recordings; the resulting sound was closer to the brothers' other project, §§. Critical reception of this album was divided, with some reviewers considering it as one of the band's worst, some as one of their best works.

During this time the duo went public with news of Humanoid's mental health problems, as he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia during the recording of Democratic Solution. The band performed their last show on 16 February 2013 in Ostrava, the following day they announced their disbandment due to difficulties playing live, stating that "it is for him too stressful" and that "to continue as a studio project would be pointless". However, on April 1, 2017 the duo announced via their Facebook page that they had been working on new material and planned to release an album sometime in 2018, they added that they had laid the groundwork for three songs which would be in a more traditional deathgrind style, unlike the band's previous album which featured an experimental and electronic take on grind. The duo said the new material would "sound like proper deathgrind with pompous passages" and "we want to go into a professional studio, where we are going to record live acoustic drums and loud guitars, thus ensure dynamic sound quality".

They confirmed that they would continue to not play live shows, due to Humanoid's illness, with Schizoid saying that "we do not plan to play live, as Jose's diagnosis doesn't allow it". Jan "Schizoid" Veselý - vocals, drums Josef "Humanoid" Veselý - vocals, guitar Pavel "Android" Slavíček - bass guitar Petr "Wokis" Vokál - guitar Petr "Freedom" Svoboda - bass guitar Vy kusy mrdacího masa demo Sen to není, nesmí demo Live in Prosek demo Z vyšší vůle Pod vládou biče Řád a trest Democratic Solution Anon. "! T. O. O. H.!". Sputnikmusic. Archived from the original on April 21, 2011. Retrieved September 3, 2017. Anon. "Democratic Solution Reviews". Metal Archives. Archived from the original on December 5, 2014. Retrieved September 3, 2017. Anon. "T. O. O. H. Order and Punishment". Allmusic. Archived from the original on September 3, 2017. Retrieved September 3, 2017. Gvoltt. "Encyclopaedia Metallum on Duobetic Homunkulus". Metal-archives. Archived from the original on September 3, 2017.!t.o.o.h.!. "!t.o.o.h.! info pages".

Facebook. Retrieved September 3, 2017. Official website! T. O. O. H.! official Myspace! T. O. O. H.! at Encyclopaedia Metallum! T. O. O. H.! at

Adam Hamilton (pastor)

Adam Hamilton is an American minister. He is the senior pastor of the 22,000-member United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, the largest United Methodist congregation in the world, measured by both weekend attendance and membership. Hamilton has received numerous awards, including two honorary doctorates, the B'nai B'rith award in Social Ethics, the Denman Award in Evangelism, the Circuit Rider Award for excellence in church leadership, he was named one of the "Ten People to Watch in America's Spiritual Landscape" by Religion & Ethics Newsweekly and Distinguished Evangelist of the United Methodist Church by the Foundation for Evangelism. He is a trustee at Saint Paul School of Theology and as a member of the Kansas East Board of Professional Ministry, he lectures on leadership and preaching across the country. Hamilton spoke at the 2010 Willow Creek Leadership Summit on the topic of leaders and the power of temptation. Following the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, Hamilton delivered the sermon at the inaugural prayer service held at the Washington National Cathedral on January 22, 2013.

Hamilton was born on July 12, 1964. He grew up in the Kansas City area, being born to teenage parents who divorced when he was 12, graduated from Blue Valley High School, he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at Oral Roberts University and graduate school at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. At the age of 14, Hamilton was at the house of a friend when a Pentecostal layman and door-to-door evangelist knocked on the front door; the visitor evangelized, despite being able to speak only through an artificial voice box held up to his throat. The man invited the boys to church, though they joked with one another that he sounded like Darth Vader, Hamilton went. Hamilton has stated that he did not know why he attended the church services but hinted at the answer by admitting, "I wasn't interested in God. I was interested in girls". Original motives notwithstanding, Hamilton continued participating in the church and felt drawn to God. After reading the Gospel of Luke, Hamilton decided to become a Christian.

His original goal did not go unmet, however. While attending services at the Pentecostal church, he met the girl who would become his wife, LaVon Bandy. Together, they have two adult daughters. Still affiliated with the Pentecostal church after graduating, Hamilton attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in pastoral ministry. During his time at Oral Roberts University, Hamilton began questioning the theology he had received during his teenage years. During this period of searching, he came across a copy of the United Methodist Book of Discipline and decided the United Methodist Church seemed to be a better fit for him theologically. After completing his undergraduate education, he enrolled in Perkins School of Theology, a United Methodist seminary. In 1990, following a stint as an associate pastor in a United Methodist congregation, Hamilton was appointed to plant a new church in south Johnson County, after requesting permission from the local bishop to do so.

