Premier of Ontario

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Premier of Ontario
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Kathleen Wynne March 2015.jpg
Kathleen Wynne

since February 11, 2013
Government of Ontario
Office of the Premier
Style The Honourable
Member of
Reports to Legislative Assembly
Seat Queen's Park, Toronto
Appointer Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
Term length At Her Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder John Sandfield Macdonald
Formation July 16, 1867[1]
Salary $208,974 [2]

The Premier of Ontario is the first minister of the Crown for the Canadian province of Ontario and the province’s head of government. The current and 25th Premier is Kathleen Wynne of the Ontario Liberal Party, in office since 2013.


The premier is appointed as the province's head of government by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and presides over the Executive Council, or Cabinet. The Executive Council Act stipulates that the leader of the government party is known as the "Premier and President of the Council".

The current Premier of Ontario is Kathleen Wynne; she was sworn in on February 11, 2013, and became Ontario's first female premier and Canada's first openly gay premier.[3] The longest serving premier is Sir Oliver Mowat, who was in office from 1872 to 1896. Ontario's first premier was John Sandfield Macdonald.

The Office of the Premier of Ontario includes a number of committees:

  • Priorities and Planning Committee
  • Cabinet Committee on Emergency Management
  • Treasury Board/Management Board of Cabinet
  • Legislation and Regulations Committee
  • Health, Education and Social Policy Committee
  • Jobs and Economic Policy Committee[4]

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