The bishop told Hamilton that, given 10 years, the church might grow to 500 members. At the time, all of the schools and community buildings in the area were being leased on Sunday mornings by other church plants who had similar aspirations. Willing to Hamilton decided to ask the owner of the newly built McGilley State Line Chapel funeral home if the new church could meet there for Sunday morning worship services. Before Hamilton got the chance to ask, the owner contacted Hamilton and asked him if the new church would consider meeting there. Hamilton casually agreed; the name Church of the Resurrection seemed to be a good fit for a congregation that met in a funeral home. In the early 1990s, most church plants in the area were following the new trend of contemporary worship pioneered by Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. Hamilton realized that many baby boomers in his community had grown up in United Methodist congregations but had left the church in early adulthood.

He thought that many of these nominally Christian boomers would return to a church that resembled the church of their childhood but was more relevant to their daily lives. Hamilton surmised that the educated population of Leawood would be drawn by sermons that engaged not only the heart but the head. Therefore, Hamilton's sermons are addressed to thoughtful Christians who have questioned their faith and are comfortable with nuance, his aim in preaching is to impart content to the congregation that would be the equivalent of a college course on the topic. Hamilton is committed to the renewal of the mainline church the United Methodist Church. According to the church website, Church of the Resurrection was listed as the most influential mainline church in America in a 2005 survey of American pastors; the Church of the Resurrection has a threefold focus: 1. Reaching non-religious and nominally religious people and helping them become committed followers of Jesus Christ. Equipping and inspiring members to live their faith in mission to the community and world.

Acting as a catalyst for renewing the mainline church. This mission is spelled out with large signage on the walls of the church narthex. Annually, the church hosts Leadership Institute, a conference aimed at mainline church leaders, at which they can learn about the latest outreach methods employed by Church of the Resurrection. In addition, recruiting and supporting young United Methodist clergy is a major piece of Hamilton's renewal strategy, he founded the Young Pastors Network with his close friend Michael Slaughter of Ginghamsburg Church to hel

Cameron Bright

Cameron Bright is a Canadian actor. He has appeared in the films The Butterfly Effect, Birth, Running Scared, Ultraviolet, X-Men: The Last Stand, Thank You for Smoking and four installments of The Twilight Saga. Bright was born in Victoria, British Columbia the son of Anne Bright and Jake Crigger, he was given his middle name "Douglas" after his maternal grandfather. His first acting job was in a commercial for Telus, soon followed by a guest appearance on the television series, Higher Ground, he subsequently appeared in several minor roles in made-for-television films, was credited as "Cameron Crigger" for his roles. After a supporting part in The Butterfly Effect, Bright's first major role was in Godsend, a horror film co-starring Robert De Niro. In his next film, Birth, he played a ten-year-old boy who claims to be the reincarnation of a woman's deceased husband. Two scenes within the movie drew media attention to Bright. In one scene and Kidman's characters kiss; the actors wore pale beige-coloured swimsuits in the bath scenes and were never naked or filmed together in the same room at the same time of the bathtub scene, although this was not public knowledge at first.

Bright was cast in several Hollywood films released in 2006, including Thank You for Smoking and the action-thriller named Running Scared. He starred in X-Men: The Last Stand, he appeared on an episode of The 4400 as a high school student named Graham Holt who develops an ability after injecting himself with Promicin. He has played a host carrier for a cure for humanity in more than one movie. Bright plays the Volturi vampire Alec, twin brother to Jane, played by Dakota Fanning, in the Twilight films New Moon and Breaking Dawn, Part II. Cameron Bright on IMDb

Privilege (Ivor Cutler album)

Privilege is an album by Ivor Cutler released in 1983 on Rough Trade Records. It was produced by David Toop and Steve Beresford, both of whom are better known for their work in improvisational music and, unlike Cutler's 1970s recordings, it sees Cutler's vocals accompanied by a wide range of musical instruments including keyboards, banjo and alto flute; the LP is co-credited to Linda Hirst, who recites a number of poems and provides vocals on some of the tracks. The closing track, "Women of the World", was released as a single and became a minor hit on the UK Indie Chart, it has since been covered by Jim O'Rourke, on his 1999 album Eureka, YACHT, on their 2007 album I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real; the album was re-released on CD in 2009 by Hoorgi House Records. Side one"Sit Down" "Use a Brick" "Home Is the Sailor" "For Practice" "A Doughnut in My Hand" "Fair's Fair" "Killer Bee" "Whale Badge" "Blue Bear" "Creamy Pumpkins" "Counting Song" "My Darling" "Life in a Scotch Sitting Room Vol.2" "Mostly Tins" "Tomato Brain" "Bad Eye" "Silent'S'" "Halfway Through" "Look at the Moon"Side two"Old Black Dog" "The Gathering Doubt" "Pussy on the Mat" "Large & Puffy" "People Run to the Edge" "Country Door" "Piranhas" "Brenda" "I Love You But I Don't Know What I Mean" "Breathing Regularly" "Life in a Scotch Sitting Room Vol.2" "Full of Goods" "Ok, I'll Count to 8" "Secret Drinker" "Pass the Ball Jim" "Over You Go" "Step It Out Lively, Boys" "Uncut Moquette" "Women of the World"

Catherine Senitt

Catherine Senitt is a Canadian painter and inventor of Wrinkles dogs. Her works are in the permanent collections of a number of major Canadian public galleries, though she has not publicly exhibited since 1979. Senitt grew up in Rochester, NY, studied in the School of Art and Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology, her talents were recognized early through the receipt of the John A. Varney Award in 1964. In 1966, at the age of 21, she won Best Female Artist in the Finger Lakes Exhibit. After her third year at the School of Art and Design, she immigrated to Canada in 1966, she settled in Toronto for the first 9 months and moved to a school house near Fergus, Ontario. During the late 1960s she developed a successful painting career in Toronto using the name Cathy Senitt-Harbison, she began showing at the prestigious Pollock Gallery in 1967, where owner Jack Pollock represented such artists as Ken Danby, David Hockney and Willem de Kooning. She continued to be represented there through 1975 and the Merton Gallery from 1977 to 1978.

Senitt was awarded her first Canada Council Arts Grant in 1968. Senitt's work was chosen to be part of the "Man and His World" exhibit in the grounds of the 1967 International and Universal Exposition in Montreal. Senitt was selected to join Canada's pavilion at Expo 70 in Japan, she was included in the inaugural show of the newly renamed Art Gallery of Ontario. The January 1969 issue of Maclean's Magazine featured an uncredited image of a paper mache sculpture Senitt had made of Pierre Trudeau in the form of a jack-in-the-box. A 1974 feature article in the Toronto Star painted a rich picture of Senitt's life at the time, showing the schoolhouse she lived in, as well as a photograph of her painting while sitting on the floor. A photograph of her painted bottles states. A feature on Jack Pollock in Home Decor/Canada has several pictures of painted cupboards and tables in his house, painted by Senitt, but mistakenly credited to Bennet-Harbison from the Maritimes in the article. In the late 70s Senitt developed the Wrinkles plush toy along with many other animal puppets.

Around 1980, she left her art career to move to Carnarvon, where she focused on raising her four children. At this time, Senitt patented a number of these toys, formed Senitt Puppets to manufacture them, they were licensed to Ganz Brothers, in 1986 to Coleco for distribution in the US. Her work is known for its creativity and sophisticated use of naive forms. Many of her works incorporate unusual human forms, various series have focused variously on abstract portraiture, her pet Red Dog, hybrid human-animal forms reminiscent of Hieronymous Bosch or Gauguin; the Globe and Mail critic Kay Kritzwiser compared Senitt to "... Renaissance painters such as Grunewald and Hieronymous Bosch" Senitt lives and works in Guelph, Canada. Senitt's paintings are held in the following permanent collections: Art Gallery of Ontario Art Gallery of Windsor Hamilton Art Gallery University of Saskatchewan Queen's University Trent University Seneca College Canada Council Art Bank John A. Varney Award, Brockport, 1964 Finger Lakes Exhibit, Best Female Artist, 1966 Canada Council Grant 1968 Childe Hassam Purchase Award, 1969 Aviva Hadassah, First Prize, 1971 and 1972 Canada Council Grant, 1974 Ontario Arts Council Grant, 1975 Ontario Arts Council Grant, 1979